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Summary: M! Mahariel x Alistair; One-shot

I never realized how much you loved me, how much you sacrificed for my happiness,until now...

Chapter 1: Maker's Reward

The Archdemon was gone and Alistair couldn't believe how fast that moment had gone, how everything they had done seemed to converge unto this one still moment. When he next opened his eyes, he found the dragon lying motionless, its huge mass still intimidating even in death. His heart pounded as there was another motionless figure, someone he most sorely wished not to see in such a state.

Suddenly everything silenced around him, everything except the pounding of his heart. No! He hastily scrambled to his feet and ran forward. In his haste, he did not see an outstretched arm and his feet tripped over the broken limb, causing him to stumble and then land right next to the still figure.

Gasping as that stumble seemed to take all the energy out of him, he lifted his head and gasped out Theron's name. His hands shook as they reached out for the bloody face and he gathered his lover into his arms, his entire body trembling as Theron's body merely rolled unto his forearm, the head lolling lifelessly into his shoulder. Blank eyes stared upwards, unheeding of the tears that had appeared in Alistair's eyes and which were now falling unto Theron's own.

"T-T-Theron! Please! Theron?" He cupped his lover's cheek, startled at how still the elf was. Maybe there was life in there, after all.

He gently shook Theron's body, silently pleading for those blank eyes to regain their focus. However, those eyes continued to stare at him and Alistair saw his reflection in those beautiful green orbs. Not even death robbed them of their beauty.

A gentle hand clasped his left shoulder and Wynne was kneeling next to him, the old woman breathing heavily from the battle that had finally ended. Next to her stood Zevran, who appeared withdrawn himself, as if accusing himself for having listened to Theron's last request.

Wynne placed her weathered hands on Theron's body and she closed her eyes only to open them again. Alistair stared at her intently and what hope he had for Theron's survival were immediately dashed at her head shaking sadly.

"He's gone. Why? Why didn't you let me do it?" Alistair cried out at Theron. Memories spurted forth and the scene briefly changed to that of the week ago, after their victory at the Landsmeet and after meeting up with Arl Eamon at Redcliffe Castle.


They had just finished off a full platoon of darkspawn that had ambushed them on their way back from Redcliffe. The night was late and everyone was exhausted from the week's busy schedule. The Landsmeet was a tremendous success but the joys of their victory were smothered by the threat of the Archdemon and the Darkspawn horde. Everyday, the hordes edged closer and closer to Denerim. They had already overtaken Lothering and the surrounding towns; nothing survived their slaughter and their Taint.

However, Theron managed to cheer everybody's spirits by camping that one final time and he surprised everyone with his special gift-giving.

To the dwarves, he gave them a large sum of money. Alistair still wondered where on Thedas he managed to get that much money.

To Leliana, Marjolaine's bow but improved with enchantment of increased rapid shot and tipped with a special Crow's poison.

To Morrigan, he gifted her with a special statue of a goddess that his own race worshipped, the Goddess of Nature.

To Zevran, he gave him his mother's old Dalish gloves and Antivan boots.

To Sten, a small painting of a large oak tree, one that resembled the Ancient Tree found in Par Vollen.

And finally, to Alistair, his best friend and his lover, he gave him a small pendant with a lock of his hair kept within.

"When you need me, look on this and remember us," the elf whispered to him in a strangely sad tone. At that time, Alistair should have known the elf was up to no good. He should have known that Theron was asking Zevran to watch out for him, to make sure he stays back for his last stand with the Archdemon. However, he was caught in the heat of moment and all he could think of was how Theron's love shone for him.

Everyone had eventually settled for the night and none commented on how Alistair went to Theron's tent and never came out until the next morning. The party members were already used to the idea of their two Wardens coupling.

As soon as Alistair stepped into the tent, he felt a tingling sensation and knew that a silencing spell was erected upon his entrance. Apparently, Wynne expected them to be loud tonight.

A small hand grasped his and he saw that Theron had already undressed. Only a single candlelight shone in the tent and Theron's naked form looked absolutely magnificent. The shadows cloaked a part of him while the light showed his lovely face.

"Alistair," Theron whispered seductively to him and Alistair pulled his lover towards him, only to clash their lips together violently. Teeth clacked briefly before tongues swept in and explored hot caverns.

Even through his armor and groin plate, Alistair could feel Theron's shaft nudging him on the inside of his thigh. His lover's heart beats thrummed into his skin, as if he too was sharing that same heart.

Unlike most nights, where the pace was somewhat rough and quick, Theron took his time undressing Alistair. It almost seemed as if he was relishing in this moment, as if it was their last night together or something.

When Alistair was finally naked, Theron took his hand and as he laid on his back on the blanket that was set out for this purpose, Alistair willingly went down with him.

They kissed each other, languidly, slowly but nonetheless still passionate. Large hands caressed Theron's shoulders, massaging the deltoids and traveling downwards to grip those muscular buttocks. Theron moaned into Alistair's mouth as a finger teased his entrance lightly, promising the elf of what's to come.

Once Theron started to shiver in anticipation, Alistair let his mouth trail a hot, teasing path from the bottom of the elf's jaw all the way down to the navel. Along the way, he bit and nipped at a pair of small but cute male nipples. Theron's gasps made Alistair groan as those salacious sounds caused his own arousal to jerk upwards and twitch.

Once satisfied with his teasing, he went further down south and dipped his tongue into the navel, making suggestive movements with it. Then, wasting no time at all, he licked the underside of the dripping erection before taking Theron in his mouth.

