Sole Survivor

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Planet Magtora: Ravaged and Destroyed for energon, has one survivor. And she has vowed to take her vengeance against the Autobots. With Cybertron uninhabitable, she's had to search the galaxy for any remaining Autobots. Learning of that there were Autobots on earth, the Magneetian raced for the planet. Unbeknownst to her, the Decepticons have taken refuge on the planet as well. Will she Pledge her true loyalty to them? Or will she remove them along with the Autobots?

This is my first TF Prime fic. So tell me what you think. When I was watching the show, it always bothered me on how the cons never seem to get a fleshy of their own.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Wish I could own Starscream and Knockout, but I can't. I got this idea courtesy of Magneto. I wanted to make a race out of him. Why? He was my favorite mutant.


Wounds will eventually heal. But scars…scars linger. How long? No one truly knows. Days, months, years, maybe even decades – there was no certainty it would ever vanish. Now a scar to the heart? That can never heal. And for the last 30 years, a young girl has been scarred for life. Her hearts scar burned with a deep vengeful hate. What caused this scar you ask? And why was it flaring with hatred? It all started 30 years ago.

Magtora: A planet home to a species known as Magneetian's. Magneetian's were people with power of Magnetism. If it could be magnetized, they could control it. Magtorans were a race that didn't age in the conventional human sense. Many who didn't know better believed Magtorans immortal or possessed eternal youth. But they were far from it. They aged every 15 years. So a fifteen year old was still a young baby on their planet. They aged. It just takes them centuries to get wrinkles.

Though despite their elemental subject, Magtora was a type of tropical/industrial plant – half tropics half city. The People of Magtora were fun loving and cheerful people. People of philosophy and reason, rather than battle. But just because they chose the quill over the sword, did not mean that they couldn't hold their own in a fight. They taught one another how to reason as well as fight. But they had one rule: Never raise your hand against someone who has done you no personal wrong. They could not raise arms against someone because they hated their face, or any petty squabbles such as rivalries. It has to be a reason worth their rage. Many of the Magneetian's followed the rule. Others may have disobeyed it, but what species doesn't have a few rule breakers. But with them aside, Magtora was a peaceful planet. Few or no enemies. Well…they had one enemy.

Autobots and Magneetian's – Nobody knows how it began, but the two groups have always been at odds with one another. There are those who say the Autobots began the feud. You see, with their power of magnetism, the Autobots saw the Magneetian's as a threat to their way of life. They felt that the Magneetian's would decide to pillage and plunder their already war torn planet. As for the Magneetian's, Cybertron had a type of crystal. Uranium Crystals. Cybertron used it as a source of Energon on their planet. But for Magneetian's it was like Kryptonite. It sapped their power away like the sun evaporates water. Slowly, painfully, and ultimately – if exposed long enough – death.

One day, when Cybertron had officially become uninhabitable, the remaining Cybertronian's – Autobot and Decepticon – fled from their world. The Decepticons, with their residual weapons and energon still at full capacity, were able to press on with the battle. The Autobots were not so fortunate. They were being broken and battered in every direction possible. Defeat almost seemed certain. And with their Energon decreasing at the rate it was, the Autobot race would cease to exist. So they hatched a plan. They needed to find a large enough source of energon to sustain them long enough to push the Decepticons back. And there was a planet not too far from them that had the energon source that they needed.

Magtora had a source of energon source that powered their cities, their entire planet. And it was located in the heart of the planet. An energon source capable of keeping a planet going until the universe died out and came back again. The Autobots – with only thoughts of their own survival – stormed the planet. The Uranium crystals strapped to their chest, the Autobots tore through every home, every building, every patch of dirt their optics could see. Any Magneetian's who got in their way were executed on the spot. Seeing that their destruction was emanate, the Magneetian elders loaded their young into individual pods. Each pod would be sent to a different part of the galaxy, scattering them about so that the Autobots couldn't find them all at once. The elders would fight just long enough give them all time to escape. As the pods were launched, each young Magneetian watched as their home became a war zone. But the Autobots caught on to their plane. An outer planet ambush awaited the young ones. Fearing that they would rise up and take their vengeance, the Autobots took aim. One by one, the pods were shot down. And with them a Magneetian youngling.

The pain, the cries, the destruction all echoed throughout the galaxy. Pleas for mercy, gestures of surrender, all went on deaf ears. Not a person was spared. All life was being destroyed…..



