Lila Chapter 4

By the end of the debacle my normally straight hair was curled into spirals. My side bangs sat comfortably back in a clip. My freckles were somewhat faded due to Rachel's application of Precious Rose blush. I wouldn't let Rae put on my eye makeup so I just put on my basic black mascara and charcoal eye liner. Rachel tried to get me to wear a skirt, but skinny jeans and Converse won the argument. Sadly, this fiasco had to be topped off with me wearing Rachel's bright purple shirt. She says it's her good luck charm.

Rachel left about an hour ago to get ready for softball practice.

Butterflies pranced around in my stomach. "A first date with Michael?" I questioned myself. When Michael came into my mind I thought, my best friend, and my other best friend's brother. I'd never have thought that we'd be a couple. Is it meant to be? Do I want to ruin the relationship we've had since preschool?

Rachel, Michael and I have been best friends since the beginning of our school days. The first time we saw each other we knew that we'd have a close bond.

They both looked similar at the time. Mrs. Evan would color coordinate their outfits. Now days they try to look distinct from one another. Anyone could tell they're twins though, or at least siblings.

They both have more of heart shaped face with olive skin. Michael's hair is brown and shaggy, hanging chin length. Rachel has long angelic hair that is well past her shoulders. The characteristic they have most in common is their honey gold eyes. A direct look can persuade anyone to act upon.

Eric called me down from the kitchen, "I'm about to head out. What are your plans for tonight?" His hair was slicked back and he wore his favorite black leather jacket. He was probably going to visit Kate, his longtime love. The car keys chimed in his hand.

"I'm going to see a movie," I said while hoisting myself up onto the counter.

"I thought Rachel had softball practice tonight," he inferred.

"I'm not going with Rachel," I said hesitantly.

"So, you're going…alone?" he sounded surprised.

Does he think I don't have other friends or something? "No," I said a bit irritated. "I'm going with Michael." My fingers automatically began to fiddle with themselves. I thought back to earlier that week when Michael was talking about his "bro code". Would Eric be mad that Michael didn't ask if he could take me out on a date? Does the bro code count for them? Their age difference isn't that far apart; just three years. Would Eric be mad at me for not informing him about my date with Michael?

His eyes widened, "Oh," He began to say something then took it back. "That's alright I guess." He looked at his watch, "Just you two?" His voice became serious like Dad used to get when he was questioning us.

"Yes," I said with probably too much edge "is there a problem?"

"No!" he sounded caught off guard. Eric doesn't like to act like a parent with me. For all he cares I could throw a party every night and he would be right there playing spin the bottle. But now that mom and dad are gone he has to be the responsible one.

We shared the next few seconds in silence.

"So," he said, "I should probably get going. Kate and I are going to be out tonight. I'll probably be home by eleven thirty." He began to walk towards the door but stopped and turned to face me. With a smirk on his face he said, "Have fun on your date."

I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks. By now they probably match my hair.

The doorbell rang, and I just about jumped out of my skin. I wiped my clammy hands on my jeans then opened the door. Michael leaned against the frame. His tall stature makes him seem cute when he bows his head down toward me. Tilting his head, his eyes met mine the way they always do when he tries to make me smile. He quickly flipped the hair out of his eyes.

"Hey," were the only words I could force out of my mouth.

He straightened up out of his pretty boy stance and let out a low chuckle. "You ready?"

I nodded. He offered his hand to me. I gingerly took it noticing that he was wearing the rope bracelet I made him in sixth grade.

"You still have that?"

"Yup," he began to lead me down the front porch steps. "Best friends forever, right?"

I grinned so widely that my cheeks hurt. "Right," I said.

We continued walking hand in hand to the plaza downtown. When we got to the movie theater we decided to see Vampires Suck.

Michael grabbed the tickets and we walked to concessions.

"So," he said to the candy guy, "we'll take a Milk Duds, two Sour Patch kids and a Twizzlers."

He knew me too well. Hopefully two Sour Patch Kids will hold my sweet tooth.

Michael handed the man a bill and handed me my Sour Patch Kids.

"Thanks," I said. I took one of the sugary little children out of the package.

Michael quickly took a few from the bag and shoved them in his mouth.

I gave him my "Oh no you didn't" stare.

His eyes widened, "Hey I've got to get some before you eat 'em all."

"Well," I eased in, "maybe later I'll let you have some." I wondered if he understood what I meant.

He turned to look at me. Smiling, he studied my face.

Embarrassed, I blushed.

He grabbed me by the waist, and leaned in close to me. His forehead was against my forehead. I felt his breath on my face. "What if I want some now?"

That answered my question. I brought my lips to his. Sour Patch against Twizzlers; two unique flavors combined to make a memorable moment. I comfortably wrapped my arms around his neck.

He began to kiss me back. His lips were soft but hard against mine. My body seemed as if I had melted. His hand came up to caress the back of my head.

Our lips slowly came apart. Inches away from each other we embraced the silence in a tight hug.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that," Michael whispered in my ear. His warm words tickled down my neck.

I then said something I thought I'd never hear come out of my mouth. "I love you," I whispered back.