"Alistair!" Theron clutched at his lover's shoulders and he arched his back as he was swallowed whole. His hips were held down in a steely grip but his back still arched and he threw his head back, emitting wanton cries.

Alistair growled at that debauched sight of his lover moving against him and he continued sucking on him, each movement taking his lover deeper and deeper until Alistair was deep-throating him. Theron's gasps turned into guttural moans and his thighs trembled as hands pulled them forwards. His lover shifted forward, using his full weight to hold him down.

Alistair winced as fingernails dug into his shoulder muscles but he continued teasing his lover. He wouldn't miss this one out for Thedas. He alternated sucking and licking the shaft until his lover shuddered. Knowing that Theron was close, he pushed in an index finger and sucked hard all at the same time.

"A-Alistair!" Theron shrieked above him and his lover climaxed, the hot seed flowing out of Theron's member and down his throat. Having done this before, he managed to swallow all of his lover's essence without trouble. Not one drip was spared.

He wanted to tease his lover more but a hand insistently pulled at his hair. He looked up and found his lover giving him that look, the one that said 'take me now.'

His head shook ruefully but this night was theirs and for some odd reason, he wanted it to be special.

Thus, he rose up from his position and kissed his lover, liking how Theron's eyes widened initially when he was tasting himself before lowering to half-mast.

Theron's own hands were playful and they pinched at his own nipples, causing him to groan. Then his lover pulled at them and rolled them between his slender fingers. Theron knew how to touch him and from their previous engagements, Alistair found himself liking a little bit of pain to accentuate the pleasure.

A hand had sneaked its way downwards, to where their members were trapped between their bellies and were currently frotting against each other. It clasped them together and both men moaned at how Theron's hand tightened at the heads. The sparks of passion soon turned into an overwhelming barrage of intense pleasure as they moved against each other. Soft cries and low guttural moans were released into the night as their loving intensified and Alistair kissed Theron, swallowing their moans as they came together, the warmth splattering all over their bellies and chests.

"Please," Theron pleaded to Alistair in a soft, almost desperate tone. "I need you,"

"I love you, Theron Mahariel," Alistair replied back and kisses were planted on each of Theron's cheeks. He bit at his neck, trying to distract the elf from the eventual pain of penetration as he pushed in a finger, astonished to find him so loose already. Of course, with the two orgasms, he should be relaxed, Alistair thought smugly. Another finger joined in, playing inside of Theron, trying to reach for that sweet spot. The older Warden knew he found it when another shriek was emitted and before Theron could beg him to take him, he knelt back on his heels. Guiding himself to his lover's entrance, he slowly pushed him in, an inch at a time until he was finally all the way.

"Maker," Alistair breathed out; his lover clenched tightly around him. No matter how many times they've done this, he could never get used to this sensation of being inside that wet heat. "Theron,"

"Alistair, move! Please, by the Gods and Goddesses, move!" Theron's breathless plea did not fall on deaf ears and Alistair pulled out only to push back in, prompting another low moan. He repeated his thrusting movement until he had his lover screaming his name out. He bent forward, letting his lover move his legs outward and hook around his waist, causing him to go deeper and hit his prostrate gland at a different angle.

Alistair's own arms hooked underneath the elf's armpits and pushed in again. When Theron's shrieks and cries continued, they pulled at his heart and he found himself pounding into his lover. Before he could stop himself, as if he wanted to, the burn of his second climax rushed through him and it seared the both of them. Theron's muscles suddenly tightened around him and they simultaneously cried out each other's name, not caring if everybody in the camp heard them or not.

Alistair collapsed to the side of his lover, not wanting to crush his smaller form with his huge frame. He immediately brought his lover close to him and he took the blanket from the bed to cover their cooling bodies, knowing that they would both get cold soon.

"What brought that on," Alistair murmured, his lips brushing against the red strands.

Theron shifted, nuzzling into Alistair's throat and delighting in the warmth. "Soon, we have to fight the Archdemon in Denerim. This may be our last night together."

Alistair's hold on Theron suddenly grew tighter, almost to the point of crushing the poor elf to his chest. When there was a pained gasp, he relaxed his hold but hooked a finger underneath Theron's chin, making the elf look at him with his eyes, which never told a lie.

"We survived all this," Alistair said firmly to his red-haired beauty. "We will survive whatever tomorrow brings us. I believe the Maker rewards those who do good deeds."

Theron didn't argue back. Instead he merely shuffled impossibly closer to his lover, murmuring three important words to Alistair before falling asleep.


"Alistair! Look!" It wasn't Theron's voice that cried out to him, breaking him out of his reverie. The voice was too high-pitched, too experienced. His eyes snapped open only to find green orbs staring back at him, not lifelessly as they were, but owlishly and dazed.

"M-Maker! How?"

"I...I'm...not...sure..." Theron's voice was hoarse, as if he was crying out all night. He tried to get up but flopped back into his lover's arms, still weak from his fight.

"Theron? were dead! Even Wynne thought so!" Alistair cried out. It was impossible! This couldn't be happening. Only blood magic was able to bring people back, but Theron didn't look like he was resurrected by evil magic.

"I guess the Maker rewards those who do good deeds." Alistair gasped at how Theron threw back his own words from that memorable night. Then he smiled and gently kissed his lover on the now warm forehead.

"Thank the Maker!" Alistair whispered and their group of friends smiled upon them. Even Morrigan was smiling as she watched from a distance, although she was perplexed at this causality. Theron never took her offer that night but apparently, this elf was destined to bring a change to the world, whether he was living or dead.

Alistair didn't care for that. All he cared about was the possibility of being with his lover until their Calling had turned very real and he would relish every moment of it until the day he dies.


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