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Part 1: In Which Luke Seeks Chase for Advice

"H-h-hey, Chase? How do you know when you're in love?"

Yelping at the hovering figure outside in his garden, Chase practically jumps three feet in the air. The plate in his hands tilts right and left, pizza threatening to slip off the cool glass surface. He stumbles, looking at the man in annoyance. You almost made me drop the pizza.

He places the plate on the wooden table. It lands with a light clatter, barely shaking on the surface. With a sigh, he says, "Luke...why the hell are you poking your head through my window?" Crossing his arms, Chase rolls his eyes, mouth twisting in a scowl. This guy...this guy is just so weird. All he ever does is annoy people, in Chase's view.

When Luke shrugs, Chase impatiently taps his foot. "You could have just rang the doorbell?" With a sheepish grin, the blue head ducks, disappearing from sight. For a few seconds, the chef debates whether or not he should allow the carpenter inside.

Let's leave him outside and not let him in, to cease his annoyance.

Or I can let him in, see what he wants, and then swiftly kick him out.

Chase greatly considers the second option, but before he knows it, Luke is barging in. Chuckling, Luke kicks off his brown boots. They scatter to the side. Grey socks are thin, worn down with holes rounding the fabric. Rubbing his feet against the fuzzy carpet, he says, "Looking through your window is so ninja like!"

"How the hell did you get in my house?" Chase yells, startled. Dramatically he clutches his heart with a right hand, mouth gawping open. Large amethyst eyes widen. Golden orbs narrow into a knowing smirk. Then Chase resumes position and scowls at the intruder, one hand propping himself up on a table. Luke goofily grins, his teeth slightly flashing.

He chuckles. "I have magical powers." Raising his eyebrows, he makes his way towards the table and the pizza cooling on the surface. Pulling out a chair, Luke sings out, "Your front door was actually unlocked!" The tone in his voice is triumphant and layered with smugness.

"You're pissing me off, Luke," Chase says coldly, as the other takes a seat. Crossing his arms, he unconsciously picks up the knife lying on the wooden table and twirls it between his thin rough fingers. It spins in full circles, whooshing up and down the path of slender clicking fingers, not ceasing to slow the fast pace moving.

"Aight." It annoys Chase how Luke didn't pursue farther with his previous statement. Normal people would want to know why they were considered annoying. Then again, Luke isn't your average day person.

Without asking, Luke begins to tear a slice of warm baking. The fresh scents of gentle sliced tomatoes are the strongest. On the top, there's the careful splattered slimy cheese. Both smells reaching his nose as he deeply inhales, Luke leans forward to take a huge scrumptious bite...

Then all of a sudden, Chase rapidly stabs the knife smack dab in the gooey pizza. Glowering, Chase towers over him, his eyes flashing in rage. He demands, "Stop eating it!" Ugh, now I'll have to make another pizza! I worked so hard on that first one, and he just goes and eats it!

Jerking backwards, Luke squeals, "Are you trying to kill me?" Wide jaw hanging open, he stares at the knife buried within the thin layers of cheese. He can't believe the chef actually attempted that. He can't believe the chef actually had the thought of almost stabbing him! His wrist could have been severed! His hand could have been chopped off! His finger could have been missing a bone! When Chase fails to answer, he proceeds to holding his hands up in the air, he says, "Alright, alright then, I won't eat it!"

Picking up the sharp knife, that in fact, long as Chase's forearm, he says, "That's right, you won't," Arching an eyebrow, he slightly waves the cutlery in the air. Setting a dead serious expression, he dauntingly says, "or you'll be sorry." And he's serious.

"It's for your girlfriend," Chase deadpans Luke. "So don't screw it up."

Luke stares at his reaching guilty hands in shock. He pulls them back, to rest them in his lap. What if I ate her gift? She may never forgive me. Then a wave of jealously passes him. "Why are you making my girlfriend pizza?" He regrets what he said, because the two are friends. Obviously friends give each other gifts every once in a while...especially on special days.

Chase chuckles, obviously finding Luke's question humorous. "Don't tell me you forgot it was your girlfriend's birthday tomorrow..." He muses, studying the carpenter's jealous face turn into surprise. The idiot probably forgot her birthday's tomorrow... The arrogant man almost roars in laughter. If Chase forgot his girlfriend's birthday...There was no telling what she would do to him...

"Of course not!" Luke protests, fists unconsciously clenching. "I'm surprise you would even think that!" His expression is of pure shock and insult. Luke stands, his chair screeching backwards and he says, "I'm bringing her flowers!"

