SURPRISE! :D You really thought it was all over, didn't you? Well, it isn't! But seriously, this time I'm serious. This is the final chapter of Book 4: Air. This story has been my personal project for almost four months, and now it's coming to an end. :( But this has been the best adventure of writing fan fiction that I have ever taken. Thank you, everyone, for reading and loving my story! I have an idea for another story in mind, something much more relaxed than this. But you'll see what it is when I publish it. ;) Now...let us complete this epic journey of ours, and let this fan fiction story remain in your hearts.

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Epilogue: The Avatar Spirit Reborn

44 Years Later

Aang lay in the bed, feeling the life force slowly ebb out of him. A blanket covered his chest and the white robe that he wore, a white as pure as the light of the Avatar State. His human spirit was tired, so very tired. He looked up around him and saw his oldest and dearest friends gathered around him; he saw Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko, Gregor, Meigui, and Dreo looking sadly down upon the elderly Avatar. Katara was sitting next to him, their fingers interlaced with one another. They had known this day was coming for many years, but now that it was here…it was hard to believe.

Aang sighed weakly and said, "I know that my time is coming soon, but I want you all to know…you've all given me the best lifetime an Avatar could ask for." He looked at Sokka, chuckled and said, "We certainly did have some crazy adventures, didn't we my old friend?"

Sokka smiled and said, "Yes we did." Taking Aang's other hand, he said, "It's been the greatest honor to have known you, Aang, and it's not because you're the Avatar. You've been the greatest friend ever since the day we met, and I am extremely proud to call you not only my friend…but my brother as well."

The two men nodded at each other and Sokka let go of Aang's hand, letting the Avatar continue his final goodbyes. Aang turned to Toph and said, "I guess this is it, Sifu Toph. Thank you for everything…you've been a great friend, and I'll never forget you."

Toph smiled and said, "You too, Twinkle Toes." She playfully punched his shoulder one last time and said, "I'll still be around to knock some sense into your next life…probably." They all laughed lightly at that, and the Avatar turned to the Kyoshi warrior.

"We'll miss you, Aang," said Suki, tears forming in her eyes. Aang smiled kindly at her, but she could see the sadness in his gray eyes. She let out a choked sob, a tear falling down her face. Sokka took her hand, and Suki leaned her head against her husband's shoulder.

Turning to Zuko, he said, "Zuko, my old friend…Roku would be so very proud of you, and I'm glad we were friends." He smiled and added, "Sifu Hotman."

The Fire Lord chuckled and replied, "I'll allow you this one time, Aang…you deserve it." He paused and added, "I'll never forget all we've been through…how you all have helped me, especially you Aang." The Avatar nodded and turned to smile at Gregor, Meigui, and Dreo. The three of them remained silent as they smiled back at Aang, wanting him to say his final goodbyes to his oldest friends.

Finally, Aang looked over to his right and said, "And last, but most certainly not least…Katara, you have been the greatest friend and wife to me, and I would never have changed anything that happened between us. Thank you for being the love of my life, the wonderful mother of our children, and my eternal soul mate…thank you for being my forever girl…I love you." Katara smiled at him, tears falling down her face as she looked at Aang. He could see sadness and pain in those magnificent blue eyes of hers, but also love and affection.

"Aang," she said, "now it's my turn to thank you…you've been the greatest best friend a girl could ask for, and the most loving husband and father of our four children. Thank you for being my eternal love, for being my bonded soul mate, for being my Avatar…for being my Aang…I love you too." Husband and wife kissed each other on the lips one last time, timeless love passing in between their souls. They leaned back from the kiss and stared at each other, loving smiles on their elderly faces.

Aang laid his head on the pillow, knowing that his time was near. He thought back on his life, and he felt no regret in his heart…he was truly at peace with himself. He would never forget all he had been through in his lifetime, and he would never forget the wonderful friends he had made. But the Cycle must continue, the Spirit must move on. Aang closed his eyes, smiling as he felt a dark cloud overtake him. He saw a light at the end of a tunnel, and standing at the end of it was Avatar Roku. His past life smiled at him and beckoned him to go through the light, and Aang followed Roku into the light of eternity. His breathing slowed until it stop completely, and his heart stopped its rhythmic march of life.

Avatar Aang was dead.

As Aang's friends wept over his death, two invisible spirits rose from the dead Avatar. The first was Aang himself, a blue ethereal spirit of him when he was about thirty-five years old. Aang smiled sadly down at his weeping friends, and then vanished to journey to the Spirit World for his eternal rest. The second was the Avatar Spirit, a ball of white, blue, green, and red swirling light. The Spirit looked down at the previous Avatar's friends and became sad, for it had seen this mournful sight tens of thousands of times before. But where there is death, there is also life, and the Cycle must continue. The Spirit knew that water was next in the cycle, and it sped towards the South Pole with impossible speed, feeling a strong presence there.

As it flew over the great frozen metropolis of the South Pole, the Spirit looked down at the tiny lights that were being born into the world. They all burned too dim to be worthy of carrying the Spirit, but finally the Spirit found a bright light inside an ice home. The Spirit dived in and took human form, crying loudly as it came into the world. A woman picked up the screaming newborn and cleaned it off, looking down and happily saying to the mother, "It's a girl." The woman cleaned off the baby as it settled down and swaddled her in a blue cloth, gently handing the baby to her mother.

The mother looked down at her baby in her arms, smiling as she looked into her daughter's blue eyes and at her messy brown hair. "She's beautiful," she said to her husband, who was standing next to her, and kissed the baby on the forehead. She handed the baby girl to her husband, who held her in his arms proudly.

"She certainly is, my dear," he said happily to his wife as he looked upon his first-born daughter with a warm smile. He loved the little girl with his whole heart, the little bundle of joy who was his flesh and blood.

"What are we going to name her?" asked the mother curiously, and the father pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he thought of the perfect name. He raised the child into the air, holding her up so that the moonlight from the circular opening above them shone down upon the newborn.

As the moonlight enveloped the baby, he proudly said, "Her name will be…Korra."