Trust and Honesty

Blanket Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, or anything I make allusions too.

It was June, the weather was finally starting to really warm up, school was ending for the year, and Kurt was wearing short sleeves regularly now, Blaine was kind of in heaven. Although he was seriously pissed at himself whenever he thought of how long it took him to notice 'hey, there he is, my soul mate', Blaine was happy he hadn't for two reasons. Those two reasons being 1) he was a dope when he rushed into things like a stupid idiot, and he hadn't rushed anything with Kurt, so there was the distinct possibility he wouldn't screw this up. 2) Kurt loved to wear weather appropriate layers, and had they been dating in the winter, Blaine is quite sure he would have died of sexual frustration. Now that the weather was nice he could at least see some skin, enough to ease his teenage hormones and fuel is masturbation so he could be around his boyfriend without jumping him. And given Kurt's hesitance to do anything more heavy than that one time he'd let Blaine feel him up under his shirt, Blaine needed that peace of mind.

Blaine was lazing in his living room, happily resting. He'd begun moving his things back to his house so he wouldn't have to do it all at the same time. "Oi, you." A piece of paper hit him in the head. Blaine hadn't realized his eyes had closed. He sat up, the crumbled up paper falling to the floor.

Blaine looked over the back of the couch to see one of his favorite people. "Uncle Jack!" Blaine launched himself to his feet and was hugging the man in no seconds flat. "I haven't seen you in forever."

"Calm down kid." Uncle Jack petted Blaine's head. "Gel again? You really gotta stop using this stuff, it smells horrible. How can you even breathe?"

"I'm used to it. And I have to stop?" Blaine couldn't help but be a little worried as he pulled away from the man.

Jack sighed. "No. Just, it's icky."

"Alright, I'll wash it out at home." Blaine conceded. "I don't like my hair going everywhere at school, it's not against the dress code per se, but I don't like only looking half the part."

"Well, I'm not gonna say I'm not happy to hear you'll wash it out, but it wasn't an order." Uncle Jack clarified.

"I know." Blaine shrugged. "You looking for Dad? He and Mom went grocery shopping."

"Oh. Well I'll wait. I'm actually looking for your mom though." Uncle Jack shrugged and went to sit on the couch. "C'mere and tell me about school." Blaine immediately went to sit and faced his uncle, who laughed at him. "You young ones, not everything I say is an order."

"Sorry." Blaine shook his head.

"I let you know if it is, you know that." Jack said. "So, now, tell me. Your parents tell me you've gotten yourself a boyfriend."

"Yeah." Blaine couldn't help the dopey grin on his face.

"Alright, so you're fully gay? No chance you're not?"

"None." Blaine couldn't help the defensiveness that welled up in him.

"Okay, good to know. I'll have to look more at your sister then." Uncle Jack shrugged. "So, tell me, what's his name?"

"Kurt." Blaine breathed happily. "Kurt Hummel. He's…amazing. He sings like…I don't want to say an angel, but…"

"Yeah, I get it, go on…"

"He's been through a lot. He was…well it's 'is' again, anyway, he's in this rival glee club. He came to try and spy on the Warblers, try being the operative word there." Uncle Jack laughed. "Anyway, we talked to him afterwards and I noticed he was acting a lot like I did before Dalton. Well, we hit it off from there. We've been friends for, wow, since November, but we only got together in March. It took me a while to realize I'm in love with him."

"So you went to hang out with the enemy?" His uncle poked at his side.

"No…well, a little at the beginning. He transferred to Dalton for a few months, but now he's back at McKinley." Blaine told him. "I don't get to see him as much anymore. Actually, I'm not staying long this weekend; I'm leaving tomorrow so I can at least see him for one day."

"You are now?" Jack's eyebrows rose. "You sound pretty serious about this Kurt."

"Oh…" Blaine flushed. "I-I love him." Blaine stuttered. "So much."

Uncle Jack looked at him seriously for a moment. "Have you…"

"No, I wouldn't do something like that." Blaine shook his head quickly. "But I want too." He said quietly, timidly.

