The Midnight Garden

By Raven Stepowski

The midnight garden was once a beautiful place of tranquility. A beautiful garden full of colorful flowers of every hue, with colors unknown to even painters of the greatest status, of clean air that would replenish your health or cure any ailment, of deep pools of cool, fathomless water. But most importantly, it was a magical place where the normal human being could communicate with the dead, or even the magical beings that lived beyond the magnificent trees or floral bushes.

One day, long ago, there was a spirit from the other side of the garden named Dǽ, and she walked through the garden often with a man named Jonathan. They danced among the rose bushes to the beautiful sound of the violinist that played at the tip of the hill that over looked the magnificent garden at all hours of the night. She was a beautiful spirit, with a face that poets had no words for, and he was her reciprocate, she loved him unconditionally.

It wasn't long until Dǽ and Johnathan produced two beautiful daughters (who took heavily after their mother in both looks, and magical abilities.) When the daughters were born though, a jealous and ruthless man had broken the number one rule of the midnight garden when he had killed an elf, who was having an affair with his wife. Breaking the rules of the midnight garden was punishable by the permanent separation of the two sides of the garden. Dǽ and their daughter Midna had to live on one side of the garden, while Johnathan and Lilith had to live on the other side of the garden: Shut out, forever.

"Mama!" wailed the little imp girl, but her mother was in a deep sleep, and only the kiss from her true love could wake her. Dǽ's body longed for his distinctive caress. Midna knew what she had to do. Dǽ, her mother, used to tell her bed time stories about a place where the magical and the dead could dance with the living, and that Mother Ake (who controls everything in the world Midna knew) would be able to allow her to travel to the other world. Midna packed her satchel with some food, a canteen of water, and some clean clothes. "I love you mother." She said, while sprinkling a thin, white powdery substance over her mother's face. (The powder would keep her mother alive for a long, long time while she was left in her deep slumber.)

After Midna boarded up the house to protect from the fabled 'Gluttons', she began the long, time consuming journey from her cottage to the main city, Asethra. While Midna walked through the forest, beautiful petals fell from the surrounding trees, and fairies that gathered around the toadstools whizzed by her face, but Midna took no notice, for the tears that she could no longer hold began to cloud her vision. As it got closer to night, thunder could be heard, and Midna's legs would not take her any further. Midna curled up in the shelter of a Willow tree, finally allowing herself to cry while the rain washed away any reminisce of her mother's touch.

Midna hadn't had any dreams or nightmares that night, like a normal person would. Instead she had an internal quarrel with herself; cursing herself for not noticing her mother's increasing unhappiness, wondering what her mother would think of her leaving the shelter of their cabin into the outside world, cursing herself for putting her mother in danger by leaving her unattended, the list went on. When she wiped the sleep from her eyes, and obtained the first glimpse of daylight through her beautiful green eyes, did she stand up. After Midna snacked on a small biscuit, and cleared her throat, did she begin to walk again.

The trail winded in a continuous 'S' pattern, but just over the canopies of trees that were unfamiliar to her, did she see the grand city Asethra. Colorful smoke rose from the roof tops, and she could hear the faint calls of magnificent birds, so while she kept walking she let her imagination run wild.