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It was October, Halloween decorations were everywhere around McKinley. Plastic spiders clung to fake cobwebs in the Library windows, corkboards were checker-boarded with orange and black construction paper, and outside the art room supernatural creatures painted on butcher paper hung from the walls. The one just left of the door was a shaggy gray-brown werewolf. It stood on two legs and had ripped, dirty jeans. A full moon hung in the top right corner and a tree branch made a spooky appearance in front. Every time Kurt passed it on his way to class he couldn't help but smile. "You're hanging outside the art room." He'd told Blaine earlier in the week.

The picture was supposed to be scary, and Kurt figured he might have thought so before, but now he just got caught up in thoughts of his boyfriend. He'd learned a lot of little things since June. Like Blaine couldn't eat grapes or macadamia nuts, but he was alright with onions and garlic and low doses of chocolate. His hearing was amazing, and so was his sense of smell. His eyesight was kind of poor, he actually had contacts. Kurt hadn't known that until he'd come to visit Blaine at Six Flags! and seen him running around the stage with glasses. He wasn't super strong like all the werewolf stories said he should be, but he did heal quickly. "Our bodies are really malleable." Blaine had explained when he'd ripped open his knee jumping off the coffee table mid song and it was healed in two days. His body ran about two degrees too hot and his heart beat just a tad too fast for him to go to a regular doctor. He occasionally went through moods where he acted more puppy than human.

Actually Kurt had noticed that before, but he hadn't ever really thought much about it. Now he was sure it was because Blaine was part canine.

Kurt had also learned that he really liked to do sexy things with Blaine. He still was a bit nervous about taking off his pants, the one time he'd allowed it he'd freaked out and sent Blaine home. Then he'd called an hour later almost in tears and begging Blaine not to break up with him. His fear had been unfounded. Blaine had assured him that it was alright, and actually admitted he wasn't absolutely comfortable with the idea either.

Instead they'd moved on to over the pants groping, and one time Kurt had even stuck his hand down Blaine's pants and cupped him through his boxers. Kurt liked to remember that day. He had dreams about it, adding it to his growing list of wet dream material that had started with the memory of Blaine stripping before he shifted.

He still wasn't sure if he'd seen it perfectly, and time had dimmed the memory. He wondered about it. Sometimes he dreamt about it and the memory didn't warp so Blaine never changed and instead they made out, or went further. In those dreams Blaine changed and Kurt took in his wolf form, only able to make out that his fur was black before he woke up, wanting to see more. The first time it had happened he'd panicked and thought he'd discovered some really weird bestiality kink, but he hadn't been turned on at all, so he took a few calming breaths and went about his morning routine.

Actually, that type of dream had been happening more and more often, and Kurt had been finding himself wondering if Blaine's fur was as soft as the hair on his head.

"Kurt, you're phones ringing." Mercedes whispered to him. Kurt jumped a little. He'd forgotten he was sitting in Glee. "I can't believe I have to tell you that boy."

"Sorry, I was daydreaming." Kurt shook his head and slipped a hand in his coat pocket to silence his phone. Mr. Schue was turning his head to look and Kurt didn't feel like being reprimanded.

"…solos for me to sing at Sectionals…" Rachel was saying, Kurt tuned her out. He looked at the board to see if Mr. Schue had written anything for this week's assignment. 'Honesty' was on the board, angling up. Why was Mr. Schue still incapable of writing in a straight line on the white board, he did it every day?

"Rachel, please?" Mr. Schue looked back at her. "We've been…" Kurt tuned him out, he wasn't looking Kurt's way anymore so he pulled out his phone. babe, i cant make it tonight. im so srry. uncle jack called a meeting today. i have to go. im SOOOO srry!

Kurt felt the frown appear on his face. He'd been looking forward to their date tonight. They were going to see that new werewolf movie and laugh at all the things they did wrong. can i ask what the meetings bout? nd well just have to reschedule.

im srry, that came out wrong b4, i just read my last text over. i meant i cant make the movie. im still coming over if u let me. ill just be bout an hour late. and jack said its pack stuff, so im srry, i cant tell u. Kurt's mood instantly lifted. He'd still see Blaine tonight, even if they didn't get to see the movie. This was still good in Kurt's opinion.

