This is probably going to turn into a series of Charah one shots that will all continue in the same "world" or so. Post Season 4. Mostly Charah, but some other characters mixed in. I'm gonna add a few twists and turns into here, give Sarah a bit more backstory. I'll try to keep it T rated. Hope you like it!

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Tom Kranawski could not think of anything other than running up to the roof. He was still holding his prized USB port, the one with his government's secrets on it, the one he was meant to give to his boss back in Russia, the one the United States Government needed to prevent a global disaster. The mobster looked back over his shoulder quickly, seeing the three operatives adequately occupied by his bodyguards, and again turned towards the door leading to the roof.

"He's getting away" Casey grunted, slamming his fist into the face of his attacker while head-butting the man holding his neck captive.

"I've got him" Chuck yelled, flashing and roundhouse kicking the two men coming at him, flipping over them and heading towards the stairs. Sarah watched as the man she married ran to catch an incredibly dangerous arms dealer on the roof of an office building and, punching a man in the face, called to Casey. "You got this?" Casey's answer came in the form of a grunt, one Sarah recognized as "go after him, I'll take care of these goons", and she quickly followed Chuck up the stairs.

Pulling open the door, Sarah gave her eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness as she looked ahead, Chuck trying to reason with the mobster, trying to cut a deal. But as soon as Kranawski realized a second agent had followed him, he started to run. Reaching the end of the roof, Kranawski hesitates long enough to notice Sarah's gun locked on his back, then leaps across the building to the roof below.

Chuck and Sarah run forward, hoping the mobster hadn't fallen to his death, hadn't broken the precious piece of intelligence the CIA needed. Kranawski was alive, dangling by his hands on the neighbouring office building, legs struggling to swing upwards so he could run to safety. Sarah and Chuck both back up, getting ready to leap across to the building, when Sarah hesitates. Chuck almost doesn't notice, only she grabbed his arm in her faltering.

"You go. I'll… I'll go make sure Casey is okay." She says, looking up into Chuck's brown eyes. He looks down at her blues and smiles. "You sure? Because I know jumping across buildings is one of your favourites."

Sarah chuckles, begins to pull Chuck in for a kiss when something catches her eye. Kranawski has managed to get his legs on a ledge; he has a much easier way to get back up. She can also see a gun in the back of his suit. Why didn't he pull that out earlier? Chuck gives her an odd look, then turns around to see Kranawski beginning to get a leg up to the roof again. He smiles back at Sarah, then begins his running leap. Sarah's voice stops him.

"I'm pregnant!" Chuck stumbles a minute, then turns around to look at his wife. She is wearing the happiest smile he has ever seen. "That's why I can't jump." Sarah finishes.

Completely forgetting about the mobster, Chuck runs back to Sarah pulling her face in for, what he can only hope, is the best kiss of their relationship. He tries to convey all the emotions her words had given him. Happiness, Joy, Excitement, a little bit of fear, and a tremendous amount of love.

He pulls back, just smiling looking at the face of his wife, his lover, the mother of his child. The two share a goofy grin, but their moment is interrupted when the door on the adjacent roof is slammed shut with a loud crash. Kranawski.

"No more surprises on this jump, okay?" Chuck asks, smile still covering his face.

"Okay." Sarah responds. "But you better go, he's getting away."

"Meet you downstairs."

And, with another short peck, Chuck runs towards the ledge, flashing just before he reaches it, and makes a giant leap across the buildings. He gives Sarah a wink as he opens the roof door and chases after the mobster. Sarah chuckles to herself, twists her wedding ring twice, and then runs back down her rooftop to see how Casey made out with the goons.