Lila: Chapter One

A glance at the clock was all it took to get me up. It was ten after Seven and I had a math final at seven thirty. I hurriedly threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a purple paramore t-shirt; a quick look in the mirror to brush my long red hair and apply only mascara. The bus driver had beeped two times already. I threw on my converse.

Forgetting to tie them I ran to the bus.

"Late again?" scowled the bus driver.

"Sorry." I muttered back. I walked to the back of the bus.

"Lila!" said my best friends Michael and Rachel. "Come on. We saved you a spot"

Rachel smiled. "Alarm clocks sleep in?"

"Cha..." I stopped to think. Did I even set it last night? "So...are you guys dreading this final as much as i am?"

Michael laughed in total agreement. "I'm with you there Lil." Michael gave me that crooked smile he knows I like.

"Can you believe it Michael?" said Rachel." Freshman year is almost over. We have our finals today then were done tomorrow."

He smiled.

Rachel turned to me. "Hasn't it gone by so fast?"

"Yeah it has." I said.

Travis leaned over the back of our seats. "How goes it?"

Rachel gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Michael stiffened. "Well we were doing just fine." He gave Travis an awkward glance.

Rachel smacked Michael on the knee. Be nice, she mouthed.

Travis sighed.

Rachel got up and went to join Travis at his seat.

"You're so mean to him." I protested. "He just wants to be friends again."

He sighed and turned to me.

"We can't be friends. He's dating my sister. It's bro code. You don't date a bros sister without his permission."

I stared at him in disbelief.

"Well, Rachel can date whoever she wants. You shouldn't just drop Travis as a friend like that."

His eyes narrowed. "You know your brother would do the same."

True, true, but I wouldn't tell him that.

"Yea but you and Travis were tight at one point."

He didn't protest. "Yea, yea I know."

The bus pulled up in front of the school. Kids started to descend off the bus into the main entrance.

Michael picked up his bag. "Come on..." he said. He started towards the front of the bus.

I stood up and grabbed my bag.

With just my luck I trip over my shoe laces. On my way down I grabbed Michael's shirt for support.

With his bad luck he went down too.

So there we are on the floor, me on top of him. Face to face. How awkward and wrong is this?

Kids laughed and snickered: "Gosh Lila go make out with your boyfriend somewhere else!" or "Hey Lovebirds, stop holding up the line!"

"Sorry Michael!" I squealed with embarrassment.

He gave me his crooked smile. "Like me much?"

I got up and laughed.

I tripped.

He rolled his eyes. "Sure..." He winked and walked into the building.