YAY! i heart when u visit, so of course ur comin. dont think u can get out of it honey. sides, i can def think of other stuff for us to do… ::smirk::

"Kurt, stop sexting your boyfriend, or at least let me read it." Santana poked him in the side from her perch on a chair in the next level up.

"I'm not doing that!" Kurt hissed. He didn't like sexting, it was too hard to type and jerk off at the same time, he preferred phone sex.

"Damn Lady, must be some hot stuff if you won't let me read it." Santana smirked.

"I meant I'm not sexting!" Kurt's voice jumped an octave.

"What's going on over there?" Mr. Schue asked from the other side of the room where he'd apparently been arguing with Rachel over something or other.

"Nothing." Mercedes put in. "Kurt's just trying out a note."

"Okay." Mr. Schue nodded and turned back to Rachel.

"Thanks." Kurt told Mercedes, petting her arm affectionately.

"So you're not having smexy times with your hobbit? What's wrongs with you?" Santana reached for his phone but Kurt put it out of her reach.

"Blaine would be a good Frodo." Sam said suddenly, apparently having decided to tune into their conversation. "He's got all that curly black hair. But you wouldn't be a good Sam, Kurt, even if everybody says the books all full of stuff you can make into gay stuff. Samwise is too fat for you." Kurt looked at him strangely, but was oddly flattered. He'd just been inadvertently told he was skinny.

"Um…thanks Sam."

"You're welcome." Sam smiled happily. Mercedes giggled and reached for his hand.

"Okay, this is getting too geeky for me. Sees ya later." Santana leaned back in her chair. "Oh," she leaned back in. "I still thinks you're loco for not jumping the hobbit."

Kurt didn't want to admit that he had already sort of jumped Blaine, but his blush sort of gave that away. Santana laughed and smack his arm lightly. "That's a gay boy."

"I thought this was a pack meeting?" Blaine asked, looking around the room and only seeing his uncle and Reece.

"Well, I didn't want to freak you out. This is just about you. Sit down." Uncle Jack motioned to one of the couch in his apartment. Blaine's nerves immediately started going crazy, but he sat anyway, unable to stop himself from automatic obedience.

"Did I do something?" Blaine asked cautiously.

"Relax, Blaine." Reece said. His order didn't have the effect Jack's would have.

"I just want to talk to you about school next year." Jack said. "I noticed that you only applied to schools in New York City."

"It's where I want to go." Blaine told them. With Kurt, he added in his head.

"Have you really thought about it, though?" Reece asked. "You'd be far away from the pack. We're the biggest this far south, and you know that New York has some bad packs. They'd sniff you out in a minute."

"I don't want to join anything like that." Blaine protested.

"I know you don't kid. But things happen." Jack said, his voice soothing. The tone made Blaine's body relax, if not his nerves. "I need to know you're serious about this."

"I am." Blaine said quickly.

"We have perfectly good schools in Ohio, where you'd be near pack." Jack continued.

"Please don't make me go to college here." Blaine begged, he felt panic starting to well up in his chest. What would he do if he had to go to school without Kurt? He'd specifically only applied to schools in New York so that he'd be near Kurt. That way, even if they didn't get into the same schools, they'd be able to see each other regularly. "I want to go to New York." Blaine heard the desperation in his voice.

Jack and Reece looked at each other. Then Uncle Jack stared at Blaine. The boy was so distraught, his mind whirling unpleasantly, that he didn't even think to stop fidgeting. "You're really serious about this?" Jack asked finally.

"I need to go to New York." Blaine practically cried. "I have too."

"Why do you have too?" Reece asked. Blaine just opened his mouth to take a deep breath.

"Blaine, tell me." Jack said, the order clear in his voice.

"It's where Kurt's going." Blaine admitted hesitantly. "I have to go with him. I promised I wouldn't leave him, I can't."

"You can't decide your future based on a boy." Reece admonished.

"Dad!" Blaine whined. "I'm not! I want to be a musician, and I need to go to school for it, so I might as well go to a good one. New York has amazing schools. I did pick New York because that's where Kurt will be, but I did think about it too. I'm not building my future revolving around Kurt, I'm building it including him!"