"HUH!" The girl gasped. She shot up from her desk. He hand roughly ran her purple, shoulder length locks to her neck. A piece of paper stuck to her sweated forehead. She pulled it off and read what was on it. It was science vocabulary words. And standing in front of her, glaring through his square nerd glasses was her science teacher, Professor Mills.

Mills was an old man with the typical brown grey receding hair line. He always dressed in slacks and sweater vests. He was also a hardcore realist. If science hasn't proved it, he didn't believe it. So kids had fun pranking him. But he also enjoyed it when he could prove a person wrong. It filled his dull life with some type of meaning. He was mainly sour because his wife left him. "Nice of you to join us Ms. Smith! Forgive me if I interrupted nap time." Mills spat with his droning cacophonous tone. It earned him a few chuckles form the class. Ms. Smith paid them no attention. "Maybe now you can tell us what mitosis? Or would you prefer to take a nap in detention?" He asked with a triumphant grin.

"I'm afraid I can't answer either one of your questions." Evans retorted with a snide smirk. She adjusted her black and purple tube top.

"And why not?" His smirk grew wider.

Smith cocked a confident brow and pointed to the ceiling. BRRRIIING! Went the bell. "That's why." She touched a finger to her feigned innocent face, "So sorry." Smith grabbed her bag and started heading for the door. She dusted eraser bitso ff her black pants. Mills growled in the back of his throat. Her clopping purple boots stamped on his waning patience. "Alright…" She groaned sarcastically, "If it'll make you happy, I'll answer at your questions." She held up one finger, "One: I don't care what mitosis is! And two, I'd prefer detention over your class." With that said, Smith opened and slammed the door behind her.

Mills, infuriated by her response, ran after her. But by the time he reached the hall, the young Ms. Smith was gone. Almost as if she had vanished into thin air. "That girl…" He growled, "Has been a pain in my backside ever since she arrived at this school!" He punched the door frame. "I'll get her expelled one way or another!"


Time for introductions: The young girl is Selena Smith. An 18 year old senior with brains as well as attitude. Brains in reference to she was an excellent student grade wise. Her grades were all B's or higher. She rarely ever answered questions when asked, but she never failed to turn in an excellent report. As for her attitude…that's what most teachers despised about her. Selena was the type to only respect those she liked – Which was hardly anyone. Least of all authority figures such as teachers. She was not afraid to tell someone – anyone – to take a hike. Though some boys fawn over her, she never fawns over them. Moreover, if they don't learn when she says no after three times, they usually end up head first in the wall. She was a girl of very few words, but made up for her lack of speech by just being her. Usually that was enough to get people to leave her alone.

What surprised Selena most was that no one ever asked about her hair and eye color. They were unusual. But they never seemed to bother anyone. Especially since there was an albino kid at the school. People merely assumed she was some different type of Albino. Or that she dyed her hair to stand out. Some of the girls would give her a hard time about it. They would say that she's drawing unnecessary attention to herself. But Selena never paid them any attention.

Selena had come to Jasper, Nevada only four years ago. She lived on her own in a single bedroom apartment not far from the high school. The tenant agreed to let her live there for free if Selena promised to clean up the check in area every weekend and water the plants. The tenant was impressed by her diligence while working, he paid her himself. Sometimes he would ask Selena to take over for him whenever he was unavailable. It wasn't a luxury life, but Selena never complained. For the most part, she enjoyed the life she had. The only drawback was…

"Yo! Selena!" Running out of the school fronts entrance to her was a tall boy wearing his gym clothes. His name was Brad Pazelee. He was one of the guys who adored Selena and never seemed to take no for an answer. He was on the high school water polo team. He believed his slick black hair, tan skin, and blue eyes were chick magnets. He had a nicely toned body. Many of the girls fell in love with him. But Selena was never drawn in by him. In fact…she's lost count as to how many times she's rejected him.

As Selena was still walking away from him, Brad caught up to her and started to walk next to her. "Hey, hey, hey Selena." He tried to greet charmingly. "You're looking good today."

Though Selena hated talking to the boy with every fiber of her being, she turned to him and said cheerfully, "Hi Brad," a fake smile spreading across her face, "You're looking good to." He gleeful expression turned into a humored glare, "How's your shoulder?" She asked ominously.