Uncle Jack watched him critically for what felt like hours, but was probably only a minute or two. Blaine tried not to fidget too much, but he knew he was sort of failing. "I want to meet him."

"What?" Blaine was not proud that his voice rivaled Kurt's in that second.

"I'll let you know what I decide on this, but I want to meet him first."

"Okay." Blaine nodded too quickly.

"That is an order by the way." Blaine just nodded again, ignoring the way he felt like a bobble head doll.

Blaine was fidgety all through their date at Breadstix and on the ride to and from the restaurant. He was nervous as he stood on Kurt's porch to kiss him goodnight under the broken light that Kurt hadn't let anyone fix for exactly this reason.

"Blaine why are you so antsy?" Kurt finally broke down and asked after Blaine had just stood there awkwardly for a full two minutes without even touching him.

"Will you go to dinner with me?" Blaine asked in a rush.

"Um, Blaine…we just came back from dinner…?" Kurt was confused, but he was gonna give Blaine a chance to explain.

"I meant at my house." Blaine shook his head. "I…I want you to meet someone."

Nerves hit Kurt like a bullet train. Who could Blaine want him to meet? Who was it that made Blaine this nervous about asking Kurt to meet? Kurt had already met his parents, who else was there? "Who?" Kurt couldn't help but ask.

"My Uncle Jack." Blaine answered. Kurt's nerves still a second. Who the hell was that? Kurt had been expecting some like…OH! Now Kurt remembered. Uncle Jack! But wait, Blaine had only mentioned the man once before, though, now that Kurt thought about it, it had been kind of reverently, which was…weird.

"Okay." Kurt agreed. He still thought it was weird, but apparently this was really important to Blaine, so, Kurt was going to meet Uncle Jack. "When?"

"He's having dinner with us on Friday, can you come?"

"Friday?" Kurt asked, thinking of Friday Night Dinners. "Um, I can ask my Dad. Can I tell you later I if I can go?"

"Oh, right. Friday Night Dinners…I can ask for another night…?" Blaine was still clearly nervous about this, sort of like he didn't want to ask to reschedule. Apparently Uncle Jack was intimidating.

"No, I'll ask first. I'm sure he'll understand. Besides, technically I'll still be with a family, just not…him." Kurt's voice sort of died off at the end there. "Hey, Blaine," Said boy looked up into Kurt's eyes. "I'll ask. I want to go and I'm sure it'll be okay."

Kurt took a second to brace himself and then leaned down to kiss his boyfriend. Now, Kurt wasn't very good at initiating things, he usually let Blaine kiss him or touch him, it was easier to let his boyfriend start things. Even though they'd already exchanged 'I love you's' Kurt still couldn't help but be a little afraid his advances would be rejected. Years of crushes on straight boys and nearly six months of actively trying not to touch Blaine overmuch had sort of taken its toll on him. "I love you." Kurt whispered against Blaine's mouth. He felt Blaine's lips turn up in a smile.

"I love you too." Blaine whispered back, the movement of his lips against Kurt's almost tickling. "No matter what."

Kurt laughed a little and pushed his lips more firmly against his boyfriends. "Agreed. No matter what." Kurt repeated.

For some reason that made Blaine relax completely. He put his hands on Kurt's hips and sucked the taller boy's bottom lip into his mouth. Kurt tried to hold in his moan but he didn't succeed entirely. Blaine took that as encouragement and sucked a little harder on the lip he'd captured, nipping just a little. Kurt couldn't hold in his moan at all when he did that and Blaine knew that. The little bastard!

"So he said he ran into traffic where they're doing road work." Blaine told his mom. "He'll be a little late."

"Well, I can hold dinner a bit then. It was nice of him to call." Blaine's mom, Nenette, said. "How late?"

"I don't know. He said he was in the middle of it."

"So twenty minutes probably. I got caught in that today myself." Nenette shrugged. "Well, go get the pastry bag. I'll finish icing while we wait."

