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a lot more flirting and Hamada and Izumi would be somewhere doing awesomethings. And Coach would be Queen of it ALL.


It was the middle of the night; it should be hotter than it was, lying there in a room full of guys all in close quarters, but it all felt just right to Hanai.

The tall boy would never fully admit to it, but he missed being in camp and training with all of the team, even though Coach had only given them a month off. Because of that, the training camp out in the woods like last year is perfect to him. All of the old team was back, with a couple of freshmen; Coach was completely determined to play all of the first years in at least two games each.

And so they've been working hard, up before the sun and going to sleep as soon dark hit. Still, with all the work they've been doing, Tajima hasn't been sleeping well; Hanai knows because Tajima's whimpers and tossing wake him up, too. And even though he's not quite ready to deal with his feelings concerning the third baseman, he's man enough to admit that hearing Tajima in pain puts him in some kind of pain, too.

So that night, when Tajima started to toss and turn, Hanai (having opted for the futon right next to him just in case this happened) moved closer to the smaller boy and hugged him, tucking the ebony haired head underneath his chin, rubbing slow circles into his back. Tajima calmed down a little, but then something in his dream made him cry out pitifully and grab at Hanai's shirt desperately, his eyes getting teary at the edges, and before Hanai can stop himself he kissed the boy's forehead tenderly and kissed his cheek as well.

The captain froze, horrified that the cleanup would feel the light touches and wake up, but all Tajima did was settle in closer and sigh happily. Exhaling slowly, Hanai relaxed against his pillow and tried to release Tajima, only to realize the other boy was curled against him so thoroughly that he was sharing a pillow with him. The captain panicked at the feel of Tajima pressing closer and looked down to see the other boy's eyes half-lidded, looking up at him.

"Hanai? Am I dreaming?"

Hanai gasped and tried to look away, finding he couldn't.


To his relief, Tajima smiles, and to his embarrassment, Tajima stretches up and presses a kiss to the underside of Hanai's jaw.

"I must be dreaming. This ishow it always goes; you're such a spaz."

Hanai only gaped; Tajima had been dreaming about being with him, like this? Tajima had dreams of Hanai holding him like this? The captain had always wanted to hold the smaller boy closely, though he'd deny it vehemently if asked. With a sleepy chuckle, Tajima draws Hanai's attention once again as he yawns, pecks the older boy on the lips, and then settles down to sleep with a wistful sounding sigh.

"Good night, Hanai."

The next morning, it takes all of Hanai's courage to come into awareness, completely certain that Tajima will either have something smart to say or he'll remark on it at breakfast; either way, he's screwed, and he knows it. Still, he opened his eyes bravely and is relieved to find an absent Tajima. Thanking whatever baseball god was watching over him, he got up and went outside to the kitchen, pouring a glass of water. Hanai's about to take a sip when Tajima's loud voice from behind him causes him to grip the glass extremely tight and slosh water about.

"Good morning, Hanai!"

Hanai sighed in irritation, annoyed at himself for being so jumpy, and grumbled, "I should pay someone to beat the morning person out of you."

Tajima grins and perches on the counter next to the captain, swinging his legs back and forth, looking for all the world like one of the most innocent children ever.

"You know, I had the weirdest dream last night…"

With a bright blush, Hanai downed his water and set his glass in the sink, fleeing. Over his shoulder, he yelled, "I don't want to hear about it!"

Chuckling, Tajima swung off the counter and opened the fridge to find some breakfast before everyone else woke up. Teasing Hanai was fun and all but… his eyes sobering, Tajima softly ran his finger tips across his cheek, remembering the kiss that was pressed there.

He's almost completely sure it was real; but almost is not definitely. And Tajima knows that, somewhere deep inside himself where the hope doesn't quite reach. Still, Tajima knows he's doing the right thing when he comes around the corner and Hanai is sitting curled up into himself, his head and arms on his knees, deep in thought. At least Hanai was thinking about it now, and that was all the third baseman could ask for.