But then there are things that Hanai just can't tolerate.

It takes for Tajima to completely ignore Hanai trying to throw the ball in to third for an easy out during practice for Hanai to be way over the way the smaller boy is acting. Stalking into infield, the tall captain throws down his glove and catches Tajima by the back collar, dragging him in as he walks.

"H-Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!"

"Everyone, ten minute break!"

Coach Momoe straightens and peers out in confusion as all the boys conglomerate in the middle of the field and Hanai comes stomping into the dugout dragging a captured Tajima. Looking briefly at coach, he growled, "Coach, no disrespect, but you need to leave right now, and maybe call the team off the field for a talk."

With a look at Hanai, she nods and goes to round out the boys into left field, hearing behind her a cried, "Ouch! That hurt, Hanai, dammit!" and a sarcastic laugh of, "Oh, and he talks! He actually speaks words!"

Back in the dugout, Hanai shoves Tajima onto a bench and leans over him. Tajima leans away, turning away and crossing his arms in anger, but the captain grabs his shirt and forces the cleanup to look at him. Tajima glares, then clasps Hanai's wrists and tries to pull, finding that he can't free himself. With a scowl, the smaller boy snarls, "You've got a lot of ne—"

Hanai gives him a little shake to quiet him and then leans in closer, whispering menacingly, "Tajima, I really need you to do what you've been doing all week and shut the hell up. And stay shut, okay? You understand? Good."

When Tajima is completely silent, Hanai sighs and sits on a baseball bucket behind him, never taking his hands off of Tajima.

"Tajima…I'm sorry. I'd like to say I don't know what I did to make you furious, but I do; it can't ever be apologized for, but, god, you are so incorrigible! Where the hell do you get off making us mess up in practice? You're not that important, I'm not that important, we're not that important, do you hear me? I can stand it personally, or even on the field when we're warming up, but not when we're playing. I deserve more than your anger, I'm sure I deserve something horrible, but our team does not. They work way too hard for you to disregard me on the field like you just did during a game. That out should have been easy! Easy! But you didn't even turn around for the throw. Don't do it again, or so help me I will get Coach to bench you for defensive plays in the next two games."

Tajima was still scowling angrily, but his eyes betray him wide with shock as they take in this change in Hanai.

The captain is livid, and it shows; his hands clutch at Tajima's shirt, crinkling in it, and his eyes are narrow slits above a thin line of mouth. As Tajima's eyes stare into his, Hanai finds himself studying the younger boy as almost a habit despite his anger because this is the closest he's been to Tajima in a full week, and he tries not to blush fully as his ears warm, finding voice to continue, still sounding like he's upset (which he is, and could be properly if Tajima wasn't so distracting, he swears).

"I…I don't know how many times I can apologize, and I have a feeling I can't really ever make it up to you, but, Tajima, no matter how angry you are, I'm not going to put you above the team, and that's final. You've been justified so far, but what you just pulled out there was bratty, and it's going to cost us. They don't deserve that; they deserve wins. And we won't get that with you throwing temper tantrums."

It seems that both of the boys realize how close Hanai is pulling Tajima to him at the exact same moment after the captain ceases speaking, because they both blush and Hanai lets go, leaning away.

Visibly upset, trembling, Tajima told him in a wounded whisper, "Fine. I'm sorry. But only for messing this one thing up, because what happened between us…I don't know when I'll be ready to talk to you again. Even now… you don't know what you want! You're so cruel, you…" Feeling tears come to his eyes, Tajima ran outside and around to the back of the dugout, running anywhere to get away from the boy who inspired such mixed feelings in him.

Hanai was right on his heels, and caught his wrist even as he passed the gate, using it to pin him to the wall, the other hand splayed on his chest. In spite of himself, Tajima felt his heart rate quicken at the contact.

"You ran away before I could answer you."

Tajima stared in confusion, befuddled by the change in Hanai's voice and body language; the taller boy's voice had gone low and husky, and Hanai was looming over him, flushed with eyes cast downwards, standing much, much closer than he needed to be…What?


Hanai looked up and it was all Tajima could do not to shiver; Hanai's eyes seem to stare right into him, and for the first time since that day Tajima regretted storming off and not speaking to the boy in front of him. Hanai leaned in closer and pressed his forehead to Tajima's, exhaling softly.

"I…I was stunned when you came to ask me what I felt. But when you only gave me a couple seconds…how was I supposed to say anything when I wasn't sure and you were staring at me with those eyes? I…I…it's hard enough for me to speak to you normally when you focus on me completely, let alone about something as personal as us," the hand on Tajima's chest tightened, "but now I'm sure. I miss you talking to me, I miss you smiling at me, laughing at me, do you even know how many stupid things I've done to try to get you to talk to me or even look at me, to make you smile?"

Tajima felt the corner of his mouth quirk up as he answered softly, "Yeah, I saw. Every time. You're such a dork."

"And you're impatient."

Tajima pretended to consider this and then shrugged.

"Hey, I like results fast."

Hanai nodded, his eyes still closed and his forehead still against the smaller boy's but a small smile gracing his face. Tajima was struck with the sudden desire to kiss that smile off of him when Hanai looked up at him and pinned him with a look that made him breathless.


The taller boy smiled, but it wasn't the same one as before; this one promised much more in the way of results. Tajima felt his head smack back against the dugout brick as he moved back; Hanai was leaning in closer to him, his grip on Tajima's hands steel. He stopped an inch away from Tajima, their noses touching, both of them breathing a little hard. But Hanai was still hesitating. So the smaller boy gave him a nudge.

"You gonna kiss me now, Hanai, or do I have to do it myself?"

Hanai chuckled, but it was absentmindedly, like he was focusing on something else much more important at the time.

"Maybe I'll make you wait. After all, you aren't going anywhere while I'm holding you, and I know how you love waiting."

Tajima growled and closed the gap forcefully despite the large hand on his chest, pressing his lips against Hanai's.

"I hate waiting."

Mumbling, Hanai pulled away and kissed his cheek.

"I know. I'm sorry. I aim to make it up to you."

Tajima grinned, clasping one of Hanai's hands tightly in his as Hanai pinned it above his head and putting the other around the back of the taller boy's neck.

"Get started, then. You have a lot of it to do."

Hanai chuckled and moved in closer for another kiss, the meeting of their lips muffling his words even as he spoke them.

"I intend to."

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