Summary: After six years of Ciel's demon transformation he and Sebastian are back in England going after a rouge demon that hasn't been checking into Hell. After another successful hunt he and Sebastian go to their new townhouse home only to find themselves suddenly in the Phantomhive Manor. The most surprising thing is that as soon as they enter the mansion a girl suddenly starts calling them Momma and Papa! Just who is this girl?

Warning: Yaoi in later chapters

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I looked around the ballroom grumbling to myself as I was stuck in another damn ballgown. This time I'm stuck in a red off the shoulder satin pick-up ball gown with a black embroidered lace as an under layer. On my back was a black bow held in place with a red rose pinned on the knot. On my head was a mini black top hat with pearls pinning down a fish net screen covering my contracted eye. Apparently I wasn't able to be Ciel Phantomhive anymore since 'I died' as Sebastian put it and now I was supposedly "Anne Marie Demona" a French noble woman. Well at least we did go to France at one time so I was able to pull it off.

" Why in the world did we even have to come back here. " I said under my breath. After becoming a demon and going down in hell they started assigning me jobs collecting wanted demons that haven't checked into hell for fifty years. Sebastian was assigned my partner since we're contracted together. Now it's been at least six years since I became a demon and now I was back here on Earth it seems that there has been a few changes since I left but nothing much. I started heading around the ballroom to the desert table.

" Ah~! My little Robin you have returned to me~!" I heard an annoying voice greet me from behind making me cringe...Damn this idiot still remembers me! I was about to turn around and punch him square in the face when I was saved.

" Excuse me?" I heard a familiar baritone laced with pure loath say as we both turned around and faced him.

" Seb-Darling." I sighed in relief regaining my composure and smiled towards him, but silently asked him ' Why are you late!'

" Oh and who might you be sir?" Duritt bit back at Sebastian. Sebastian took hold of my arm and pulled me into his chest away from this disgusting moron.

" I am Lord Michealis. This young lady here is MY fiancée." Sebastian said putting emphasis on the 'my' as he moved his arm from my arm to my waist as I decided to follow his lead and smiled lovingly towards Sebastian. Just seeing the spirit of the man before us crushed seeing 'his robin' being snatched away from him by a raven.

" Sebastian Michealis, she is my fiancée." Sebastian answered coldly. It was easy to alter human minds now after abit of training turning Sebastian's name into one of nobility.

" Ah yes Lord Michealis, Lady Demona. Please excuse my mistake. I thought she was a woman I've met before. " I heard him excuse himself moving on as he quickly retreated to the other side of the room.

" Tsk, took you long enough." I told him relaxing as we headed out to the terrace as I felt the cool breeze blow through the hot wig I was wearing.

" I'm sorry milady but I was tracking down our mission objective and I certainly have found her. She's in the corner of the room over there with a lover of hers. It seems that she marries a new man every five years after making a contract with them and suddenly kill them on their first anniversary." He informed me. I rolled my eyes it was typical for a lusting succubus to switch lovers and it's very rare that the male ever comes out alive.

I looked over his shoulder and saw a blonde haired woman clinging on to a red haired man sitting at the poker table. Both had complete glee all over their faces as it seems that they must have been winning.

" Let's just get this over with I want to get home and take this dress off already!" I hissed at him as he smiled down at me and came to my eye level.

" Aw, but Ciel I think you look cute in that dress. " He smirked at me I slightly slapped his arm glaring at him with a smirk on his face." Very well then my lord shall we?" he said as we entered back into the party.

Sebastian took a seat across from our target's partner as the last opponent gave up. He handed the dealer a random amount of pounds as the dealer handed him back chips as he dealed the next turn. I passed the target a slight smile as the game began. Soon the target's partner started getting serious as she started whispering in his ear after Sebastian won the first couple of rounds. It was all pure luck that he did but this did get our target's attention. After a couple more rounds the couple finally gave up and cashed their chips and left the table. We followed after them as they both headed to one of the empty halls as we followed close by. At first I thought we were here at the wrong time when we started hearing moaning, but immediately it turned to fearful shrieks.

We entered the room to see her eating the red heads soul fear plastered on his face. I sighed as she turned towards us in surprise.

" What do you two want!" She hissed at us as her eyes turned into the bright red color that all demons eyes revert into. I was composed as I took out a black envelope and opened it revealing an ominous red glow showing our orders.

