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So, enjoy part two!

Today is going to be a good day, Angela decisively thinks as she strolls out of the stable.

Rubber boots softly squish against the velvety summer soil, sinking into the earth with every step. Making her way towards her house, with a jar of milk is in her hands, she takes a deep breath of air.

It smells so heavenly – especially with the towering sunflowers beginning to blossom in their grassy patches of dirt. From ten feet away, she can see the yellow petals peeking out of their vivid leaves, stretching out towards the luscious sun.

This morning, the sky is a shade of cyan. Her large brown eagle eyes don't spot a wisp of the clouds in sight. Reaching up to flip a lock of brown hair, she notes the high morning sun beating on her back.

Angela smiles to herself, careful not to allow the jar of milk to spill. The jar is filled right to the brim, the perfect produce pure and a lovely pearly white shade of milk. "Today is going to be a good day," she repeats to herself, and with that, she adds a little swing when she steps forward.

It's my birthday.

"Oh my goddess Angela, let me in," Chase's deep, impatient voice is a muffled plead behind closed doors. He awkwardly coughs, not used to the foul smell of barn animals. "Your present is getting cold." He glares at the plate in his hands, and the mouth watering food resting on it. "You almost made me drop you five times," he accuses.

A second after he says this, the door swings open. His head snaps up, and greets Angela's enthusiastic face with a charming grin, as if he was previously not talking to the pizza.

She's smiling from ear to ear, with her arm crossed over her chest while the other held a glass of milk. "Come in!" she says, eyes gleaming. "And bring my present in with you!"

Happy girl, he thinks, the corners of his lips curling up. He walks in without hesitation. His sneakers rub against the fuzzy carpet, and as he kicks them off, he says, "How has your birthday been today?"

Violet eyes scan the room for a table that isn't cluttered. Everywhere there is a gigantic mess. Turning his head to the side, he sees a pile of shoes – from flats to rain boots to house slippers. Books are stacked in piles on the floor beside the cabana shelf. Shirts and jeans and tank tops are strewn on and around the bed, like they have no other place to be.

Where is an empty table...?

When he spots one – a brown coffee table by the couch, he makes his way towards it.

Closing the door behind her, Angela says, "It's been fine. It's just been a normal, everyday kind of day."

She turns with a shrug, and finds that already Chase settled on the black leathery couch. His body sprawling as he leans against the pillow. He chuckles. "A normal day," he sarcastically repeats, obviously not believing this. "A birthday can't be normal."

"Yes, it can." She raises the glass to her lips, and takes a refreshing swig. "Where's my present?" she gleefully asks, walking over and poking his pale cheek. He can see the ring of white above her lip where the milk left its mark.

Gesturing to the warm pizza, he sits up. "And besides, it's never a normal day when you're with Luke," Chase reminds, raising an orange eyebrow.

"Are you sure?" Angela asks, while placing the milk on the coffee table. Then she picks the pizza in her firm tanned hands. Nodding in his direction, she adds, "I think he's pretty normal."


Luke, normal? The guy who sang and danced at the Brass Bar like there was no tomorrow? The guy who ran through the fields, laughing like a maniac? The guy who air kissed Chase, and probably will in more times to come?

Oh please.

"Luke is not normal," Chase grits his teeth, thinking about what took place in yesterday's events. There was his nosy face in the window... the munching of his teeth as he ate that beautiful, perfected pizza... that rare, blushing face... It annoys him. So much that it hurt. "I mean, he was asking me for advice on like, how he knew he was in l-" then Chase shut up.

It's obvious that Luke wants to tell Angela about his feelings for her. By himself. Chase isn't supposed to tell her. No one is. "Uhhh, actually, never mind! Ignore everything, everything that I just said." He silently pleads that she won't pressure on further, and ruin Luke's confession.

"Okay then." Angela doesn't seem the least bit suspicious. Relieved, he sighs, and watches her lean towards the pizza, and take a huge sniff.

A large grin spreads across her face as she exclaims, "Chase! Dude! This smells delicious!" She pushes wads of newspaper off the kitchen table to make room for her meal. "Thank you so much!"

A satisfied pride swells up inside Chase. He knows it's delicious. The look on her boyfriend's face said so.

Even from sitting five feet away, he can sniff the strong aroma of tomatoes. There's the scent of four cheeses, mainly topped with sautéed mushrooms and spicy peppers. And though that all, his nose catches a whiff of grilled pepperoni melted in along with the juicy sausages.

"Why thank you," he says, rising to his feet.

Running a hand through his peach hair, he says, "I should go now. I got to meet Maya. We're going fishing."

Fishing. Maya had endlessly pleaded him to take her fishing, and he only gave in yesterday – very reluctantly. He wonders what fishing will be like and again decides: smelly, slimy, wet, and full of laughter with his girlfriend.

"Already?" she playfully pouts, but then reaches to give him a hug. Laughing, she says, "It's okay Chase! Have fun fishing! Thanks for the epic pizza!"

Hell yes. My pizza is epic. You are so cool, Angela. But he doesn't say this. Patting her on the back, instead, he genuinely replies, "You're very welcome. Happy birthday, Angela." Letting go, he makes his way towards the door.

Then suddenly, Angela tells him as he's slipping on his shoes, "You're one of my best friends, you know that, right?"

