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Chapter 6 Jiku no Kaiten

Another morning came, sun rising into view, partially blinding all who dared to look upon its beauty. A scheme of colors lightly hued the sky a light lemon with thin strips of orange and pink. The shadows cast on the ground stretched long and hard as if waking from the darkness of night.

In the courtyard leading to the door, the syndicates were lined in perfect rows on either side awaiting their young lord and their honored guest to emerge from the house. Just outside the gate was a black car, engine heated and ready to make its way to Ouran Academy. The doors opened and alongside the vibrant red Kasanoda Ritsu stood a stunning young woman in a standard honey Ouran uniform ready for her first day. All bowed in a wish-you-luck style and spoke with the utmost respect with faces just as vibrant, "Wakaa, Ojō-sama, Ohayou gozaimasu!"

"Ohayou gozaimasu." Yuu paid them a complimentary smile with her greeting making the men blush uncontrollably. Ritsu, who would usually answer with a simple 'ah', was silently lost in mixed feelings. Not only was he taken aback by how eye-catching Wakamiya-san looked and the fact that she'd be going to school with him like this for a while, but somehow, he felt like he needed to say more to his men in correspondence to Yuu's friendly reactions. She gave them such warm greetings, something he never thought to do but maybe this was something chicks do. Then again, he realized he could be more polite when his men wish him well each day on his way to school but it wasn't gangsterish. Still, he could at least say good morning but the instant he decided to say it, it caught in his throat so the men continued on, "Wakaa, Ojō-sama, can we carry your bags?"

"I've got it, but thank you." Yuu replied, "How about you, Kasanoda-kun?" Ritsu shook his head. His mouth remained open, ready for words to come out but he didn't utter even the slightest sound. He wondered what was stopping him. Out the corner of his eye he could see the men struggling not to look up at his gorgeous friend, knowing if they did, they'd stare rudely and might make her uncomfortable. The pressure wasn't even on him yet why couldn't he speak. As they neared the car, the men called out one more greeting, "Wakaa, Ojō-sama, have a great day at school."

"Thank you, you too." Yuu looked at Ritsu who seemed a little on edge. He could at least say thank you but his silence remained unbroken. However compelled he felt by Yuu's responses to answer them back in as polite manner, it went against everything he was taught. Before he realized it was too late, the car door was opened and closed and they were driving away, "Ohayou…"

Later in class 1D… "Did you hear? Kasanoda-san came to school with a mysterious girl in his car."

"What? Who is she? What class is she in?"

"No one knows. I don't even think she's from Ouran?"

"Me either. I think I'd definitely remember seeing her around here. I mean just look at that hair."

"She should really change it back to her original color. I hear that bleaching your hair can cause it to break easily."

"Well whoever she is, it's a new student so we should do our best to make her feel welcome."

Just then, the doors to the classroom opened and Kasanoda Ritsu stepped inside. Everyone in the room flocked to him. "Ne ne, Kasanoda-kun, who was that pretty girl you were with this morning? Is she a relative?"

"Ah, no." he replied a little flustered by the sudden crowding. "Then is she you're girl friend? That would be so romantic."

"No, she's just…" Ritsu blushed while trying to assert his defense but was interrupted by another curious classmate, "Or maybe she's your lover. You sly dog."

That set the steam in his head to boil over, "SHE JUST A FRIEND I MET A WHILE AGO! GOT IT?!" The whole class froze to a block of ice and just like that, for that one moment, he was the 'Walking Blizzard' once again. Just at that moment, the teacher came in and everyone rushed to stand by their seats. As the teacher took his place, the class bowed, "Ohayou gozaimasu, sensei!"

"Ohayou gozaimasu. Today, we have a new student. She is here temporarily to preview Ouran Academy before she considers a transfer here from Lobelia Academy." The teacher then motioned for Yuu to enter the class. Yuu bowed, "Hajimemashite, I am Wakamiya Yuu. I'll be in your hands for a while. Douzo yoroshiku."