"You're seventeen!" Reece sighed. "I know you think this will last forever, I know you might be right, but let's face the facts here. You're not done growing yet, neither is he. You're different species. You have no idea if he might want something different in five years, hell, even next year."

"I told him about me already, he's fine with it!" Blaine defended. "And how can you even play the species card, Mom is human!"

"Blaine, calm down. Reece, you too." Jack interrupted. "This is not what we're here to talk about. I already made my decision about Kurt, and I still think it's the right one. He seems like a good kid, he's taken this really well, better than others I've seen that are still with us." Jack looked pointedly at Reece. "If Blaine wants to keep seeing the boy I see no reason to keep them apart.

"But, Blaine. I have to be absolutely positive you're not just chasing this boy around the country on a whim. I need to know that New York is about you."

"It is. I told you, I want to be a musician, I need schooling. New York is the place to be. I can play in night clubs, bars. If I can't get a job there, there's always people having birthday parties and anniversaries, weddings, all those things I can get experience at. This is a good move for me. Kurt's a bonus." Blaine explained. An amazing bonus, he added to himself. "I'd always had New York as one of my options."

Jack stared him down again. "Alright. I'll agree to it," He said finally. Blaine felt like whooping for joy, but something kept him seated. "On one condition."

"I knew there was a 'but' in there!" Blaine sighed.

"Yes there is. And it's this: I want to speak with Kurt alone. I have a few friends out there who I can have check up on you, but Kurt's going to be the one around you the most."

"You're not going to threaten him are you?" Blaine asked, suddenly apprehensive.

"No, but I do need to have a long conversation with him, and if I'm not pleased with the results I don't want you to go to New York with him."

"But…but I thought you said you liked Kurt!" Blaine's panic can back full force. He didn't want to live without Kurt.

"I do like him, and I trust your faith in him because I trust you. He's endeared himself to me by not telling anyone, and so he does have some of my trust, but not enough to make him your primary guardian out in a new city."

"That makes him sound like my babysitter!" Blaine latched onto that.

"In a sense he will be, just like you'll be his. You'll have to look out for each other." Uncle Jack nodded. "So I want to make sure I can let you go. Set up a meeting."

"Okay." Blaine nodded, he understood, but that didn't mean he wasn't nervous.

Blaine showed up only a half hour late. Technically, if they rushed, they could have still made the movie, but Blaine hadn't looked at all like he was up to rushing. So, instead, Kurt had just let him in and brought him up to his room. He popped in the Sound of Music on low volume and then lay down on his bed to cuddle with his boyfriend.

Kurt knew something was absolutely wrong when Blaine didn't try to pull Kurt on top of him. Blaine just lay there, staring at the ceiling.

"Blaine, what's wrong?" Kurt asked. He threw an arm over Blaine and put his head on his boyfriend's chest. Blaine's arm curled up around him.

"Nothing's wrong per se, but I'm nervous. Uncle Jack's meeting today was actually just me. It was about college."

Kurt's heart dropped. "He doesn't want to keep you in Ohio does he?"

"No, he said I could go to New York." Blaine assured him quickly, his arm tightening around Kurt. Blaine reached his other arm down and grabbed Kurt's thigh, pulling it over him too. Kurt giggled quietly as his relief set in. "But he wants to talk to you first, alone."

"What?" Kurt's relief was gone now.

"He just wants to make sure he can trust you completely with me. He says that, since we'll pretty much be alone, he needs to talk to you." Blaine explained, his hand moving from Kurt's thigh to pet Kurt's arm.

"Well, that sounds ominous." Kurt told him truthfully. "I can't really do anything about it though, can I? Ask him when he wants to talk to me."

"Will do."

"Good." Kurt nodded. He nuzzled into Blaine's chest. "Do you want to watch the movie? Or would you rather just cuddle?"

"Cuddle." Blaine answered.

Blaine had been banished from the house as Uncle Jack and Kurt talked. It had been decided that they'd do it at Blaine's house, Kurt knew where it was, had a comfort level there, and Uncle Jack didn't want to seem like he was attacking Blaine's boyfriend.