Brad slapped a protective hand onto it. "It's uh…its fine...fine!" He sputtered. Selena had injured his shoulder not too long ago. She had a rule of three when it came to dating. You can ask her two times to go out with you before she gets annoyed. You ask a third time, she's likely to punch you. She was an advocate for, when a girl says no she means no. Don't ask again. Brad had a hard time learning that lesson. He's tried asking her out for the last four years. Selena's turned him down every time. But he was determined to keep trying. "So um…look…I know I ask you this all the time," he began with an apologetic tone, "But will you please go to the movies with me? I got tickets to see paranormal activity."

"Already seen it." She said simply, not looking at him.

"Okay…then…how about Nascar?"

"I hate Nascar. That's two!" She warned him. "Ask again and I break your shoulder again!"

"But…Why?" He whined. "Why won't you be my girl?"

Selena stopped abruptly and jabbed her elbow into his chest. She followed up with a swift upper jab of her fist into his chin. Brad fell hard onto his butt. Selena slammed her boot onto his chest, pushing him into the concrete. She bent forward, her heel going deeper into his chest. He wrapped his hand around her ankle, trying to ease the pressure. "I'm going to say this for the final time," She howled, "Because I've been telling you this for the last four hellish years that I've been living in the backwater town!" A crowd started to gather around, worried and excited expressions appearing on their faces. "I'm not going out with you!" She stamped her foot down. Brad coughed with pain. "I'm never going to go out with you!" She stomped two more times. "I don't care how you put or how you ask; I will never be your girlfriend!" She grinded her heel in into his chest. Brad winced and whimpered in pain. Selena removed her boot. Brad let out a sigh of relief. That is until Selena kicked him in the rib. "NOW TAKE," kick! "THE GOD DAMN HINT!" kick-kick-kick! Brad laid on the ground, holding his ribs and chest, trying to sooth the pain. Fixing her light purple hair, and reapplying her Berea, Selena continued on her way home. Her red eyes were burning with a desire to finally put him out of her misery. But he wasn't worth the extra effort. The girls who fawned over Brad went down to his aide, kissing his injuries as if they were supposed to help.

Selena went to her motorcycle, parked by a large. Stuffing her hat into her bag, Selena put her helmet on in time to see three angry girls march up to her. "How dare you hurt Brad!" The blond one cried shrilly. "Why he even bothers to talk to someone like you is beyond me!"

"Like you, he never learns no matter how much someone explains something." Selena retorted back, leaning back onto her seat."

"Well we know enough to know that you aren't worth his time!" The brunette shouted. "So just keep you purple haired albino ass away from him."

"For the record, he comes to me~" He exaggerated the last word, speaking slowly for their sakes. "I know you three pre-Madonna's don't notice. In fact, you don't notice much of anything because you're applying that slut gunk to your faces." Proving her point, the red head pulled out her compact and applied more face powder. "Perfect example."

"How can you be such an uncouth brute?" The red head spat, putting her make up away.

"Easy…" Selena started her bike up, "I waste my time talking to bimbo's like you!" She revved the engine as loud as she could. And with a hard turn of her bike, she skid dirt into the three girl's faces and sped off. The three girls shouted vulgar words at her, believing she would hear them.

Selena wasn't going to head home right away. She needed to clear her head of all the annoyances of the day. She drove out of the small town and headed to the outskirts. It was nothing but dirt and wide open ranches. Further out was a crater she enjoyed going to. She could pour her problems into the hole and it would never fill. Whenever she was annoyed or had an enormous amount of steam building up, Selena liked going to wide open areas. Feeling the wind in blow through her hair, listening to the trees whistle and dance in the wind, hearing the earth move below her. It brought true bliss to her turmoil mind.

