Chapter Twenty-Five

Fuji managed to make it through the party without strangling anyone. Eiji tired stealing his wasabi sushi and his distress had amused Fuji enough to keep him from doing anything drastic.

Ryoma sat next to Fuji, careful not to do or say anything to set him off-even going so far as to ignore the possessive and his boyfriend had planted on his thigh. Nothing would make him risk Fuji's anger when there wasabi sushi nearby.

The party wound down as everyone got full and people started saying their goodbyes. Fuji was one of the first to excuse himself and he stood outside the restaurant as he waited for Echizen to do the same.

About ten minutes passed before Echizen joined him. They walked hand-in-hand, neither one interested in conversation. On his part, Fuji was nervous. He wanted this night to be perfect. Ryoma was the reason their team was going to Nationals and he wanted to make sure the freshman understood just how much he was appreciated. Not only for his tennis prowess-there was also the way he gave himself over so throughly to Fuji's need to dominate him, to hurt him. For that Ryoma deserved more than he could ever possibly give. But he was going to try.

For the first time, Fuji was absurdly grateful that his hands didn't sweat when he got nervous. Echizen wouldn't notice his anxiety. When they got to his house, Fuji followed Ryoma up to his room, attempting to steel his nerves on the way there. He could do this. It was no different than the times he hurt Ryoma-not really, anyway. Just there wouldn't be hurting.

He felt his nerves began to fail him and he detoured into the bathroom, sagging against the door after he closed it. He absolutely had to get himself together. He was Fuji Syuusuke, for god's sake. There was no reason for him to be falling apart over this.

Fuji pulled himself together and walked into his bedroom. Ryoma was sitting at the foot of the bed, legs dangling over the edge.

lemon cut... it can be read at adultfanfiction; same username

Once Ryoma was back and the bed was made, Fuji pulled his boyfriend down beside him, curling up around him. "I love you, Ryoma," he said, yawning.

"Love you too, Syuusuke," Ryoma said, voice slightly muffled by the blanket he'd pulled over them.

The two of them drifted off to sleep and Fuji found himself thinking for the first time that even someone as screwed up as he was could find happiness and that there was nowhere he'd rather be than spooned up against the one man who'd managed to accept him despite his flaws.

Author Note: The last chapter is pretty much a lemon because it seemed a good way to end it, so if you want to read it you'll have to find your way to adultfanfiction's website. Thanks everyone for reading/reviewing. I'm working on a Kenshin/Sano fic now (The Path to Valta) so if that's something you're interested in, that's what I'll be doing for a bit :)