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It was a bright sunny day and Allen Walker was walking through the streets of Paris, France. It was a rare day off for the young exorcist and he was enjoying his day off. Allen entered a small cafe. He scanned busy café as if he was looking for someone.

"Hey Allen" called out a voice, Allen turned around and smiled.

"Hey Lenalee" Allen replied and walked over to her. "Where's Lavi?"

"Late, as usual" Lenalee replied with a somewhat irritated tone as Allen took a seat across from her.

"So any word from Komui about our next assignment"?

"No, brother hasn't said anything yet. But seriously Allen, you should be happy that we get a day off, but here you are wondering about work" Lenalee looked slightly disappointed at Allen.

"I'm sorry Lenalee, I guess I'm not used to not working" Allen said with a chuckle. He was about to place an order when suddenly a loud commotion occurred outside of the café. He turned around to see a group of 4 men surrounding a man on the ground. It was at that moment when Allen's cursed eye activated.

"Akuma" Allen shouted. As soon as he said it both Lenalee and Allen were out of the café with their innocence activated. One of the akuma happened to look behind him and noticed the two exorcists charging at them and transformed. As the crowd around them began to flee the other 3 akuma transformed. Allen using the crown clown was able to destroy 2 akuma in one swing, while Lenalee managed to destroy the remaining 2 with two kicks.

As the dust cleared Allen and Lenalee walked over to the cowering man on the ground.

"It's all right" Allen said reaching out to help the man up, "you're safe now."

The man looked around before grabbing his hand, making sure that there were no other monsters around. Allen and Lenalee were both surprised that the man looked the same age as them. He was about as tall as Lavi but looked the same age as Allen with almost shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.

"Thank you so much" the now assumed boy said, "what were those things?"

"Those were akuma" Allen explained, "They are weapons created by the Millennium Earl to destroy humans. It is our jobs, as exorcists to destroy akuma and protect humans from the Earl". The boy stood there taking in everything Allen said, nodding in understanding every once in a while.

"Well I may not understand all of what you said but I sure am grateful for helping me" the boy said with a smile. "By the way, what are your names? I would like to know the names of those who saved me".

"My name in Lenalle Lee."

"My name is Allen Walker. If I may ask what is your name?"

"My name? Well it's Matthew or just Matt for short."

"Do you have a last name Matt" Lenalee asked in curiosity.

"Well no, not really" Matt looked down with a sad look on his face. "My parents abandoned me shortly after I was born so I grew up without a last name." He looked back up with a smile, "but it's alright because I've been able to live a great life by myself."

"I'm sorry to hear that Matt" said Allen, "I know what it feels like to be abandoned by your parents."

"Well why doesn't he come to the Order and become a finder, or maybe even an exorcist like us Allen?" Lenalee then turned to Matt, "would you like to come join the Black Order Matt? Maybe we can become your family."

Matt stood there almost shocked at what she just offered him. "It's tempting but you know I've lived by myself for almost 19 years now, and the life I have now isn't so bad-"

"Wait, how old are you" asked Allen.

Matt looked at Allen with a confused look, "I am 18 years old why do you ask?"

"No way, look no older than me and I'm only 15."

Matt laughed at the comment, "Yeah, I get that a lot; I just look young for my age that's all." Allen was slightly embarrassed but then remembered that he had interrupted Matt.

"Anyway what were you saying again?

"Oh ya, that's right" Matt now remembering what he was saying just a moment ago. "As of right now I am simply travelling Europe seeing what I can see, but who knows I may change my mind someday."

"Well if you ever do make sure to contact us" Lenalee said with a smile.

"I will" Matt said and shook both of their hands. They said their goodbyes and walked away.

"So do you think he'll join" Lenalee asked Allen.

"I hope so, it would be nice to have another friend at the order."

"Well anyway we need to find Lavi, I can't believe he stood us up like that."

"Alright lets go".

Matt looked back and saw that the 2 exorcists were gone and ducked into an alley. As he walked by a shadowy figure appeared next to him and began to walk with him.

"So did you meet him" asked the shadowy figure.

"Of course, and I have to admit you were right, he certainly is an interesting person."

"Told ya so" said the figure triumphantly.

"Hey when you're right, you're right."

"And I'm always right."

Matt laughed a little at the comment. "Yeah I suppose you're right Road." Just then a large grin came over Matt's face and his skin turned grey, his hair turned black and cross-shaped stigma formed across his forehead. The two then entered the heart shaped door waiting at the end of the alley. As the doors closed, it began to sink into the ground.

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