My Soul To Take

Eli woke Oskar up around six. It wasn't quite nightfall but it didn't matter. They could talk in their room. They took showers and brushed their teeth and cleaned up a bit. They had crashed pretty hard. Eli was impressed that Oskar had taken so well to that night in the pool. She was sure any other person would have been spooked but Oskar seemed unfazed and she loved him for it.

Oskar was young and it saddened her, and she hated herself for that sadness. She should be happy for him, but she wasn't. She wished she could share with him her past, everything that had happened to her. The guilt was bearable, but Eli figured it would pass.

"I think it's safe for us to go out," he said.

"And why would we want to go out?" she asked him in return. She had a few reasons why, but she wanted to know why he was so eager to go. She wasn't hungry, not yet. This motel was in a area rural enough for her to maybe catch a deer or something so it wouldn't be a problem.

"Well, I'm hungry," he admitted. Eli had forgotten about that. "And I want some fresh air. It's a bit stuffy in here."

Eli nodded, now noticing the humidity. Perhaps the air circulation was poor, after all, they had just taken a shower. Separate showers. Eli wished she could be that close to him, but he wouldn't get it.

He was looking at her for a while until Eli declared they should go if they wanted to find an open convenience store for food. At least fresh air was easier to come by than food. Oskar started for the external door but Eli shook her head.

"We should ask Frej for directions to the nearest convenience store," Eli explained. Oskar saw the logic in her words and agreed and they headed down the hall. Frej was there, snoozing at the receptionist desk. Eli tapped on his head and he was alert and whipping his head around a few seconds later. "Directions for the nearest convenience store?"

He considered this a moment and then scribbled out some illegible directions. She caught a whiff of his breath and quickly decided he was drunk. Oskar started to head out the front door but Eli shook her head again.

"We'll go out later Oskar," she said loudly so Frej heard it. He was about to protest but she gave him a look and he quieted down. Once they were out of range from the wasted man, he asked her why they weren't going out the front door. After all, it was right there for them to use. Eli responded, "Because if we would probably return through the back door because we'll probably be out late tonight and that looks suspicious."

"But he wouldn't have noticed!" he objected. So Oskar had caught onto Frej's intoxication.

"It doesn't work like that," she told him as they entered their room. Eli locked the door and then took the key with her and grabbed Oskar's arm and dragged him out the door.

"What was that for?" he demanded, rather dramatically. She shrugged. He smiled and gestured for her to lead on. After Eli deciphered the map Frej had drawn, they started off their trek through the snow. A few minutes later, Eli could see some faint lights in the distant. When they were closer, Eli saw that they were flashing 'OPEN.' It looked cheap and dirty but there weren't that many other options.

She looked down her feet and caught sight of Oskar's hand, trembling right next to hers. She laughed a little and took his hand in hers. He flinched a bit because of the cold but soon got accustomed to it. Eli was used to that, and she didn't mind. They walked into the grocery store holding hands. Eli felt pretty happy.

Oskar was pretty happy when Eli told him he could get whatever he wanted. He grabbed several chocolate bars and bags of chips. On a second thought, he decided to grab a few bananas that they had in the store. It took him a while to find good ones as the bananas they had were mostly mushy and overripe but he did find a few ripe and non-ripe ones.

Eli paid with a hundred krona banknote. Oskar looked as if it was the largest banknote he'd seen in his life. 1000 krona banknotes weren't uncommon. But then, Oskar hadn't lived in the wealthiest and providing homes. On their way back, Oskar devoured two bars as if he'd never had chocolate.

"Do you want some?" he offered the bar out to her, his face smeared with chocolate in a similar shape to a milk moustache. She giggled but declined. "Who declines chocolate?" Pause, Eli glared at him. "Oh… right. Sorry."

"It's okay. Enjoy the chocolate," she told him wistfully. She had enjoyed chocolate very much before. But she hadn't had it too much. She had always been too busy doing other things.

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