This stems from my interest in the Pokemon Adventures manga. I've just started reading it, but I've gotten through a few sagas - enough to know that I love OldRivalShipping! Actually I like Green (boy) and Blue (girl) as individual characters, but together they're just...yeah. Awesome. Anyway, I'd really appreciate if you'd be kind enough to review when you're done - feedback is much appreciated! Thanks, and hope you enjoy!



1. Spiders

"...I didn't know you were scared of these," smirked Green, attempting to extricate Blue from his cloak, hanging on a nearby tree branch.

2. Brains

"Y'know, Green, sometimes I think that despite your brains, you look straight at a good thing and just don't see it." "...What?" "Hohoho-! *snicker*"

3. Matchmaker

He cooly observed her as she split the Dex Holders into pairs; she coolly observed him and decided that she couldn't pair him up with anyone else.

4. Knowing

He felt compelled to stop calling her "pesky girl" and "obnoxious woman" when he realized that doing so resulted in the senior Dex Holders exploding into barely restrained laughter - although he couldn't figure out why.

5. Waiting

She kept waiting for the day when that level-headed, crazy, intelligent, stupid boy would wake up and realize that she had feelings for him.

6. Safety

In sizing up the situation, Blue counted Green among her assets; unbenownst to her, he was watching out for her more than all the others put together, making him the largest asset of all.

7. Brawn

"Green, I like the strong and silent type - minus the 'silent' part." "...Then why are you always bugging me, pesky girl?" "..."

8. Caution

Silver wasn't the only one who kept an eye on Blue when Gold was around.

9. Beauty

It didn't take Blue long to realize that Green wasn't attracted to the striking good looks that she was used to putting up as a facade; it was one of the happiest conclusions she'd ever reached.

10. Annoying

She was like the fly that never ceased buzzing in his ear: The bright, witty, charming, and precocious fly.

11. Jealousy

Upon making a successful match and a happy couple, Blue experienced an odd feeling stirring across her soul, often accompanied by thoughts of Professor Oak's grandson.

12. Chatter

Green really didn't mind when she launched into one of her long-winded chats; it gave him an opportunity to watch her eyes and face light up with eager interest without seeming (heaven forbid!)...admiring.

13. Pride

Why Green insisted (silently, but nonetheless insisted) on defeating the Fearow who was terrifying Blue when Red was perfectly capable and willing to help, Red never knew.

14. Sky

Green's Charizard was the first to show Blue that flying with a Pokemon wasn't so bad, after all.

15. Hidden

Sometimes the most rewarding things to uncover are those that are hidden - it was just such a principle which Blue applied to her quest to "uncover" the silent senior Dex Holder.

16. Recluse

It took an obnoxious woman to send him off on a sojourn to train alone in the desert, and and the same obnoxious woman to hunt him down and bring him back.


Yes, I did the whole "Blue laughs like Santa Claus" thing - it cracks me up! Anyway, I digress - that was pretty fun! I'd really like to do another of these once I've read a bit more of the manga - I'm just starting the G/S/C arc (meaning that I've already read the R/B/G saga, and the Yellow saga). Like I said, probably a SpecialShipping one, and other pairings as well. So Please please! I want to know how you think I did on these, whether they were interesting or not, etc. etc. Thanks again for reading!