All stared in awe at her unusual features as she found a seat a row and two chairs down from Ritsu. As classes carried on, Yuu could feel the occasional set of eyes on her, one was caught and told to stand outside the classroom. When lunch hour came, Yuu approached Ritsu, "I have to thank your dad for arranging all this for me. The way things are, I can't go back to Lobelia."

"Well, since you're here, I can give you a quick tour after school. After that, I have Gardening Club duties. You can help out there until it's time to go home." Ritsu addressed. Yuu didn't even need a moment to think it over, "Sounds good to me. I'd love to see what a guy like you does in the Gardening Club."

Her tone was as sincere as the sun coming up but no matter what tone she held, it wouldn't have made Ritsu blush any less. The classes passed and soon school was over. Just as Yuu was getting up to follow Ritsu around, the girls of the class mobbed her, "Wakamiya-san, right? Can I call you –chan?"

"Sure, I guess." Yuu said a little flustered. She look towards Ritsu who was waiting for her at the door but the girls continued with their inquiries so she motioned him to wait for her, "So a friend of mine thinks you bleach your hair. Do you?"

"No," Yuu shook her head, "I was born like this. It's a recessive gene I inherited from my grandfather; he was Dutch and monopolized the North Sea fishing industry for 58 years."

"So I guess you get your eyes from his side too, huh?" Yuu double checked to see Ritsu still at the door then nodded, "Yes. He used to call me Yuunami and often told my father that it should have been my name."

"So what is it about Ouran that made you consider a transfer? Or is it something about Lobelia?" Yuu shook her head, "There are certain programs I wasn't aware of prior to entering high school that aren't offered at Lobelia. I'd like to get into them but I wanted to get a feel of the Academy first."

"Well while you're here, you have to meet the Host Club." All the girls got excited at the very mention of it. It even drew some other girls into the crowd.

"Host Club? Who are they?" Yuu thought not to insult anyone but the idea of a Host Business in such a refined school somewhat unnerved her. "They're the best club in school! You have to meet them!"

All the girls started leading her towards the door. Yuu resisted a little, "Wait! I already have plans!"

Her pleas were unheard over the squeal of fangirls. The last thing she saw before being forcefully steered down the halls was Ritsu shoved against the wall, trying not to be trampled by the mob. As she passed him (too fast to apologize), she saw a forgiving smile across his face as he went the other way down the hall, no doubt heading for the Gardening Club.

Down the grand halls the girls finally stopped at Music Room #3 where Yuu was pushed to the front to open the doors herself. The girls went silent in anticipation. Yuu, giving up on getting back to Ritsu, faced the doors and prepared to open them, 'I'll apologize to him as soon as I get out of here.'

Opening the doors, Yuu and the girls of Ouran Acedemy stepped into the world of the Axis Powers. "Irashaimase!"

The theme today was Hetalia and the first to greet her was 'France', the Prince of the club, "Oh~ we have a newcomer."

Yuu greeted the Host members the way she usually did, "Hajimemashite, I'm Wakamiya Yuu. Douzo yoroshiku."

"Please, it is we who are honored to meet you, Maiden." Tamaki took her hand and kissed her knuckles, as proper especially in France, "Come sit with me. What brings such a fair maiden of stunning graces so far from the pantheon to our mortal dwelling."

Yuu had a slight blush, "I…I don't…" The twins, North Italy and South Italy, spoke up, "Hey, Boss, that's no fair." said one, then the other, "Claiming a new customer before she has a chance to choose."

They each bowed and offered a hand to her, "Come sit with us. You won't have to worry about planning for war and can enjoy the pleasures of life all day." they spoke simultaneously. Germany approached pushing up his glasses, "Those pleasures are not for you to enjoy; they're for our gurests."

Finland with his BunBun waved from his couch, "Ne ne, why don't you sit with me? Sweden will escort you" A tall stoic Sweden appeared and offered her his arm but said nothing. The ever flamboyant France exerted a second go, "So my flowing maiden that flows with the beauty of Susano-dono's playground, wilt thou grace one of us with your undivided presence?"