" Succubus, Wilma Adams. You are neglecting your privileges of coming to Earth and haven't been checking into hell for the past hundred years. So you are here by stripped of those privileges and are to be dragged back to hell. Your sentence is six hundred years of no coming up to the surface. Since you have made our superiors deal with angels. " I told her as I felt my own eyes turn into their bright red color. Sebastian got into a fighting stance as the succubus charged at me stabbing her at her lower abdomen.

"This would have been easier for you if you didn't attack, but oh well at least I have my fun." I heard Sebastian chuckle darkly as a shiver ran down my spine upon hearing his voice as the two started their fight. Soon enough though Sebastian won as I carved a pentagram on her chest marking her as a fugitive when she got back to hell. It was weird at first when I thought that demons could do whatever they wanted but apparently they can't since they made a mutual pact with the angels in heaven that they were to check in on one another ever since something about an incident that happened during the plague and the renaissance.

" They always have to try and fight don't they?" I sighed as I turned towards the exit. He was at my side immediately not needing an order.

With our job completed Sebastian and I went back home to a town house that we recently bought. Ironically it's the one across from the Phantomhive townhouse. It seems that Sohma and Agni still live there and my former servants were visiting them. Since they were dressing of higher class they probably taken over the Funtom Company( who knows how) for whatever reason.

They were all just standing outside of the gate chatting with one another as they saw me exit the carriage. " Good evening Lady Demona." They greeted me not being able to see Sebastian because he was wearing his high collared coat and top hat covering his identity from them. I nodded towards them in acknowledgment as I waited for Sebastian outside the door for him to put the horses back in their stables then come back out to unlock the door.

" Momma, Papa your home!" I heard someone sigh in relief as a girl around ten ran towards us nearly tackling me to the ground if it weren't for Sebastian holding us up.

" Oh thank goodness I thought we weren't gonna be able to see you again for a long time!" the girl sobbed. She looked at us with teary cobalt blue eyes half hidden behind ebony bangs. She was dressed richly in a dark blue and black dress. Her ebony hair framed the rest of her body as it ended about midback. I took in my surroundings to find myself in the Phantomhive manor foyer.

" Wait this can't be!" I told the child trying to pry her off of me. " I don't have any children! I don't know you I haven't ever seen you in my life!" I tried explaining. She looked at me with confused eyes and went to Sebastian.

" Papa you have to remember me right, Papa? Why doesn't Momma remember me at all!" she said as she gripped onto both of Sebastian's arms. I looked at his face only to see indifference as he looked down at the young girl gently taking her hands off his arms.

" I'm sorry miss, but I'm not your father and there is no way that my master could have a child. He might look like a girl now but unfortunately my master is not. I'm sorry you must have us mistaken for someone else." He said looking at the girl at her eye level. She looked even more in shock as she looked to me and then back to Sebastian.

" That's impossible I can't be wrong. I can't be!" She started yelling stepping back from us in disbelief. " You both must be joking right! If you are this isn't funny! We haven't seen you guys in two months. This is longer then you guys regularly leave us! We thought you abandoned us!" She sobbed. For some odd reason I felt so heartbroken seeing this young girl cry.

" Alice! Alice what's going on!" Another voice, a young male perhaps, asked frantically. Soon a boy with the same features, only his fringes ended to the end of his chin, came down to see what was going on. As soon as stepped into the room he looked at us with a stoic face but in his eyes I could see worry reflecting in them. The girl, Alice, looked back towards the boy and ran to his arms.

" Alex they don't know who I am...who we are!" She said sobbing in his arms. He patted the girl's back and he seemed to be examining us. I looked towards Sebastian and he seemed to be doing the same as the boy.

" That's because they don't. Alice." Alex said softly towards the sobbing girl. She looked at him questioningly." Yes I know Alice it's confusing, but look at them they're in complete shock right now. Well more Ciel then Sebastian." Alex what do you mean? They look exactly like them even when Momma corssdresses as a woman!" She said pointing towards me. I look down ad remember the dress and frown.

"Now, now Alice I'll tell you everything but first let's get you tea and something sweet to eat." He suggested to his sister with a sincere smile. " Would you like to join us to hear my conclusion Mr. Phantomhive, Mr. Michealis? Unless you already have a conclusion of your own Mr. Michealis?" He asked towards us with a smirk I know so well. I looked up to see Sebastian with his stoic expression and gives me a glance as I nod towards him. Words aren't needed anymore between the two of us since it seems useless now a days since we know what each other is thinking.

" Very well, we'll join you. I want to hear what you have to say to this." I told him gaining my composure again as we followed the two to the dining room.

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