Hello, my lovely readers!

Have you missed me? I'm not dead!

I know it's been a long time since I've last written; it's been so hectic with school and now with the musical, voice lessons and all this other stuff. I miss FF SO much and I need to write again or else I'll pop!

I'm in the market for a new beta, and I'm looking for a few pre-readers too. If you're interested, PM me as soon as possible and send me a little application of some sort and I'll message you back when I've made a decision.

I'm going to start with just one story for now, since it's all I have time for right now, but eventually, they'll all have new chapters.

For each story, I'll try to get different readers.

I'm not sure which story I'm going to start up again so please, give me your vote. I've posted a poll of which story you want to hear from first. I'll give you all two weeks tops and then I'm going to start writing whichever gets the most votes, and I'll work on a posting schedule.

Thanks so much for sticking with me during my little Houdini period! I have the best readers in the world!

Drop a review in reply to this if you want but PLEASE PLEASE beta and pre-reader applications MUST BE PMED!

Thanks so much for waiting for me!