Yuu felt faintly claustrophobic at so many invitations and cringed slightly. Just then, the ever calm (yet naïve) Japan came to the rescue, "Come on, guys. Give her some room to breathe. Here, it's less boisterous this way"

"Ah, but my naïve 'Rising Sun', boisterousness is a vibrant sign of youth." France never missed a beat but Haruhi wasn't biting, "Or that your imbecilic head is overflowing."

Takashi cringed violently, "Haruhi, how could you be so cruel?! Mommy, did you hear the foul thing that came from our daughter's mouth?!" Kyouya, never breaching character kept writing in his note book, "Well she does have a point. Your vociferous behavior is most likely due to you narcissistic fervor. It's really quite annoying."

"Who's side are you on anyway?!" The twins laughed hideously, "That's definitely it!"

"WHO ASKED YOU TWO?!" Tamaki's fit went unnoticed while Haruhi was helping Yuu take her seat, "I apologize about all that. They're really not that bad once you get used to them."

"Oh I have no doubt about that. Everyone seems so lively here and it's a treat to watch but I do prefer quieter environments." Yuu confessed, "I believe the term is cosplay but could you fill me in on your particular roles and the persuasion of the theme you are cosplaying?" Haruhi, shrugged, "Sorry, I don't know much about it either. Our club manager schemed the whole thing and I barely had time to study the Anime. Loosely, it's about the personifications of countries active during the World War."

The sound of large machinery filled the room as a platform emerged from the floor accompanied by that famous feminine, Japanese laugh, "Ohohohohohohoho, Oh Haruhi, you're so naïve jejune when it comes to the romantic tales portrayed in anime." Renge took out a random chalk board and began the lesson, "Hetalia is the world of the Axis, Allied, and a select handful of individualized countries. The characters of Hetalia are the countries themselves and the story tells of how Germany had to train Italy in the ways of war and Japan in the ways of culture. Three sole countries united to brave against the disproportionately large Allied Powers. The genius of it is that each character is portrayed to its generic, super stereo type and insults everyone so much that it insults no one. Break these characters down and you can find our beloved host club in them. While it is ironic that Suoh-san is from France, his romantic appeal and flamboyant nature is that of the France of Hetalia. Though the twins are indeed mischievous, they enjoy the pleasures the world has to offer and sees no point to taking part in the frugalities of war and since they're twins, it becomes twice as enjoyable. Our sempais, Hunny-kun and Mori-kun, are the stoic and unsociable Sweden and the kind-natured, adorable Finland. Though their relationship in Hetalia was delicate, they found reasons to stick with one another. My Haruhi-kun is Japan, a country new to such a big world and struggling just to understand the alien ways of it. And finally, the true Host King has all the perfect appeals of Germany; professionalism, organization, aesthetic allure, and a raging sense of prudency. I did such a great job casting these character I COULD EAT THREE BOWLS OF RICE!"

The host members started a rant upon discovering how they were cast. The Italy's on their interests, Hunny spoke in defense of Sweden, and Tamaki fuming about him being the Club King. Kyouya ignored it as well as Haruhi who was busy entertaining Yuu, "So how are you enjoying the school so far?"

"It's great, thank you. The people here are so nice it's like I never left Lobelia." The Host King and the twins froze and turned towards Yuu and Haruhi's table, "Lobelia~?"

Yuu continued, "Actually, your Host club reminds me and awful lot of the Zuka Club." Kaoru spoke, "She's from Lobelia?"

"What's she doing here?" Hikaru chimed in. Tamaki was floored by her last remark, "Did she just say what I think she said?"

Kyouya, not batting an eye away from his notebook, "Due to certain private circumstances, she's here under the ruse of a school tourist but she originally attends Lobelia. Her presence has been circulating around the school, especially the fact that she's in close acquaintance with Kasanoda-kun."

Yuu looked down from Haruhi, "I'm sorry but I was supposed to meet up with someone." Haruhi shakes her head, "No, I understand, you came here with Kasanoda-kun, right?"

"Yes, actually." Yuu remained apologetic, "I do apologize if this seems rude leaving you here."

"No, it's fine" insisted Haruhi, "He should be in the Gardening Club right about now. Please tell him I said 'hello' when you see him."

Yuu nodded and excused herself for the door when she stopped and turned back. Haruhi understood instantly, "It's down the main stairs and outside towards the East Wing."