I guess I thought wrong.

Chase is actually impressed with the gesture. Bringing a girl flowers is pretty bold. For instance, what kind would she want...? Instead of saying that, he dully says, "Flowers? Classic. What kind are you getting her?" He rubs the knife on a towel, trying to act uninterested in the subject.

But really, he wants to know Luke's answer. He wants to know if he's smart enough to buy sunflowers instead of roses. Never buy roses for a girl if you've been dating her as long as Luke has (five months). It sends the message that you want to go further with her... and it may send the wrong message. In Chase's perspective a man should buy his girlfriend of five months sunflowers! Orange sunflowers to be correct!

But then again, that's Chase's opinion.

His hands cross behind his back while he laughs, "Why, Morning Glories of course!"

...Well, that works too. Morning Glories were calm and relaxing, giving off a peaceful glow. A happy and expressive Angela will surely appreciate it.

Nodding his approval, Chase turns around. Luke lowers his bottom in the seat again. After quickly placing the knife in the sink and untying the maroon apron from his built waist, he asks, "Since when do you come around my place?"

It's not Chase's average day where a visitor besides his girlfriend and the neighbours swing by. Especially someone who he dislikes – take Luke for instance. The cocky guy has got to stop drinking every night, or else one day he's going to unwillingly wake in the morning, slumped in the sewer of Watery Cave. He often claims he's so superior and will never attempt anything stupid while drunk. Ha, yeah right.

With a grin, Luke cheerfully replies, "Since today!" Suspiciously, Chase glares at him. What does he really want? Then, coyly tilting his head to the side, Luke sings, drawing the word out in five whole seconds. "Chaaaaaaase?"

Rolling his eyes, the other asks in a dwindling voice, "What do you want?" Dear goddess, prepare me for the annoying question this weirdo is going to ask.

"How do you know when you're in love?" Mischievously grinning, his bright eyes shine. Chase rolls his eyes, and before he can open his mouth to retort, Luke cuts in saying it in a rush. "I-think-I'm-in-love." Face a deep red; he averts his eyes down, something Chase has never seen him do.

"Uh..." At a loss for words, Chase opens and closes his mouth. How do you know, Chase? Are you in love with Maya? The answer is no. They've been together for two weeks. He's only had the guts to ask her out two weeks ago. His crush on her has only lasted for a month anyways. So all he can say is: "Don't tell me you're in love with me."

Disgusted, his eyebrows knit together. Luke exclaims, "Ew! Chase, if you actually believed so for a second, you're crazy!" Honestly, now that he planted the image of him being in love with Chase in his mind... He shudders at the thought.

Clucking his tongue, Chase tiredly replies, "That makes two of us, then." Crossing his arms, he sighs, annoyed with the man standing in his kitchen. Get out of my house already. I don't want to hear about your love life.

Luke ignores Chase. It's probably because he doesn't have a clue what Chase is talking about. He's mental, right in the head. Beaming his oh-so-fantastic smile (as Maya often describes it), Luke says, "You silly goose! I'm in love with Angela!"

The other glances at the clock: 10 pm. Leave. I want to sleep. Today was a very exhausting Sunday. Maya insisted that the two have dinner at the beach – with Chase serving all the food, no doubt. For the whole morning he was mixing smooth effortless corn soup. The tomato risotto was still sitting in the oven. Silky honeydew pie was piled into a pan. Luckily, everything paid off, but why did his girlfriend have to have such high expectations when it comes to food?

Just to get the whole thing over with, Chase snaps, "Then why don't you go tell her that?"

He doesn't expect Luke to loudly chirp to extent where Chase's ears hurt: "Oh my god!" – In a totally high pitched girly way of course – "I should totally do that!"

He doesn't expect Luke to shoot up from his seat. Grabbing his shoulders, Luke launches himself forward. Giving him an enormous man-bear cuddle, he exclaims, "You're the best, Chase!"

And he totally doesn't expect Luke to mock air kiss his cheek with a "mwah!" and a chuckle. Lips barely contact against skin, but he can sense the contact. Chase is drastically creeped out by now. He just air kissed me. Isn't that strange for guys to do that to each other?

The answer is: hell yes, it is. Extremely weird. Is Luke something? Chase's face twists into an unreadable expression.

He seems to be enjoying torturing the conscious chef. Laughing his humongous head with an even larger ego off, Luke walks out the door calling "Thanks for the advice, Chase!"

What stupid advice did I give him?

Chase wonders if things will turn out fine.

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