Heat of the moment, tellin' me what I wanted. Heat of the moment-

"Dude, come on. Wake up."

Dean Winchester shot up in his temporary motel bed and blinked. His brother stood next to him and chuckled, and then began to gather his belongings.

"Dude, Asia?" Dean grinned as he looked at the alarm clock that happened to be blaring a certain song.

"Oh come on," Sam laughed back. "You love this song and you know it. Me, on the other hand…"

"Never said I was denying it." The older Winchester boy reached over to the night stand and cranked the volume up before lip syncing the rest of the chorus to his brother, who shook his head with a smile.

The two brothers then went through their morning routine, meeting in the bathroom to brush their teeth a few minutes later. Dean gurgled water as Sam inspected the toothpaste, doing it just long enough so that the latter would look over in slight confusion. Dean raised his eyebrows with a grin, and Sam carried on.

Afterwards, the older brother spent quite some time searching for his gun, which irritated his brother further. Dean moved dirty clothes, books, and bags around until he finally found the missing object. Sam swiftly left the motel room with Dean moving behind him, and the two hopped into the Impala, but not before the latter could make the plan to go to breakfast.

The Winchesters walked into a small diner, with Dean barging in happily and Sam walking in slightly more hesitantly. It was full of all different people, some in business attire, some in informal wear, and a few even in pajamas. The brothers walked past a table with two rowdy children and a mother, who was trying to feed one and stop the other from playing with his silverware, to get to an open booth. As they sat down, a teenager in leather shook her head and took another drag on her cigarette before walking out. Dean shrugged, looked at the menu, and lit up like a neon sign. Before he could say anything, Sam glanced over at the board and let out a small laugh.

"You don't even know what that is," he stated, and Dean shrugged.

"I don't need to! It's pig 'n a poke!"

Their conversation was put to rest as a plump waitress walked over to the table and asked to take their order. After ordering the special with a side of bacon, two coffees, and a short stack, the brothers were left to themselves once again.

"So, can you explain to me why we're here, instead of looking for Bella?" Dean asked his brother, who sighed in return.

"Dean, if you know anything I don't, let me in on it," he replied. Dean made a face, and Sam continued. "Believe me, I want to find her too, but for now, we've got this."

Sam Winchester tossed a few papers onto the table, and his brother took the newspaper clipping from the bunch. A black and white photo looked back at him, and as he skimmed the article, Sam explained about the professor that vanished at a local attraction called the Mystery Spot just last week. He eyed the pamphlet as the waitress came back with their drinks. Dean took a sip of his coffee as she lowered his brother's onto the table. The woman turned away, but as she left, she bumped the table, causing Sam's beverage to spill onto the floor.

"Aw, crap," she said, and hollered for a clean up. Dean raised his eyebrows and took another chug of coffee. He was going to need the caffeine.

Half an hour later, Sam and Dean found themselves walking down the sidewalk in the general direction of the Mystery Spot. Dean glanced over the tourist pamphlet as he walked, remaining skeptical of the whole situation.

"These things are normally just scams," he frowned as Sam dodged a few kids that were sprinting past. "Nothing supernatural about kooky lighting and tables on the ceiling."

Sam shrugged. "I don't see the problem with just checking it out. It wouldn't be the craziest thing we've encountered if something really did happen at this place. I mean, there's lore to go along with it, and stories of spots opening up and swallowing people all over the world."

A pizza delivery man zoomed past on his bicycle, and the Winchesters had to hug the wall to get out of his way in time. "Okay, okay," Dean replied. "We can head over there tonight after they close and take a look. Happy?"

As they stepped back out into the center of the sidewalk, a teenager listening to music with large headphones ran into Sam. The boy glared and then continued on, leaving Sam confused.

"Man, what is up with the people in this town?" Dean groaned. "This Mystery Spot must be the only thing they've got goin' for 'em. Oh, and the pig 'n a poke."

At half past ten, Dean was crouching by the side door of Broward County's biggest tourist attraction, picking the lock with ease. He slinked inside with Sam just a few steps behind him. The latter flipped his flashlight on, shined it down the hall, and the brothers glanced at each other. They then made their way deeper into the Mystery Spot.

The two stepped into a larger room, and from the small portable light, saw just what Dean had described. The back end of a horse stuck out from the wall while a dinner table hung from the ceiling. The nails holding it in where clearly visible, but they were rusty and old. A lamp and a dinner plate were stuck to the table as well, with the glue obviously oozing from the sides. Sam's flashlight also revealed orange question marks plastered on the walls and seahorses protruding from a doorway. Dean grinded his teeth as he stepped around a hanging lantern while his brother moved under the 'magic table' to inspect it further. It seemed to creek as he stepped near it, and it swayed slightly when he ran his finger across the side. Dean took to investigating the moose head on the wall, only to be interrupted by a frightened looking man carrying a shotgun. He also happened to be pointing it right at them.

"What are you guys doing here?" he squeaked, and Dean quickly reached for his gun to point back. Sam shined the flashlight over the man with one hand and raised the other over his head.

"Whoa whoa, take it easy man," Dean grunted. "We're not here to hurt you or any of the crap in here."

"Then why are you here at all?" the man asked, tightening the grip on his gun.

"Just stay calm," Sam stated, glancing nervously at Dean. The table above him shook again.

"Don't move!"

"I'm just getting something from my pocket," Sam stated, and this time, Dean was the one who gave his brother a nervous look. "Just a newspaper clipping, about the professor that vanished last week. Did you hear about it?"

"Yeah, so?" The man gripped the gun even tighter and put his finger closer to the trigger, his hands shaking uncontrollably.

Dean frowned. "Hey, why don't you put the gun—"

Before he could finish his request, there was a large crash, followed by dust filling the room. Dean looked over to find Sam missing and swatted the particles away with a cough. When the dust had cleared, he found his brother under the table, along with a large chunk of the ceiling. He had cuts from the glass all over his face and blood slid down his cheek as Dean ran over to him.

"Sam? Sammy?" he cried. His brother coughed in reply. "Sammy, come on! You're not going out like this."

Sam Winchester's eyes closed.

It was the heat of the moment, tellin' me what I wanted-