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I know it's been a while, but I'm finally out of my rut. I just wrote this a couple hours ago. This will be a multi-chapter story like All I Know. It will be my final Speak fanfic. Not that I'm completely sick of Speak. I still love it and it will always be one of my favorite books. I just feel like I need to move on, you know?

Anyway here's the first chapter. Enjoy.

Fighting Back

A Speak Fanfic

Melinda POV

"Which posters do you want?"

I shrug my shoulders. "Don't know. Surprise me." I turn my back to her.

"Okay," Rachel agreed. She was grinning. Unless I heard her wrong, she sounded... mischievous. Not good.

Rachel and I became best friends again after she apologized for everything she did to me freshman year. We're even getting closer with Nicole and Ivy again, which makes me happy.

Happiness. It's a weird, foreign feeling to me. Something I haven't felt in what seems like forever. But it's comforting.

Rachel and I have been redecorating my room for a few months. We're finally gonna finish it today. I love my new room. All the pink has been washed out by a sea-foam green. At first I wanted to paint everything black, but Mom said no, saying that it should be a "bright, happy color." Rachel, of course, agreed with this. Sea-foam green was my second choice, but as long as my room didn't look like Hello Kitty threw up all over it, I'm okay.

Rachel rummaged through the box of posters she bought and brought over here. "Okay. How about-" Dramatic pause. I stifle a laugh.


I turn. My eyes turn into tea saucers.


"Oh come on! He's awesome!"

"Rach, I don't like him!"

"But he is smokin' hot!"

"Rach," I state in my serious voice. "I am not putting Justin Bieber in my room."

"Fiinnnee." Rach whined, sticking her tongue out at me. She dug through the box and pulled out another poster. "Robert Pattinson?"

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not into Twilight."

"How can you not like Twilight, but you're, like, obsessed with Muse?"

"I liked Muse before Twilight," I snorted, picking up my iPod from my desk, changing the song to "Starlight." The opening riff poured out from the speakers. Rachel raised her eyebrows. I shrugged. "Since you mentioned them."

Rach laughed. "It's okay. I like this one. So romantic. Oh, by the way, I found a poster that I know you'll love."

"It better not be Taylor Lautner."

"It's a piece of art. Artwork. Whatever."

"Which one?"

She lifted it up. I gasp.

"Van Gogh!" I run over and snatch the poster from Rachel.

"Mel, jeez, it's just a copy..."

"But, Rach, it's Starry Night! It's one of my all-time favorite paintings. Put it next to my bed. So I can look at it when I go to sleep."

"Isn't the window better?"


"Okay," she laughed. She took back the poster and walked over to the wall, taking four tacks off of the desk. "It's gonna be easier to find posters for you now that I know what you want." Push. Push. Push. Push. "Maybe," Rach continued, "you should hang your artwork up..." She sits down and turns on the laptop Mom and Dad bought me for my 16th birthday. "...While I check my Facebook page."

"Good idea."

I go to the corner of the room where all my paintings lay. I pick up two pictures: one watercolor painting of a liquid amber tree, the other a cubist painting of my old room. I carefully pick up a few tacks and push them into the wall. I hang the tree first, then the cubist painting. I stand back a few feet. The cubist painting looks like it's too far away.

"Oh my god."

"What?" I turn around.

"Oh my god."

"What?" I walk over and stop, standing next to her. "Rach, you're-" I gasp.

It was me.

Not really me, but there was my picture, my address, Merryweather High School was listed...

Rach clicked on the info page. It was even worse. All this horrible perverted stuff appeared in front of me. I skimmed through the interests section, where porn websites showed up.

Someone was pretending to be me.

I bite my lip really hard. "Mel." Rachel. "Mel, are you okay?"

I can't hold it in anymore. I burst into tears.

Yikes. Major drama. Anyway, how am I doing? Review? Plus, I don't really like the title I picked. Tell me if you have any better ideas for a title.

And I know this is a little off-topic, but have you ever heard of Tegan and Sara? They're awesome. I listened to a few of their songs while writing this. And, of course, "Starlight" by Muse.