It was a cold night in the southern Wilds. The moonbeans were in full bloom and the stars flickered on their backdrop of dark sky. A young adventurer, by name of Skyler Quickrune, trudged slowly through the forest, thinking sadly of warm fires and hot food. He was wary and tense, on the lookout for thieving thugawugs or bands of robgoblins.

A sudden sound caused him to freeze dead in his tracks- he could hear a strong voice, talking unintelligibly. Skyler's heart raced: Thugawugs! There was no mistaking the deep sound of the Chugawugs. Silently, he hid behind a cluster of boulders, and peeped around.

They were Thugawugs alright- and what more, they were busy doing what they do best: pillage, thieve, and run. At that moment, they were busy around a campfire, though it was not theirs. At their feet were two Chugawug merchants, unconscious.

"'Ere we are!" grunted the first Thugawug, as he pulled a large bag of gold coins out of one of the merchant's packs. "This'll be 'nuff to last us a few mon's, eh Bert?"

Bert chuckled. "No' with the way you spen', Tom, las' us less'n a week with tha'."

"Take a gander at this, Bert!" Tom exclaimed suddenly. "This'll fetch us three times mor'n that gold!" With this, he pulled a golden sword from a worn leather sheath. It gleamed in the moonlight with an unnatural fire.

While he observed their antics, Skyler had quietly removed his backpack and retrieved from its depths his Brawler hammer. Though not a noble weapon or of honor, it did the trick, and it came with a beautiful turquoise gem inlaid to boot.

Stashing his backpack in a crack between the boulders, he slowly approached the thugs from behind, flexing his hand around the handle, testing his grip. With a sudden motion, Bert was out. Before Tom had time to even react, he too was out cold.

With a look of contempt, Skyler retrieved his pack from the boulders and brought it over near the warm fire. Scrabbling around in the assorted junk on the bottom, he eventually pulled out some spare bow strings he had found somewhere. He used these to tie and the hands and feet of the Thugawugs. Once they were carefully bound, he took back the sword and gold and returned them to the merchant's pack.

When all was well again, he leaned back on a rock beside the unresponsive merchants. He was so hungry that he even took a small scrap of raw salted bear meat out of one of the chug's boxes. Spearing it on a stick, he began to roast it over the fire. After his somewhat unsatisfying meal, he helped himself to a swig of sasparilla from their canteen.

Settling back, he tilted his hat, folded his arms, and prepared for a long night on the watch.