Epic Author's Note of Awesomeness: Alright, so time for good news/bad news. I apologize profusely for taking nearly an eternity to update this story. There are plenty of reasons for that. One of which will explain the whole good/bad news I alluded to previously. First, the bad news: I am probably quitting fanfiction. Or at least taking a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. So along with Redeeming Intentions, and my other unfinished stories are likely to remain...incomplete. This is because of the good news (or at least good from my point of view) I am currently working on my very first novel! Yay! It's in the planning stages (aka loads of outlines, ranging from plot, characters, and settings etc) and I'll actually start writing once my Spring semester ends in May. If y'all (I have no Texas/southern drawl, I'm just lazy and have a fondness for contractions) are even remotely interested in said novel, feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to clue you in on this daunting venture of mine.

[Thanks to Aerox as always for being my soundboard]

Anyway, I'd like to thank each and every one of you guys who read, favorite'd, and reviewed my stories on this website. You're the prime reason as to why I am even attempting something like this (and btw, I am in no way shape or form suggesting that I'll suddenly be the new Suzanne Collins after this. The chances of it getting published by a third party is slim. Also, I'm perfectly content of being a high school teacher and writing on the side. It's my hobby and passion more than anything else.) So my gratitude goes to you guys, and I hope once I finish this book, y'all be interested in reading it!

Thanks once again for your endless support!

Wish me luck! :X 3