"Okay, seriously bro, stop the freak out." Mel complained. "I'll poison your lunch if you don't stop."

"Shut up, Mel." Blaine snapped.

"I'm getting the grapes." Melanie made to stand. Blaine shot out a hand to stop her. He gripped her arm tightly. She settled back into her mall food court seat. "You need to learn how to chill."

"I can't help it. I don't know what they're talking about and Jack told me not to ask Kurt. He's probably going to ask Kurt not to tell me too, so I'll never know!" Blaine complained.

"Why would this conversation have to be secret?" Mel asked.

Blaine shrugged and picked helplessly at his pizza. "I don't know. Maybe he's going to tell Kurt things he technically shouldn't.

"Or, GOD NO, he's going to tell Kurt embarrassing stories about me!" Blaine whined and dropped his head on the questionably clean food court table.

"If you guys mate he'll hear them anyway, and more." Melanie shrugged and took a bite out of her Chinese takeout box. "I can tell him a few myself, like that time you got porcupine quills in your butt."

"If you even think about that I'll post on your Facebook and share with all your friends that you stalked Henry Verbane for two years and have the pictures to prove it." Blaine said seriously.

"I did not!" Mel protested. "That's a flat out lie, Blaine!"

"I know you like him." Blaine glared. "Imagine explaining to him that your brother is lying. I have those pictures Jessica took for you. Blackmail only works if you're prepared."

"Oh my God, you're such a little shit!" Mel gaped. "I have no idea why he likes you."

"And that, my lovely sister, is what you call a win." Blaine smirked.

"I hate you."

"I hate you, too Mel." Said sister stuck out her tongue and roughly shoved her chopsticks into her take out. She glared at him for a full minute. Blaine only waggled his eyebrows a little, calmly taking a bite of his pizza.

Mel's phone buzzed. "It's Mom."

"What's it say?" Blaine asked, a little too eager.

"She just asked us to bring home milk, calm your schlong."

"Okay, never say that to me again." Blaine ordered. "That is just wrong on so many levels."

"When I become leader you know the first thing I'm going to do?"

"Oh shit, they're creating a monster aren't they?" Blaine groaned.

Melanie continued on, completely ignoring the interruption. "I'm going to make you tell Kurt every stupid thing you ever did, and then I'm going to make you jump out of that big maple tree outside Margret's house. The one you've been terrified of since you were eight."

"I got attacked by an entire hive of bees! Tell me that wouldn't make you a little afraid of a place, it sure as hell didn't endear it to me!"

"Well you shouldn't have tried to pick it dumbass! God, I was seven and I knew better than you!" Mel shot back.

"Well I'm not the one who nearly drowned in a whirlpool when she was twelve after she was told her not to go in it!" Blaine retorted.

"I fell in!" Mel protested.

"Sure." Blaine didn't believe it for a single minute.

Somebody cleared their throat and knocked lightly on the table. "Excuse me?" Blaine and Melanie both stopped glaring at each other long enough to glance at the thirty-something year old woman standing at their table. "Could you and your girlfriend stop fighting please? Or at least move it somewhere else? My baby just got to sleep."

"We're in a public place lady, you can't just…" Melanie started in.

"Mel!" He grabbed Mel's arm. "We're sorry Ma'am, we didn't mean to disturb you. My sister and I will keep it down from now on." Blaine said in his politest tone, smiling charmingly at the woman. He saw Mel about to open her mouth again and squeezed her wrist just a little tighter.

"Thank you." The lady nodded, taken in by Blaine's charm, and returned to her seat without further problem. She cooed at the baby in the stroller.

"Why did you act so nice to the bitch?" Melanie asked.

"Because she's the type of bitch who wants to be right all the time and has the gall to come up to people in a food court and ask for quiet. It's easier to just tell them what they want to hear and get them away quickly." Blaine explained. "Instead of inviting conflict, just let the ones who's mind you can't change go."

"You sound like a fortune cookie." Melanie deadpanned.

"Well, I've said that a lot. Mostly to Kurt." Blaine shrugged. "Haven't you ever wondered why we barely touch each other in public?"

