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Sebastian's POV.

Will there ever be a day where I have Ciel all to myself for once without my family barging in to take him away? It's been a week since our Engagement party and I've only ever had Ciel to myself during his afternoon tea and when it's time to sleep. It's even more troubling to see that he's changed since I've come back to him from my trip. Sometimes he's a bit more moodier than normal, he'll start giggling with Roxanne and Demitri when they find something amusing, tell amusing stories and jokes with Axel and Vladimir, agitated when he can't get anything done, and becomes more sullen when I don't pay attention to him. Though he was under his Change when I returned it should have only been his awakening of powers and slight change of appearance. It's quite peculiar to see him play and laugh with my siblings, simply out of character.

For example right now I'm relaxing with my family in Dante's room waiting for my mother and father to arrive. My brothers and I are simply watching our submissives play wretched game of "Twister" which is was introduced by Vladimir. Ciel's playing a game unnecessarily and willing to do so...laughing.

He, Roxanne, Demitri and Salem are spread across a mat with colored circles while Axel calls out the positions. I don't understand the concept of spinning a needle to four different colors in four different quadrants corresponding to one of the four limbs then setting said designated limb to said color, only to wait till each turn would you wait for one fall, till only victor was left in an uncomfortable position on the game mat.

Ciel and the submissives are all giggling as they're trying to touch their left foot to a blue circle. Giggling, my Ciel is giggling towards a game that he too would share the same thoughts with if he were in his normal state of mind. I wonder what has come over my little mate to start acting like this. It wouldn't be my siblings influence, if the people we surrounded ourselves with when he was a human then I doubt that he'd start now.

In this round it seems that Salem lost when he fell down making the other three laugh even harder as they moved on. He walked over towards us and sat between Dante and myself in a chair with a large smirk on his face. Dante looked down at him with a raised eyebrow wondering what his twin was thinking of.

" Oh I wish I was lucky as him my love." Salem sighed looking at Dante. This gave his mate a melancholy smile as he kissed Salem's forehead. Getting this type of reaction from Dante makes me wonder what in the world is he talking about and who for that matter? I pondered a bit till I saw Demitri and Roxanne fall on top of Ciel's frame. I became edgy as I saw this locking my gaze on his form till the other two got off of him seeing that he was unscathed from the fall.

"Damnit Demitri he said right foot green! Not right hand blue!" Roxanne scolded our brother. " And how the hell did you get that?!" She questioned. That is quite odd especially since Demitri usually has wonderful hearing, still a little far from what Salem can do, but still great hearing.

" I don't know something was throwing me off." He said sitting cross legged on the floor. " I heard something that I haven't heard in awhile and I wanted to hear it more clearly so I really wasn't paying attention to Axel that well. I'm sorry Rox, especially you Ciel. You're so little I thought we crushed you." He apologized with wide eyes eying my mate. " Are you okay?" He questioned with a small voice. For a demon he really loved to apologize.

" I'm fine Demitri. Really no harm done." He said raising his hands. I saw a little hesitation in Ciel before he answered Demitri making me a little uneasy. Demitiri seemed to sense it too and was still tense.

" Just let me check please. Or else this is going to eat me up." He pleaded. Ciel nodded his head as I zeroed in again on Ciel and what Demitri was going to do to him. I saw water come to Demitri's hands as they roamed over Ciel's body slowly at one point he was tense at first, but then relaxed once again. He let out a breath of relief and smiled.

" See Demitri you didn't have to do this. I'm perfectly fine." Ciel said with a slight smile on his face. After that was said my parents came into the room and took us all to the meeting room where Ciel was first officially introduced to the family. We were all greeted by the rest of my siblings along with Alois. They all had a bit of uneasy looks on their faces. I even saw Claude draw Alois closer to his frame even though he was already wrapped protectively around the blonde.

" I've been hiding this from you lot, but I think this is the time to say, though this will disturb our plans for Abbadon's wedding plans, this is much more important. There has been a BIT of a disturbance here within the inner ring, and I need some of you to get out of here and hide in the human world." my father suggested. We all looked at him in shock.

" Are you fucking serious Dad?!" Axel yelled in anger Roxanne looked at my father with the same rage as her husband sitting stiffly in her chair with clenched teeth. " Running away what the..." Axel was disrupted by our mother.

" We're not asking you to runaway child this is a safety precaution." My mother said. Then looked towards me and Ciel. " Infact I want the two of you out of here as soon as know what you need to take with you Sebastian I have a feeling that they might find what they need to take us on and steal the throne." My mother requested.

" You are the best out of all of your siblings in hiding your presence, so please go and prepare now." She ordered.

" But Lily..." Ciel started my mother just raised her hand and shook her head.

" No it's fine Ciel, we're fine. We'll be meeting with you later but for now please do as I say." She said. Ciel nodded his head as he and I walked out the room. I flashed us to my family's personal library. I held onto Ciel's waist as I walked the two of us through it's door. He seemed a bit disturbed by the sensation of walking through the door, but quickly got over it as he saw the size and the amount of books within the library.

" Sebastian what are we to take with us?" He asked me curiously. I started chanting under my breath as the library was soon starting to develop a light black fog thickening with every word I whispered. I saw him look towards me with worry in his eyes. His face became pink when I looked down towards him and tilted his face towards mine. I only told him one thing before I kissed him and we returned to the world of the living.