Selena reached her destination. On her right was a wide open field with grazing sheep. And on her left was a wide open crater filled with odd black rocks. Selena smiled lovingly at the sight. Her mind drifted into the crater. All of her problems were flowing into the large hole. She was at peace. "LOOK OUT!" CRASH! A red car rammed into Selena's bike, throwing her forward and over the car. Her bike fell into the crater. Hitting the bottom and exploding on contact with the ground. Selena bounced off the car and rolled onto the dirt road. She stopped rolling when her back hit a fence. She plopped onto the ground. Her skin scarred and scratched. "HEY! HEY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" The person called from the car. Selena didn't move. She laid against the fence, lifeless and unmoving. "Oh god!" He cried. A series of beeps were heard from the car, like he was dialing a phone. "Hey! Hey! Arcee! Listen! I have a serious problem! And I swear that I didn't see her! …I hit this human riding a motorcycle! And she isn't moving! ...She came out of nowhere! …I don't know if she's breathing! Wait…" Selena was twitching. Her eyes fluttered open. She tilted her head up. "I don't believe it! She's alive!" Selena brought her arms up and started to push up. "And she's moving? …I don't know how it's possible. Maybe she's made of steel." Whoosh! "Speaking of steel! I've got Cons! And they're here for the energon source I just found!" Energon…source? Selena said in her mind. That sounds…familiar. "What do I do about her? If I fight she'll know what I am." The man continued to cry out. "Alright. I'll bring her now!" Selena managed to sit on her butt. She heard planes flying overhead. She glanced up. Black and purple jets flew several feet above the crater. Are those… "Hey kid!" Selena looked to the red car. She noticed that it had horns on the hood. "Listen! Whatever happens now, must stay between us. Understand?" Selena wasn't sure what was happening. But she nodded anyway. "Good." The man turned his car motor off. Selena tried to move so that she could see what it was that the man wanted to keep concealed. Then it happened. The wheels became arms and legs, the front windshield was a chest plate, and the horns were attached to a head. The car had completely transformed into a giant robot. Selena's eyes widened. "Look! I know that this is all shocking," He hands changed into tri-machine guns, "But I promise you'll get a full explanation later."

"No need…" Selena pushed up on the fence, "I know…exactly what you…are!" The red bot looked back to Selena, watching her stand on her feet. Her knees shook, still rattled from her tumble. But it was her eyes that kept his attention fixed. They were burning with hate. "And I hate every last one of you!"

The red bot wasn't sure what she meant, or how she even knew what he was. All he knew, was that he needed to get to the root of the problem. "Why?" He asked sympathetically. Taking his eyes off of the descending jets. "What did we ever do to you?"

Selena reached down and dusted her hat. She removed the two skull pins from the sides and placed the hat neatly back onto her head. "Because you Autobots," she tapped the skull nose, "Turned my planet and my entire race into dust!" The two skull pins began to glow a bright blue color. She clapped them together, igniting the glow into a bright flash. The two pins had become large chakrams. A chain connecting the two. "And now I plan to do the same thing to you!" (Weapons Axel Uses in KH)

"WAIT-WAIT A MINUTE!" The red bot staggered back. His heels hanging off the edge of the crater. "Who or what are you? When did we blow up a planet?" He cried.

"30 years ago!" She roared. Her body started ascending into the air. The chained chakrams floated along with her. "A planet in the middle of the Solana Galaxy, minding its own business, comes under attack! All because you guys wanted energon for your stupid war!" The red bot took a defensive stance, raising his guns to the rising girl. "Who am I?" She raised a hand. "I'm the last Magneetian alive! And who are you sir?"

"They call me Cliffjumper."

"Well Cliffjumper," She curled her hand up into a ball. Tightened her fingers to the point where her nails were piercing her skin. Cliffjumper began to choke. He couldn't breathe. She smiled devilishly, "Let's have you live up to your name, shall we?" Bringing her arm back, Cliffjumper leaned forward slightly. "RAAAH!" Selena pushed her hand out. Cliffjumper flew back, crashing down into the crater. Selena listened as the bots body crashed and scratched against the rock. Hearing the final crash, Selena let out a pleasured sigh. "I never get tired of that sound. Now to see my handy work." She crooned. She floated over the crater. Looking down, Selena saw the Cliffjumper kneeling down, catching his breath. "You're a lot more durable than the others." She admired with a sinister grin. "Good. I wouldn't want this to be too easy now would I?" She dove down for Cliffjumper. She spread the chained chakrams out, getting ready to strike. "Hm! Hmm?" She glared in back of her. "Lousy Bots!"

Cliffjumper coughed dryly, rubbing his neck. He could still feel the grip around his neck. "No…she couldn't be…a Magneetian." He dreaded. Feeling an impending doom encroaching his back, Cliffjumper shot his head up. Selena was nearly upon him. "But she has to be. How else could she throw me like that?" Then he saw her stop and glare back. Cliffjumper saw what she was looking at. The Decepticons were descending upon them. He touched his com link. "ARCEE, OPTIMUS, ANYONE! I may need some back up soon! I have two problems and both are trying to kill me!" Both? Selena questioned. What did he mean by that? Are she and those bots trying to kill Cliff? Whatever he meant, she wasn't in the mood to sort it all out. She prepped her weapons for an attack. "WAIT! You can't fight them!" Cliffjumper pleaded. "They're Decepticons!"

