Watching as the orbs danced in the moon light I sighed softly brushing a strand of hair away from my face, turning to look at the orb behind me, I glided towards it. Cepan, keeper, guardian so many names for ones so special, they gave their lives so that their Garde may live, like the others this one was healing, their bodies having been destroyed, their souls nearly eliminated. They had done their duty but their Garde were not ready to face the strength of their enemies, walking towards another orb I placed a hand on the bubble, feeling the energy ripple and surge forward, like their Cepan their bodies had been destroyed, but I was able to save their souls before they perished, the first three Garde. Turning away from the orb I made my way towards the balcony, staring out into the endless sea, the remaining Garde where gathering, they were finding each other, they were becoming stronger, they were uniting as one. As they continued to fight against their enemies, their legacies have begun to strengthen and multiply, and as their legacies grow so does the first three, though asleep their connection with the others is still strong and through them, they flourish. Soon the time will come when all shall be together and the war against the Mogadorians will truly begin.