The scene is Trapper and Hawkeye sitting by a bed where Sam who is laying with her eyes closed and burses and cuts all over her face Trapper looks at Sam as Hawkeye holds her hand Henry comes in to the post op and over to where the guys are "Ya'll look awful"

Hawkeye looks at Henry "We feel awful"

Trapper looks at him "We never should have let her go out on her own especially in that territory"

Henry looks at them "Look nobody could have known this would happen I mean if ya'll had gone ya'll would have been laying in the hospital bed beside her right now" he looks at Hawkeye and Trapper as they continue to look at Sam "We've done everything we can do, why don't ya'll go get some rest we'll let you know if there's any change"

Hawkeye looks at Sam then at Henry "I guess come on Trap" they look back at Sam before they walk out of the post op

Henry turns around to see them walk out he then turns back around to where Sam is laying in the bed "We miss you Sam" he turns back to the door "We all do" he then gets up and walks out of the post op

The scene changes to late that night the camera pans across the dark compound and changes to the post op ward Margret is sitting at the nurses desk writing something on a sheet of paper the camera pans across the rows of bed's where the patients are asleep all of a sudden same jerks in her bed and makes a groaning noise Margret comes out into the room to see who made the noise and notices Sam jerking around she runs over to her bed "Sam?"

Sam slowly opens up her eyes "Margret?" she looks around and sees her leg in sling as she tries to sit up a little "What happened ?" she says still drowsy

Margret looks at her "You where driving the jeep, a mine went off and the jeep toppled over on you, you've been out for almost fourteen hours"

Sam looks at her "Sounds like I had an exciting day"

Margret looks at her "Yea not to mention we didn't know if you would make it or not"

Sam looks at her "Well the sort of puts a damper on the whole day" she leans back on the bed almost like she's warn out "Hot Lips it takes a lot out of a person giving you a hard time"

Margret looks at her "Can I get you anything"

Sam looks at her "Yea can I get some water"

Margret gets up "Sure"