Chase considers this.

Am I really? I don't have that many best friends...

He realizes something.

Then he quickly admits with complete honestly, "Yes, I do. And you're one of mine too."

You've been one of my best friends for a long time.

And he leaves, with the happy feeling that Angela, one of his best friends, will always be there for him.

"ANGELAAA!" Luke sings, not bothering to knock on the door. His sturdy boots tap against the "Welcome" mat outside. He patiently waits outside, the sturdy pot of fresh Morning Glories hidden behind his back. "Happy birthday!"

And from inside, he can faintly hear the cute, bubbly giggles.

There's the thump of feet running towards the door. He catches the sounds of the metal lock unlatching.

At once, he grins. She's home.

"Angel!" he greets when she swings the door open. "I missed you!"

Then she's in front of him, her beauty awing him. If anything, she's glowing more today. Straight brown hair shines underneath the afternoon sun, the edges curling out in a graceful wave. Chocolate brown eyes stare into golden, as that shining dazzling smile winks at him.

A faint pink hue warms her cheeks as she protests, "I only saw you yesterday!" Slender hands nervously run through her hair.

"I still missed you!" His grip tightens on the pot behind his back.

Luckily for Luke, Angela doesn't seem to notice a thing. It's like she completely ignored the fact that Luke hasn't withdrawn his hands from behind him, to reveal the prize that lay in them.

He fumbles with the glossy edge of the pot. It won't do any good for anybody if it just happens to accidently slip from his grasp.

If the pot of Morning Glories had been broken into pieces, he would probably cry. In fact, he would probably hide in shame. It would be heartbreaking to see the pot shattered into pieces, with clumps of dirt slumped on the mushy ground where it belonged. And if a single Morning Glory was crushed, the gorgeous blue petals ripped from the bud... It would nearly ruin Angela's whole birthday.

And he can't let that happen.

By hiding his anxiety, Luke's grin spreads across his tanned face even wider. Stepping into the house, he repeats, "Aw, Angel, I feel like it's been ages since I last saw you!" Leaning forwards, his lips peck her warm cheek.

"I almost died, not seeing you until now!"

It's true. It was so hard not running towards his girlfriend's farm, to give her a present, wish her happy birthday, and tell her that he loved her.

Laughing, she teasingly asks, "Why didn't you come earlier, then?" and leads him towards the kitchen table.

Perfect opportunity. Luke uses this moment to hold out the Morning Glories in front of him and declare, "I was picking up your birthday present! It's your favourite colour! Blue!"

Even at this moment, when he glances at the flowers, he has to admit they are beautiful.

The five pale pink points extending from the white bud form a radiant star. It blends with the pure azure shade of blue petals. Even from this length, Luke can feel the softness of each blossom.

He can feel that the Morning Glories flourished with love and care. As the three blossoms craned their precious vivid green stems towards her, he sees her perky face light up.

He is proud. He knows he got the perfect present for her.

Because he had done his research, he knows that they represent romance, and affection.

Because he had done his research, he knows that they bloom and die in one day.

Because he loved her, he bought her three flowers. I. Love. You.

Because he loved her, he knew that the Morning Glories dying in one day signified the end, of Angela's amazing birthday.

He wants to say this.

He doesn't.

Instead, he stupidly says, because he doesn't know what else to say: "They're blue."

Do I say I love you now...?

He admits it is not the perfect time.

And she walks over, and her lips lovingly press against his. Against his lips, she murmurs with her eyes closed, "Thank you so much, Luke."

Now is the perfect time.

"I love you," he whispers back.

I love you.

I love you.

Did he just say he loved me?

Millions of thoughts run through Angela's mind all at once.

What do I say?

Oh my goddess, he loves me.

But all she can really focus on is:

I love him.

I love him.

I love him so much.

I love him to the bottom of my heart.

I want to be with him forever.

"Luke," she says, smiling. Pulling back, she smartly drawls with a blush, "You know..." With one arm, she takes the pot of flowers. With the other, she wraps around his neck.

Biting his lip, he slowly says, "Yeees...?"

Kissing him again, Angela replies, "I love you."

"HELL YEAH!" the immediate response makes her laugh. He picks her up by the waist and swings her around, and she has to clutch onto the pot of Morning Glories really tight until he lowers her to the ground.

She's still laughing when he crushes her velvety lips against his again, and then he seriously says, "This is only the beginning of our amazing future, Angel."

"Yes." What she wants most is to spend her life with Luke. What she wants most is to love Luke, and stay by his side forever. What she wants most is to always be happy, and nothing can change that.

And what she wants most at the moment is to eat her birthday pizza with him.

"Hey, Luke!" Angela pushes more paper off the kitchen table to make room for her pot of Morning Glories. She admires the way it stretches in the light.


Gesturing to the pizza on the table, she exclaims, "Let's eat, dude!"

And so they sit down and eat pizza. Mouths chew on the delicious gooey toppings, savouring each bite, and their time together.

When they lock eyes, Luke says, "You've always been my angel, girl." His teeth graze the edge of the floury crust, beaming towards her, and because of her amused expression. Golden eyes twinkle with affection, as his flawless sapphire hair smiles.

Pulling the pot of flowers so it rests between them, Angela replies, "And you've always been my morning glory."

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