Yuu dipped her head, "Thank you." then left. She followed the instructions given her but had to stop and ask directions twice for such a huge campus before finding the club. Many of the passing girls wanted to be acquainted with her; most often drawn in by her hair while most of the boys were too intimidated to approach. When she finally got there, the club was preparing to wrap up. She saw Ritsu coming out of the green house. Not wanting to ruin her uniform, she changed into her baggy pants and hoody and helped Ritsu and the rest of the club clean up. Ritsu realized there wasn't enough time to show her around so he walked her to the car.

Driving down the street, they passed a park where the trees were starting to shed leaves that swivel into the pond. The ducks glissade atop the surface of the water, catching the eye. Ritsu noticed how Yuu shifted towards the window while they were at the stop light. Looking over her, he saw the ducks and imagined she'd want to see them. Yuu sank back into the seat all composed-like and maintained for the rest of the ride.

Later that night, the men could be heard throughout the syndicate shouting obscenities and cheering. Ritsu had given up his room to Yuu since it was more comfortable than the guest bed room, after many protests on her part. She was furthest from the kitchen and could still hear them. Hayato and Ritsu were used to it but Yuu peeked into the kitchen to see the clamor. The boys were hype over the boxing matches on the TV. Even Katashi and Isamu were so into it that they ignored their daily game of poker. Isamu, the one who usually lost to Katashi, had a near impossible royal flush and both of them were shouting pointers to the fighters on the tube that all the cards got mixed in with each other.

Yuu got on her tippy-toes and leaned in to see over their heads, the fight that they were so passionate about, but fell down the step that went into the shoe-safe floor of the kitchen. Matsuo was the first to see, "Ojo-sama! Are you okay?!"

Matsuo rushed to help her up as the rest took notice and also rushed to her aid. Yuu's weight landed on her left hand, freezing her momentarily in agony, trying not to cry out. Ishoto, helped Matsuo get her on her feet. Yuu stifled her pain to keep them from worrying, "Thank you, but I'm fine."

The boys didn't let her hand go neglected. "I'll get the first aid kit." Ishioto blurted. Katashi and Gendo moved next, "We'll get a cool cloth."

Yuuji led Yuu to a seat, Ryota made sure she was comfortable. The whole kitchen was in such a fuss over something so small. When they all got back to her with the stuff they had to make her feel comfortable and clean her up, she insisted over and over again that she was fine but they would hear none of it. Tetsuya walked in and finally put a stop to it, "That's enough, guys! Give her some breathing room."

Tetsuya noticed the old bandages on her hand and motioned for her to let them help. Yuu responded with a subtle shake of the head and an uncomfortable expression. Tetsuya got the idea and offered to walk her back to Ritsu's room, aided by Matsuo, "Are you comfortable here at the syndicate, Ojo-sama?"

"Yes Mastuo-san, very. I greatly appreciate your hospitality. I apologize deeply for taking Kasanoda-san's room." Tetsuya shook his head, "He doesn't mind and neither do we. We haven't had a female in the house since Okami-sama."

"Is that Kasanoda-san's mother? Where is she now?" They reached Ritsu's room and opened the door, "Well, she w…" Matsuo was interrupted by a small object being thrown into the room through the washi paper of the sh ōji doors leading to the yard. What wasn't enough time for Yuu to recognize the object was too much time for Matsuo and Tetsuya but not enough to react properly. They both instinctually covered Yuu and retreated into the hall as the small object detonated; Tetsuya taking the brunt of the blast while sending them fly into the wall behind them, Matsuo being the cushion. After a few moments of recovery, Yuu sat up from the floor and tried to register what just happened when she found Tetsuya unconscious and Matsuo barely maintaining. "TETSUYA-SAN! MATSUO-SAN! ARE YOU OKAY?!"

Looking into the room, Yuu realized it was a grenade that did this. Understanding that, seeing the debris protruding from Tetsuya's back made her panic, "HELP! SOMEBODY! PLEASE!"