"I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS WHO THEY ARE!" She declared. "AUTOBOTS, DECEPTICONS! It makes no difference to me." She roared, glaring down at the red bot. "Either way only one of us will get the chance to succeed!" Selena sped down to him. She raised her chakrams over her head. Cliffjumper got into position to attack and fired his guns. Selena dodged and barreled out of harm's way. Reaching Cliffjumper, Selena put the chain around his neck and pulled him against one of the large crystals. She kept a firm magnetized grip on the spiked chakrams. Cliffjumper pried at the chain. But hold her was like a steel clad grip. "I WON'T LET ANYONE DENY ME MY REVENGE! NOT EVEN PURPLE COLORED BOTS!" She pulled harder. Cliffjumper felt his neck begin to crack under the strain. He pulled and pried at the chain once again. It wouldn't move. If he didn't know better, he would have guessed that the Cliffside was holding him. But it wasn't. It was that one girl – the last Magneetian alive. He couldn't fathom it. Did she have some hidden strength built up inside of her? Or was it her hatred of Autobots that gave her this kind of strength? As Cliffjumpers consciousness began to slip away, Selena's chain loosened. "WHAT!" Selena cried. Cliffjumper managed to look up. The Cons were darting down, their guns aimed and charging. "GRR!" Selena released Cliffjumper and moved back. The Decepticons opened fire. Selena flew out of the way. Cliffjumper followed her lead, and moved to run. As Selena made her way for the top of the crater, Four Cons got in her way. Selena tried to stop. One of the Cons lifted its hand and swatted her like a bug. Selena bounced back into the crater. Her chakrams landed neatly on a protruding cliff rock. Selena got back on her feet and darted for the weapon. Another Con blocked her path. "MOVE IT!" She pushed her hands out, shoving the Con into the Cliffside. Another Con swooped down and grabbed her weapon, flying out of her reach. "GIVE THAT BACK!" She flew after him. She was less than a foot away from him. The Decepticon pulled off a swift spin and threw Chakbola's. (Chakrams on chain) Selena became entangled in her own weapon. Summoning her magnetism, she started to loosen the chain. The decepticon went to her and grabbed her in the palm of its hand. "You don't honestly believe that you can hold me! AAAAH!" The Decepticon began to crush her in his hand. Selena tried to magnetically loosen the grip. But the hand wasn't even budging. In fact, she felt weird. Like her powers were fading. She started to feel tired and worn out. She hadn't even been fighting long. She just barely started. So why did she feel so tired? "YOU…METALIC…BASTARD!" She snarled. "Huh?" Something was glowing lemon lime yellow from the Decepticons arm. Selena moved her head to try and see what it was. "Is that…" She saw the crystal embedded in its arm. "It is!" He had a uranium piece. Selena frantically struggled to get free from the Con. To no avail. Slowly her powers started to extinguish. Selena managed to get her arms free. She tried to wedge herself out. Her strength was gone. She collapsed onto the Decepticons hand. Before losing consciousness, Selena managed to glance down and see Cliffjumper. He was watching her get crushed. "I hope…you…rot…" She cursed. Her world went black. He body went lifeless.

"AW MAN!" Cliffjumper complained. With his friends still nowhere near his position, he ran for Selena's position. He may not have been able to fly, and she may have tried to kill him, but he had to help. The Decepticons shot the dirt around him, forcing him to stop. Three Cons blitz him. Two held his arms while the third punched and pounded his body. Cliff brought his legs up, kicking the one back. He twisted his arm up and shot the other two. But the three weren't down. They kept Cliffjumper surrounded. Five more Cons touched down. "You want the horns? YOU GOT 'EM!" Cliffjumper charged his way through the band of cons. He punched and shot each one. With every one that fell, two more would touch down and take its place. But Cliffjumper didn't falter. He kept fighting. He had to. He needed to hold out until his friends arrived to help him. But he couldn't. Four Decepticons jumped him, each one grabbing a limb. A fifth con soared overhead and pile drived Cliff in the torso. All of the wind was knocked out of Cliffjumpers body. His back slammed hard against the dirt. Cliffjumper was pinned. The Decepticons ship coming over them to pick them up. One of the Cons came over him, holding a large rock. Cliff squeezed his eyes shut as the rock was hammered into his skull. In three hits, his horn was dislodged from his head and he lost partial consciousness. "Sorry…Arcee…" He laughed dryly. "Looks like I won't…be here…when you…arrive…"

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