"Alright." Blaine went to get it. "Oh, you made some of it chocolate right?"

"Yeah, though I don't like you eating too much, you get sick."

"Mom!" Blaine whined also getting a scraper from a drawer as his mother pulled the impressively white iced cake from the fridge. She also pulled out a Tupperware of chocolate butter-cream icing

Nenette just laughed at him as she shook her head. "Hold it open for me dear." Blaine grumbled nonsense words to himself as he got the pastry bag ready to be filled. "Thank you."

Blaine stuck his tongue out, not even caring that he was seventeen years old. "Can you make the big flowers I like?"

"I'll try honey, butter-cream's not the best thing to do that with, it's too soft." Blaine whined a little and she laughed again. "Go get your father and uncle, tell them it'll be a bit."

"Alright." Blaine relinquished the pastry bag and turned out of the kitchen. His father and uncle were in the living room, staring at the TV from their spot on the couch. Blaine sat in the armchair with his legs hanging over the armrest and stared at them until they looked at him. "Mom says dinner'll be a bit late. Kurt got stuck in traffic so we're waiting."

"How long? And is that chocolate?" Blaine's father asked.

"Yeah." Blaine answered. "Mom's letting us have it 'cause Kurt's coming over. You know how she gets with company."

"I like the kid already." Uncle Jack smiled and Blaine felt his stomach loosen some.

"He's a good kid." Blaine's father agreed. "Though, he is a bit tall for you, Blaine."

Blaine groaned. "I'm not living this down am I?"

"He's taller than the midget, Reece?" Uncle Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Never, son." Blaine's father laughed slightly evilly. "And by a good three inches I think it was. It's kind of hilarious."

"I'm not a midget! And why is it so funny that Kurt's taller than me?" Blaine huffed.

"You are too." Jack smirked. "But yes, why is it funny?"

"You'll see." Reece laughed. "Honestly, I don't mean any offense to the kid, I like him, but you'll see what I mean when you meet him."

"I hate you." Blaine glared.

"Stop glaring you'll get lines." Jack said. Blaine immediately stopped before he could help himself. Uncle Jack and his father both laughed at him and he got up to go hang out with his mom in the kitchen. He hated that his family laughed at him so much.

"Do I smell chocolate?" Melanie appeared at the top of the stairs. She came down them quickly and cut Blaine off at the entrance to the kitchen. "Oh my God, it is!" Melanie almost shrieked.

"Cut it down girl, they can hear you in Illinois." Jack called.

"Sorry, Uncle Jack." Melanie called and kept her voice down as she went to practically attack their mother. "Why do we get chocolate?"

"Kurt's coming." Blaine answered for his mother. She just hummed and spun the cake a little to get a better angle. "He'll be here soon," Blaine checked the time. "Maybe ten minutes."

"Oh my God, Blaine you have to bring him more if we get chocolate."

"You know, I don't think your guys' obsession with chocolate is particularly healthy. I'm worried you're going to go nuts like your brother if I leave you alone." Nenette admonished without looking up.

"Speaking of my darling older brother, where is he?"

"Keegan had to work today, you know that. Besides, he lives with Jennie now, you know that." Nenette answered and with a last squeeze to the pastry bag stood up. "How's that Blaine?"

Blaine looked at the large chocolate flowers and all the swirls and borders. "Do we have to eat dinner first?"

"I'll take that as a 'good'." Nenette laughed. She put the cake back in the fridge and then turned to him suddenly. "You don't indulge at Dalton do you? Is that why you're at the nurse's all the time?"

"No. I don't. I promise." Blaine raised his hands in mock surrender. "No, my French teacher has silver wind chimes all over her room, and I have that class almost every day. It gets a bit much after a while." Blaine shrugged. "I told you that."

"I'm just making sure." Nenette did her own shrugged and went to empty the pastry bag into the container and clean the slight mess.

"Need help, Mom?" Melanie asked.

"Just put the icing away dear. We're just waiting at this point." Nenette sighed.