"I never really noticed. I'm not with you guys out much." Melanie shrugged.

"Well we don't. We decided it was easier to not be too obvious with it. I mean, it's not like we're hiding it or anything, and it's not like I won't grab his hand if I feel like it. But we decided that we didn't need to hang off each other like some other couples I've seen. If we don't 'flaunt it´ as they would say, we get mostly left alone." Blaine explained. Sometimes he really hated how they had to censor themselves though. Hand holding was one thing, but they'd decided almost completely against public kissing, and sometimes Blaine just wanted too so much.

"Damn, that really sucks!" Mel glared at her takeout box. "I mean, you guys are, like, so sickeningly in love and everything. You should be able to just jump him whenever, but stupid homophobes'll wanna beat the shit out you again."

"And I don't want that to happen to me again, or to Kurt ever." Blaine swallowed his anger. "So that's why I didn't tell that lady off. Though, I have to say, I can't believe she thought we were dating! That's gross!"

"I know! I look just like you!" Melanie complained, pulling on her black curly hair for emphasis. "We even have the same freaking height problem!" His sister was only two inches taller than their mom, coming to only 5'3.

"You're a girl, it looks better on you. On me it's ridiculous." Blaine complained. "I mean, I love that Kurt's taller than me, but I still wish I was taller. You know his friend Santana routinely calls me a hobbit."

"I like her already." Mel declared. "And that reminds me, I still have to visit Lima."

"You just want to go check out the Cheerios." Blaine smirked.

"Blaine, honey, you're the only gay one at this table." Melanie was unimpressed at her brother's attempted joke. "I want to check out the Cheerios perform. And meet Coach Sylvester, maybe get my own personalized insult. Kurt actually made that sound kind of fun."

"What did she call me again…? I don't remember, maybe she didn't call me anything…I know she said something about porcelain. That'd be Kurt though." Blaine rambled.

"Okay, I want a banana milkshake, get up." Melanie ordered and stood. "You're buying me one."

"What? Why am I buying you anything?" Blaine stayed seated.

"Because you didn't let me bitch out the lady and you're 'a gentlemen'." Mel answered, complete with air quotes. "You don't let your baby sister pay for things when you take her out."

"Mom made you come with me so you didn't spy on Kurt and Uncle Jack." Blaine pointed out but stood anyway. He pulled out his wallet. "Here, get me a strawberry kiwi one." He handed her a twenty. "I got the garbage."

"Thanks, Blaine." Melanie smiled and trotted off with the money. By the time Blaine caught up with her she was happily sucking her drink down. "They didn't have kiwi, so it's just strawberry." She told him as she handed it over.

"I figured, but I had to try. Thanks." He accepted it. "You want to go to Hot Topic?"

"You just want to pick out more bondage gear for Kurt." Mel smirked. "But sure, I want some of those coloured hair extensions."

They'd picked out a bright pink one for Mel and Blaine had basically drooled over the mental image of Kurt in a pair of leather pants he'd had to buy for him by the time Blaine's phone rang. He pulled it out instantly. "They're done!" Blaine had practically squealed. He quickly bought their stuff, not even bothering to care that his sister was making out like a bandit today and then dragged her out of the mall. He was home ten minutes faster than he should have been.

"Kurt!" Blaine called as he opened the door. He came in quickly to find Kurt getting up from the couch and Uncle Jack still seated. "Uncle Jack?" Blaine's stomach nearly dropped out onto the floor as he waited the three seconds for his uncle to speak.

"Take a picture at the Statue of Liberty for me." Jack said simply. Blaine squeed like a little girl and threw himself at Kurt.

"We're going to New York!" Blaine sighed into Kurt's shoulder.

"Blaine, honey, can you sit a minute." Kurt asked softly and pulled him down on the couch.

"I'm going to get something to drink, Kurt, Blaine, you want anything?" Uncle Jack said and stood. Kurt and Blaine shook their heads. "C'mon Melanie." They left the room, leaving Kurt and Blaine alone. Technically they could still hear, but at least this was the semblance of privacy.