[A/N] I had a VERY hard time picking an anime for them to cosplay in. I considered Fruits Basket, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto (mostly the Akatsuki), thought Hitalia was a GREAT idea since there was so much crossover fan art of it but I hadn't seen it yet so I'd be going blind, I REALLY would have liked for them to cosplay InuYasha simply because Kyouya would have made a GREAT Sesshomaru but there aren't enough male protagonists/rouges (i.e. Sesshomaru) and too many of the personalities would clash miserably, and…I don't even know anymore. It was ridiculously hard. Then I found out that Hetalia episodes were only 5 minutes long so I squeezed them into my eating time between homework and I LOVE them, might make something of a fanfic like if Holy Rome came back to see Italy and there was this Triangle with Germany (that is if someone hasn't already done that; if they did, forget it) FTR, I don't buy most of what I had Renge say about Hetalia; she's just that overt romanticist you often see that exaggerates to her imagination's content.

Continuing, I'm ZO sorry I haven't been able to update my chapters. If I haven't already told you, I have the entire plot completed short of minor details. It just needs writing out. I've been focusing REALLY hard on my studies in college and you younger people may not understand now (don't call me old, I'm only 21) but even when the government financial aid is paying for your classes, you really come to appreciate what you learn in college (because they have no boundaries with info whereas in high school its short, to the point, and not always accurate simply for the sake of cramming it all into limited hours per semester), especially if you know what you want to do with your life and what it takes to get there.

I haven't had much free time this semester (hell, I remember pulling 4 all-nighters in a row) and my breaks with family prove just as busy, and if not busy, too noisy to concentrate while typing. Understand that I TRULY have tried to get you guys a new chapter for both my stories (need to study Costa Rica a little more before I insult people with my other fanfic). But I was the co-planner for the Thanksgiving holiday and though there is plenty of free time this Holiday break, I'm stuck in a house of nosy, loud, and at most times obnoxious preteens and screaming toddler. So I hope you guys appreciate what I do for you because I'm pulling quiet all-nighters for your chapter updates. Thanks for sticking with me this long and hopefully you'll bear with me this coming semester (2 science classes, 1 language, 1 pre-calculus…...ugh).

Here are the translations:

Jiku no Kaiten – Roughly 'Rotation of the Axis'
Wakaa – Young Lord
Ojō-sama – Young (lady/miss), Miss, Ma'am
Ohayou Gozaimasu – Good morning [polite]
Ohayou – Good morning, Morning [casual]
Sensei – teacher
Hajimemashite – How do you do, usually said before announcing one's name and status
Douzo Yoroshiku – Please to meet you, usually said at the finish of an introduction
Yuunami – a Japanese name; "Yuu" means 'gentle', "nami" means 'tide'; "Gentle Tide"
Irashaimase – Welcome [business formal]
Ne Ne... - somewhat translates out into "hey", it's a way to grab someone's attention
– Japanese Shinto God of the ocean. So in saying, the sea if his playground.
"rising sun" – Haruhi is playing as Japan and Tamaki refers to her by the English translation of the Japanese word for Japan, Nippon (日本) which literally translates into "Sun Roots" or "Origin of the Sun", a common nickname for Japan is there for "Land of the Rising Sun"
"that famous feminine, Japanese laugh" – In Japanese media, women often laugh like 'ohohoho' with their hands open and wrist starting at the chin. The fingers curve up towards the side of the face and thumb curves out and down towards the chest to reflect a womanly nature. This is most often seen with women who think themselves better than others while scoffing at those they believe to be beneath them but exceptions have been made.
Senpai/Sempai (先輩) – upperclassman; a Sophomore to an 8th grader, 3rd grader, or a Freshman; a college student to any primary and/or secondary school student. Whether 'n' or 'm', it still translates as (ン/ん) and will be understood as the same thing.
Okami-sama – Mistress, hostess, lady of the house. This is a rough translation as I was unsure of what yakuza refer to the head lady as. I do know that this also translates as 'landlady'.
Shōji – traditional Japanese sliding doors
Washi – Japanese-made paper used for shōji doors, origami, clothes, cooking, etc.

Hope you enjoyed it and pray you will stick with me long enough to see the end of it. We're just getting warmed up.