" Everything."

Roxanne's POV

"Mother what the hell! Why did you send away Sebastian?!" I asked her pointing towards the door that he and Ciel exited. " They could've help us with this little problem you're talking about!" I told her.

" It's not just a little problem Lucretia." She said with a grave voice. I looked at her with wide worried eyes. My father ran his hand through his fingers before folding him to the front of his face.

" It's a coup d'etat Roxanne" My father said. " All those that you saw in Sebastian and Ciel's engagement party. Most were involved with the scheme. There was a reason Astarot and his own little mate didn't have the luxury as you and your siblings and Sebastian shall have." He started.

" Father what are you talking about? Please just get on with this if this is important. Do not put in details, just talk." Lorenzo snapped. Demitri rubbed his back trying to calm him down.

" Claude has already been mated to Alois." He said. We all looked at him with confused looks.

" What do you mean?! When was their ceremony? Why weren't we there. Isn't it a tradition that we'd always be at a siblings wedding?" I started panicking. I looked at Claude and started to cry. " I'm so sorry Azrael! I didn't know but there has been so..." He came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

" There there, Lucretia. I understand but time was of the essence at the moment when we got married. We didn't want any of the other demons to know of our nuptials. We didn't mean to exclude you but the less that knew the better. The only ones present at the ceremony were Mother, Father, Cyril and Knight so please don't fret little pet." Claude cooed. This was the brother that I knew and loved though he wasn't present when the other of our siblings were present he holds a soft spot for me and Salem.

" We understand Claude." Axel said. " But why are we here?"

" Because it's to tell you of my and your father's ingenious plan." Mother crowed. We looked towards her as she finally held all of our attention.

" Now I'm sure that some of you are aware of Ciel's predicament?" she questioned. I remember the way he was acting recently and nodded my head. " Though I'm sure that the men here are still a bit dense about what is happening to him. " She scoffed as she looked towards her husband.

" What are you talking about?" Dad questioned. We just ignored their looks for the moment and looked towards the rest of those who understand.

" Well I know that I can confirm it." Demitri said as he looked down at his hands with a little smile on his face.

" Wait-" Dante started but was interrupted.

" Same here." Salem said raising his hand. Mother looked at them giddily and smiled with a slight sorrowful look.

" You-"

" If it weren't for that fact I wouldn't have the family retreat like this, but who knows what will be born from their union. This is all for safety precautions on both ends. For the family and our throne." Mother said with a troubled look on her face.

" WAIT! DAMNIT." Axel banged on the dining table and singed the table in the process as he stood up. I grabbed his arm and sat him back down on his chair. He gave me a slightly irritated look as I rubbed his arm.

" Calm down Love." I told him a in a calmer manner. "You're just so impatient at times." Sigh.

" Well what's so important that the two have to leave first? And why the hell are you guys saying all this?" He sighed. Mother looked at him and the rest of our family with a look, especially father.

" To think I've gone through it thirteen times and yet you still can't see it." She sighed towards Father before looking towards us. " And Dante I thought you'd pick it up better by now." She said.

" What mother is trying to say is that Ciel's pregnant you dolts." Salem sighed.

The rest of the table let out shocked reactions just making it seem more stupid. I ended up slapping my forehead. How is it that they're some of the best and couldn't really sense his presence change! For goodness sake I don't know when or how the hell this happened but he's been changing the entire time he's been here.

" But I thought demons couldn't have children unless they truly wanted their own little brud? I'm sure that those two aren't thinking about children now, especially this far behind in that department. " Alois said mumbling the last sentence.

" Well yes, since most demons don't really think of having children only the experience of delicious hot sweaty sex. There really aren't an abundance of children around. Especially since a child can only be conceived if both want the child. Just look at Axel and Roxanne." Demitri explained a bit while looking towards us.

" Yeah, we know we're not ready for kids yet in our relationship because of our work and everything, plus if we had a kid with an abundance of power it'll just attract others who want to steal it from us. " I told them looking down towards my own barron stomach. Axel pulled me close to him as he sighed rubbing my side and kissed my head looking down.

" Now only that but the birth itself is just...I don't want to risk losing her. We don't know what the kid could do or what could happen to both."Axel said in a small tone. I looked up at him and gave him a small peck on his lips.

" I don't think I'm strong enough yet to go through that, but one day." I told them. My mother nodded her head going through it many time before.

" So this is just going to be worse for Ciel?" Alois commented. " Since there is a rebellion going on right now for the seat of power and since he's a youngling with more than enough power correct?"

" That's why you will get out of the underworld right now to lessen the demons after Ciel and so you can help keep track of the child. We shall stay behind and deal with the traitors." My father finally spoke up.

" So who's going?" I asked quietly. This snapped everyone back from the morose subject and looked towards our father.

" Alright well, Roxanne, Axel, Lorenzo, Demitiri, Salem and Dante of course will follow Sebastian up above. We don't know how long Ciel's pregnancy will last since it differs between demons, so be careful and don't let any of Them any where near Ciel." Father handed up an envelop. " I've already had everything arranged since those two came back. Just follow the instructions and good luck." Father said as his voice got quieter and my visioned black.

Be careful you two.

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