"You're uncle and I had a long talk babe, and I don't really want to go into details about it. That would take forever. Instead, I'll just tell you that we've come to an understanding, and everything's a go." Kurt put a soothing hand on Blaine's shoulder. His nerves came back full force. Kurt's tone was not helping this. Why couldn't anyone just let him have a moment of calm?

"'But?' I feel a 'but' here." Blaine asked, he wanted it over with quickly. At this point he didn't think his nerves could take it.

"No 'but'." Kurt said. "Not about New York anyway. That's a go no matter what." Kurt petted his arm gently.

"So…" Blaine started.

"So," Kurt interrupted. "I did want to tell you something else though." Kurt took a deep breath. "I'm ready."

Blaine did not expect that. "What?" He had no idea what Kurt was talking about.

"I'm ready," Kurt said again. "I'm ready to see you."

Blaine's mind immediately went to the gutter, but then he thought Kurt couldn't possibly mean that. Kurt knew how good his families hearing was, it's why they didn't have phone sex in the house! So what the hell was Kurt talking about? "Kurt, you have to give me more than that. I don't know what you're talking about." Blaine admitted.

Kurt sighed and took Blaine's hands. He looked him straight in the eye. "I want to see you shift."

Blaine's mind froze completely. "But…but you said…"

"I know, I said I didn't want to see it before." Kurt finished for him. "But that was before, when I was still honestly freaked out about it. I've gotten used to the idea now, and I think I really need to see you again. And I do mean in the weird Avatar way, I need to know all of you, even if all of you comes with a furry wolf." Kurt petted Blaine's hands. "Besides, I've always had a thing for dogs."

"I'm a wolf." Blaine protested automatically.

"It's basically the same thing at this point dear." Kurt pointed out. "You're not exactly running wild."

"I resent that." Blaine told him. His brain was slowly dribbling back to him. He suddenly remembered a conversation he'd had with Uncle Jack the night he'd told Kurt. "Kurt, I can't though."

"What?" Kurt asked. "You told me you can shift whenever you want."

"No, I don't mean I can't physically. I mean Uncle Jack told me I couldn't shift in front of you again without him present." Blaine shook his head.

"Um…Blaine…he's here right now." Kurt raised a hand to Blaine's head and smoothed a curl. "You really don't think well when you're shocked, baby."

"Oh." Blaine felt really stupid. "I forgot he was here."

"You can shift, Blaine." Uncle Jack said from the doorway, both Kurt and Blaine turned to look at him. Melanie stood beside him. "I'll make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"But, you said before…"

"I know what I said. But I'm saying now that you can shift if you want too." Uncle Jack just nodded. "Do you want too?"

"Yes." Blaine nodded quickly. It was the only thing that had ever really bothered him about Kurt, how he hadn't wanted to see Blaine in all his forms. It felt a little like rejection. But the way Kurt had accepted every other part of him Blaine had always pushed that away.

"Then do it." This from Kurt. "I want to see my puppy actually be a puppy."

"I'm a lot bigger than a puppy." Blaine pointed out. He pulled off his shirt. The last time he'd pulled off his shirt to shift Kurt had freaked out. This time he just gazed appreciatively at Blaine's chest. Actually a little too appreciatively for Blaine's comfort level while his uncle and sister were watching. He flushed when it occurred to him that he'd have to take his pants off next. He knew it should have been a realization, but it still hit him. Blaine wanted to ask them to turn around but he didn't want to let Kurt know he was nervous.

He took a breath and pushed his pants off quickly, refusing to look up at Kurt. He stared at the floor as he settled himself. The first part of the transformation was always the hardest. He had to turn off his nerve endings, and if he didn't do it right it would hurt like a bitch. He focused on shutting down all his receptors. He knew intellectually that it didn't take longer than a second, but it always felt like forever as he concentrated. Next Blaine let loose the little catch in his brain that kept him in one form. Immediately the hair on his body began to grow thick and his skin sprouted more.

Blaine saw his face elongate, his nose and jaw being pulled forward. His hearing suddenly sharpened as his ears grew. His back suddenly straightened and Blaine almost fell before his tail balanced him. He tipped gracefully forward, bringing his furry arms forward, watching as they got thinner and turned into powerful legs.

