Season 7

Stuck with you but I wouldn't have it any another way

(Jo walks down the stairs; Blair is sitting on the couch watching TV)

Jo – where is everybody?

(Jo walks over to Blair, she looks up at Jo)

Blair – they went shopping

Jo – and you, Blair Warner didn't go

Blair – of course not they went to Wal-Mart

(Blair says disgusted then looks back at the TV)

Jo – oh man and they didn't ask me to go

(Jo says whiningly then walks toward the kitchen)

Blair – oh wait a minute Jo

(Jo stops and looks at Blair, Blair gets up and walks over to Jo)

Blair – can you fix the bathroom door in our room? It keep getting stuck

Jo – sure

(Jo starts backing walking to the kitchen, Blair grabs her arm)

Blair – Today

Jo – yeah uh huh

(Jo starts backing walking, Blair grabs her arm)

Blair – yeah I guess I wasn't clear when I said today… I mean can you do it now

Jo – Blair!

Blair – Jo please I'm really tired of that door getting stuck… when it gets stuck I'm late for class and when I'm late for class… I...

(Jo cuts Blair off)

Jo – all right Blair… I'll do it, I'll do it

(Jo says annoyed)

Blair – thanks Jo

(Jo rolls her eyes)

Jo – you're helping

Blair – fine anything to get the door fix

(Jo says walking up the stairs, Blair walks over to the couch and grabs the remote and turns off the TV then follow Jo upstairs. Jo and Blair walk in the room and over to the bathroom)

Jo – all right you walk in the bathroom

Blair – kay

(She goes in the bathroom; Jo grabs her screwdriver off her night stand then walks back over to the door and starts working on the door knob)

Jo – all right Blair I think I got it… try it

Blair – okay

(Blair closes the door then opens it)

Blair – well that was fast!

(Blair says cheerfully)

Jo – see I told ya it wouldn't take that long

(Jo walks in the bathroom next to Blair)

Jo – move over so I can try

Blair – well don't you think I should go on the other side?

(Jo cuts Blair off by closing the door)

Blair – before you close the door

(Blair says slowly)

Jo – don't worry Blair if you opened it I could be able to

(Jo chuckles while Blair has a okay look on her face, Jo shakes the door knob)

Jo – what's wrong with this thing?

(Jo gives Blair a dirty look)

Jo – did ya do something to this knob when you open the door?

Blair – oh yeah Jo… I told the knob to make sure when Jo tries to open you make sure you don't let her open it

(Blair says sarcastically, Jo gives her a dead pan look, Blair pushes Jo)

Blair – let me try

(Blair shakes the door knob then looks at Jo)

Blair – great! I told you I should have stand on the other side of the door before you close it!

Jo – well what are we gonna do now… when are Tootie, Nat, Beverly Ann gonna be back

Blair – not for a couple hours, Wal-Mart was having a sell

(Blair sits down on the edge of the tub)

Jo – awww they were having a sell man… some friends

(Jo sits on the floor with her back on the wall)

Blair – Jo stop whining you're starting to annoy me

Jo – you annoy me all the time!

Blair – well you're not a pleasure to be around either… at less I don't suck at fixing things

Jo - hey I don't suck a fixing things… you suck at life

Blair – I do not suck at life… I can't believe I'm stuck in this bathroom with you all because you wouldn't listen to me!

Jo – Blair are you just gonna complain the whole time about me that not listening to ya

Blair – Yes!

Jo – well fine let's just not talk to each other!

Blair – fine!

Jo – fine!

(30 minutes later, Blair is sitting in the tub and Jo is lying on the floor, Blair starts laughing, Jo sits up)

Jo – what

(Blair ignores Jo and keeps laughing)

Jo – Blair!

(Blair looks at Jo)

Blair – I was just thinking about the first time we met at Eastland and what if we were trapped in this bathroom together then… we would of kill each other well you would have mostly killed me… you really hated me back then

(Jo smirks)

Jo – yeah but you hated me too

Blair – back then all I could think of was I can't stand her and I can't wait until we are done with this punishment so I could get as far away from her as possible

Jo – yeah me too… good times

(Blair gives her a very funny look, Jo smiles)

Jo – I'm just kidding

Blair - I know

(Blair smiles)

Blair – can you believe we are still living together?

(Jo smiles then stands up and starts looking for something)

Blair – what are you looking for?

Jo – something to pick the lock with

(Blair stands up and gets out of the tub then puts her hand in her pocket)

Blair - will this hair pin work

Jo – yeah

(Blair walks over to Jo and hands it to her, Jo walks over to the door knob and get on her knees and starts messing with door knob, Blair follows her and leans her back on the wall next to the door knob)

Blair – Jo

Jo – yeah

Blair – have you ever thought about what life would be like if you never came to Eastland and we never met

(Blair looks at Jo)

Jo – not really… I probably would have got some dead-end job but hey I could go see the Mets every time they had a game

(Jo looks at Bair and chuckles then looks back down and keeps messing with the door knob, Blair smiles then looks serious)

Blair – well I have… I think I would have been very snobby… I would have stayed in the dorms with my friends who are just like me… it would've been the most boring years of my life… it wouldn't be as fun as it is now if I didn't know you I mean we fight, we insult each other, we annoy each other and we tease each other but I don't know what I would do without you

(Blair smirks)

Blair – you're my best friend

Jo – this damn thing isn't working

Blair – Jo did you hear me

Jo – what!

(Jo says still messing with the door knob not looking at her, Blair smile at Jo)

Blair – never mind

(Blair looks at the door knob)

Blair – how's it coming?

Jo – I think I got it!

(Jo stands up and turns the door knob)

Jo – we're free!

(Jo says cheerfully and walks out of the bathroom, Blair follows)

Blair – yeah

(Blair says with a half smile)

Jo – finally! I could have thought about that earlier… hey do you wanna go to a movie or somethin

(Jo looks at her, Blair looks confused)

Blair – you mean you still wanna hang out with me even though you were stuck in there with me for an hour

Jo – yeah I know it's weird huh I must be coming down with somethin

Blair – sure!

(Blair says smiling, Jo walks to the middle of the room)

Jo – I wouldn't be where I am today and I wouldn't be as happy

Blair – what

(Blair looks confused and walks over to Jo; Jo turns around to look at Blair)

Jo – you asked me what if I never went to Eastland and we never met each other… well if I never went to Eastland I wouldn't be where I'm at today and if we never met I wouldn't be as happy

(Blair smiles)

Jo – and you're my best friend too

Blair – you heard what I said

Jo – yeah what did to think I was doing just messing with the door knob?

(Jo smiles at Blair and Blair smiles back at Jo)

Jo – and you're paying for the movie

(Jo start walking toward the door)

Blair – why do I have to pay?

(Blair follows Jo)

Jo – you're the rich one

(Jo turns to look at Blair)

Blair – so what does that have to do with anything?

Jo – it has to do with everything Blair…I can't believe you had that hair pin in your pocket the whole time, we could have been out of that bathroom earlier

Blair – how was I suppose to know you could get us out with a hair pin you're the mechanic

(Jo leaves the room and Blair follows close behind her)

The End