Hey! I am having a little bit of writers block so I am writing a one shot.

Patton's point of view

I am walking home thinking about what had happened earlier.


"Hey Fanny can you help me take these prisoners to the artic base," I asked walking over to her

"Yes I will help you but you are still a stupid boy," Fanny said giving me a glare that if looks killed I would be in trouble.

We put the prisoners in the back of the scamper and climbed in.

"So what's up with you lately Fanny"

"Nothing but why do you ask"

"Well you just seem extra grouchy"

"I am not grouchy," Fanny yelled "Maybe just a little bit," Fanny said calm thinking how she has been grouchy.

"So what's up with you," I asked again

"Just stuff why do you even care"

"Look we're here," I said changing the subject

"Finally lets just get the prisoners out," Fanny said while getting out

We took them in and put them in a cell. I started to walk when Fanny yelled something.

"What," I said looking back at her

"You never answered me why do you care"

The words Eco in my head why did I care? It's not like I like her Do I like her?

"Come on boy are you too stupid to answer me," Fanny said a bit annoyed

"Sorry I care because I oh forget this," I said pulling her into a kiss. She kissed me back. Then we parted

"I love you Fanny that is why I care do you love me?"

"OH you stupid boy you should know I love you," Fanny said kissing me again.

End Flashback

As I got to my door I smiled and went in.