Blaine's face finished growing; his nose bringing in a thousand new scents. His eyes lost the ability to see colour and his contacts fell out. Just before his brain stopped thinking human thoughts Blaine cursed himself for forgetting to take them out.

Then Blaine was all wolf; he shook himself once, his nerve endings turning back on and feeling returning to his body.

Kurt watched fascinated as his boyfriend went from mostly naked human Blaine to furry four-legged wolf Blaine. Once he was done he shook himself and looked around the room, nostrils flaring. Blaine pointed his head in Jack's direction for a little while, seeming to stare him down. Then he swung his head around and looked up at Kurt. He whined and shook his tail, his entire body wriggling with the force of it. He padded forward and sniffed Kurt's leg.

"Hey." Kurt said and reached out a hand for him. Blaine sniffed it then licked. His tail wagged faster and he barked. Kurt laughed. "You are such a little puppy."

"Wow." Kurt faintly heard Melanie gasp as Kurt squatted down to pet his boyfriend. Blaine immediately started licking Kurt's face.

"Blaine!" Kurt laughed. "Stop it! You're going to ruin my moisturizing routine." He pushed a little at Blaine's face and the wolf simply started licking at his fingers.

"I've never seen him that good with people before Uncle Jack." Melanie sounded positively thunderstruck.

"He said before that he was okay with Kurt, I guess he really is." Jack laughed and came over to sit on the armchair. Blaine didn't even spare him a glance as he nuzzled his head into Kurt's hand. "He's really affectionate with you Kurt. He's usually a skittish mess around people."

"What?" Kurt looked up from where Blaine was sniffing his pockets. "But isn't he still Blaine in there? Blaine loves people."

"He's still Blaine." Jack nodded. "But Human Blaine and Wolf Blaine don't think the same. None of us do. When we're wolves we can't think like humans and when we're humans we can't think like wolves. It's not something we can do half way." Jack shrugged. "I guess it helps to keep us from going crazy. I can't even imagine how confusing it would be to think like two completely different species at the same time."

"So he doesn't understand a word we're saying?" Kurt asked dismayed.

"He does. Just like he could understand what a wolf's baying means when he's in human form. We just think in whatever way is native to our current form. When he's a wolf, he'll think and listen and comprehend like a wolf." Jack explained.

"So he does understand what I'm saying?" Kurt was confused.

"You're really bad at this Uncle Jack." Melanie interrupted before Jack could continue on. "Now it sounds like we can talk to wild wolves.

"Kurt, what my uncle is trying to say is that yes he does pretty much understand what you're saying. More than a dog would anyway. He gets simple concepts; enough of him still remembers what human speech means to follow us when we talk to him like he's a three year old. And about the understanding wolf thing, it's the same thing but in reverse. If you stuck is in a pen with some wild wolves, we'd fair a lot better than some average Joe. We'd remember enough of our wolf self to probably not get mauled." By the end of her speech she was laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling dramatically.

"Okay." Kurt nodded. "So it's like muscle memory but for speech, got it."

"Exactly." Melanie nodded.

"So Blaine." Kurt turned to his boyfriend, whose tail immediately started wagging again with Kurt's attention back on him. "I love you, even if you're furry." Blaine licked his face. "But if you do that again, I'll get you fixed." Blaine whined and lowered his head. "That's a boy." Kurt ran his hand through Blaine soft fur.

"I think you've got him tamed better than I do." Jack laughed.

"That's because Blaine knows who's boss." Kurt said. "Don't you boy?" Kurt asked in a cutesy voice. Blaine just barked happily and nuzzled into Kurt's chest.

AN.2: So every time I think about their summer, I focus on a random day where they're at Kurt's house. Blaine had been complaining about being hungry eariler, then they start arguing about something or other. Kurt gets really snappy. During their fight Blaine's stomach growls, so Kurt goes into the kitchen, gets one of those fruit cocktail snack cans. He picks out all the grapes and then gives the rest of it too Blaine with a spoon. He makes a final biting remark and then storms out of the kitchen. Blaine just sighes, takes a bite of his food, and follows.
It cracks me up every time I think about it. Thought to share.

PS AN: I just wrote a sequel oneshot titled 'Missing The Center'