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Meet Alice Cullen-every bit the epitome of a smart, beautiful, talented, and successful young woman. She's a culinary student, studying to be the best chef she could possibly be, and those who've tasted her cooking has said that her dishes are already amongst the very best they've ever eaten. Well, Alice is somewhat of a perfectionist, and would settle for nothing less.

Alice has found the love of her life in Jasper Whitlock; however, sadly, they currently aren't together. That's a story saved for another day. She's taking the separation in stride, though, and she's confident that they'll end up back together soon.

We're here to discuss Alice's three older brothers and the mission that Alice had been embroiled in for the better part of the year and a half. You see, her brothers, to put it bluntly, were playboys. They had toyed with many women's hearts, including that of several girlfriends of hers, which incidentally are no longer Alice's friends. As a woman, herself, Alice was extremely offended with their treatment of women and embarrassed by how they wreaked their own brand of havoc all across the city. After an epic evening, nearly a year and a half ago, for which was the last straw for Alice, she embarked on the mission to rid her three brothers of their womanizing ways and find them love.

Now, why, you may ask, would she meddle like this in her brothers' love lives. It's a perfectly legitimate question, which to be brutally honest, Alice wouldn't give you an answer that might satisfy you. Alice would just say that, after that night, she just felt strongly that enough was enough and it was the right time to intervene. Also, she felt that someone had to, and she just took it upon herself.

What Alice would fail to tell you is that it was actually disturbing dreams about her brothers' futures that prompted her to act after that night. More on that later.

You see, Alice is somewhat of a psychic; however, she really doesn't consider herself one, even though she's had very strong intuition and had a good track record of foreshadowing events to come, before they even occurred, when it came to herself and her family ever since she was a little girl. While Alice was aware of her ability, she never placed much more on it than it just being good instincts. While she always trusted her intuition and much of her actions were guided by these predictions, she would still put little faith in the fact that it was psychic ability. Besides, Alice knew the stigma that accompanied people that considered themselves and revealed that they were psychic in any way, and she never wanted to bring that down upon herself. So, no one outside of Alice's immediate family knows about her ability, and she never told any of them about the dreams she had, which she knew meant something.

In any case, Alice embarked on her mission, and now in a matter of a week, the fruits of all her labor would be paying off. She'd successfully helped her brothers to change their womanizing ways and transformed them into loving, committed, emotionally available, boyfriends to three wonderful ladies. Three ladies she personally hand-picked to be the be-all-end-all for her brothers. After having met them, her intuition told her that these were the exact ladies that would capture her brothers' hearts. It was only a matter of time.

Now, three marriage proposals, something that would've been unheard of merely a year and a half ago were on the horizon, and Alice could foresee her family expanding and only happiness ahead for her brothers. She couldn't be happier to be gaining three new sister-in-laws soon.

Although it might be a concern for outsiders looking into these engagements, that they were orchestrated and happening too quickly, or that these couples weren't really in love, but just a product of Alice's meddling, Alice knew otherwise. It was definitely fate between her brothers and their respective girlfriends, and although it was all part of her plan for them to meet and fall in love, she had no hand in actually having that happen. Alice only worked to guide them all and steer them in the right direction and give advice and assistance when it was needed. The rest of which, like actually making the relationship work, had been all up to her brothers.

It was no easy road to get all three of her brothers to this point now-about to embark onto new chapters in their personal lives. There were certainly a few bumps and turns along the road, lots of obstacles and resistance, and there were plenty of surprises along the way. But, Alice, being the perfectionist that she was, despite all that and certain flaws she had discovered in her visions, hadn't given up.

Alice foresaw that without her having orchestrated the introductions and having a hand in pushing these women and her brothers together, her poor brothers wouldn't have met or ended up with their girlfriends, soon-to-be-wives, now. That would've been a travesty and Alice's previous disturbing dreams of her brothers' futures may have come to fruition. This was one reason why she felt that all her meddling was worth the end result. Her brothers, of course, didn't know about Alice's expert matchmaking, but if they ever found out, they'd probably be the first to thank Alice for having brought them the loves of their lives.

Before we get into the heart of the story, though, it's important to first meet Alice's three brothers and then the ladies that captured their hearts. Then we can see how all of Alice's mission unfolded.

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