Authors Note: Heh...Hello, ladies and gentleman~ I didn't expect to write something like this, but it just sort of happened. I was very upset and needed to write something sort of funny to get my mind off it. And I was watching Scrubs, this seemed like the perfect Hetalia scene. I guess it can't write when I'm sad though, because this doesn't seem as good as my usual stuff. But oh well, ENJOY, Da?~~

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You're China

America fidgeted nervously, pulling at the hem of his collared shirt. Several of the countries had gathered to discuss some war thing and he couldn't make head or tail of it. Not that he wanted to anyway; he was craving a burger, having suspiciously run out halfway through the meeting. The creepy country with the weird mask, Turkey, turned to ask his opinion of the war and America decided that was his cue to make his escape. He quickly dodged the question and ran out of the room.

"Typical wanker, running away from an argument you know nothing about."

"Damn." thought the American, turning to face his accuser. England stood in the middle of the hall calmly drinking his tea. The former colony adopted a defensive tone. "I know all about the war!"

"Really?" England replied, not convinced at all. Reaching into his coat pocket, he pulled out a globe and held it in front of the other blond. "Point to Iraq."

America looked at his ally with curiosity and dismissed the question in favor of his own. "Why do you keep a globe in your coat?" The tea-lover wasn't having any of America's question dodging while he was proving a point. "In case I get lost, git. I'll give you a hint, it's not the country shaped like a boot." The self-proclaimed hero stumbled; his maps were so much easier to use. In the end, he faked it and just pointed to a random spot. "That's Iraq!" He proclaimed, earning a stare. "That's China…" England responded, crushing the American's triumph.

"You're China!" America pouted and stalked off. Once again, England had made a fool of him. He was in a mood now and definitely in need of a burger and fries. China, having heard his name, poked his head out of the meeting room. "Yes, aru?" When he received no answer, the Asian nation shrugged and returned to the meeting.

"That's an outrageous accusation…" The shorter blond mulled over as he took a sip of his tea. "Hmm…needs sugar. Where's my bunny? Flying Mint Bunny?"

Authors note again~: Haha~ So lovlies? What do you think?

America: You fail, dude...

Zane:Pfft...yeah...Only when I'm sad though, right?

America: ...Sure...let's go with that...

Zane: *sulk*