A/N: So, basically, I was inspired by Tumblr. ^_^ I came across a post titled "Why Guys Love Girls" and it had a list of twenty-five reasons why. And, for whatever reason, it majorly inspired me. Inspired me into writing twenty-five little oneshots around Wally and Artemis, one little one shot for each reason. :D

The only advice I have to give is this; if you're not a fan of WallyxArtemis (and a little Supermartian later) or if you're not a lover of intense fluff, then you might want to leave. D: Because I'm telling you now; a large majority of these little oneshots is filled to the brim with fluff.

The oneshots have neither rhyme nor reason. Explanation? They are all very random. Wally and Artemis change ages a lot and these are not in chronological order by any means. :P Some are serious, some are very fluff-filled. Some are short (250 words) and some are long (+2000 words). So yeah. :)

Please enjoy these. :)

Why Guys Love Girls

Reason #1:
The way they always smell good even if it's just shampoo.
Recommended song: Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight

They were curled up together. Artemis' back was flush against Wally's chest and his legs were splayed out in front of them, on either side. Her knees were curled to her chest, a large book propped on them, tilted slightly so she could read. She had been reading quietly when suddenly, Wally had appeared and moved her from where she was resting against the large tree, shifting her forward so he could sit behind her. He had slid his arms around her stomach and pulled her against him and neither of them had moved from that spot since.

The team was, for once, enjoying a day off, together. Batman had ordered a quiet day for the young heroes after a hard mission that had left them all exhausted, physically and emotionally. So, by the time they all woke up in the morning (Wally was the last one to roll out of bed), Megan and Dick had already decided that the best location for the sunny, spring day would be the park at the base of the mountain.

Wally glanced up from where his forehead was pressed to Artemis' shoulder, his bright eyes searching for his teammates. He easily found Conner pushing a laughing Megan on the swing at the small playground, a smile on his normally expressionless face. He glanced over to the small basketball court to see a cackling Robin and Kaldur chuckling as he shot a basket right over the shorter boy's head. His attention quickly returned to himself when Artemis sighed and leaned against him more.

"Good book?" He asked softly. He was rewarded with a small sigh as Artemis shut her book and leaned her head back against his shoulder, burrowing her face into his neck as she inhaled. Wally chuckled softly and pressed a small kiss to her forehead. She smiled into his neck before leaning forward, ignoring the small noise of protest from Wally and opening her book again.

"Yeah, it's pretty good. It's one of Megan's, so it leans more toward the romantic side . . . but there's a pretty heavy dose of adventure too."

"Mmmm," breathed as he pressed a kiss against her neck and she shivered in pleasure. He burrowed his nose into her hair and slid his eyes closed as he inhaled deeply.

"Did you just smell me?" she asked, unmistakable laughter in her voice.



He shrugged, "You smell good."

She quietly slid her book shut, "I do?"

"Mhm. A little like your shampoo and a little summer and the smell of your skin all makes you."

She was silent for a moment, before setting her book down on the grass beside them and leaning fully against him, "Thanks Wally."

He watched as her eyes slid shut and her breathing evened out. He studied her face, watching as the light filtering through the leaves of the tree danced across her face before leaning his head back against the tree and closing his eyes too.

"Should we wake 'em up?" Dick blinked down at them, his blue eyes bright.

"No!" Megan squealed, although softly, "Wait! Where's the camera?" Megan quickly rummaged through her purse before pulling out the small digital camera that Conner had gotten her for her birthday. She snapped a quick photo of the sleeping couple before turning the camera on her boyfriend. Without a word, he scooped her up and hoisted her over his shoulder. He strolled over to where their stuff was situated several feet away, Megan giggling the whole way. Kaldur watched them for a moment while Dick rolled his eyes at the couple, before returning their eyes back on the sleeping Wally and Artemis.

Dick turned to Kaldur, "So, do we wake them?"

Kaldur studied them for a moment before saying, "No. Let them sleep. We will get started on dinner." He smiled "The smell of food should wake up Wally, at least."

Dick nodded, "Okay." He grinned wickedly as he exclaimed, "I get to grill the hotdogs this time!"

Kaldur shook head, his smile growing as he teased his younger teammate, "I think not. Last time Megan left you near the stove, we almost lost the entire kitchen."

"Nu-uh! That was all Wally!" As they walked away from the sleeping couple, their voices fading, Artemis unconsciously snuggled closer to Wally and he tightened his arms in response.

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