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Chapter 31: Edward and Bella: The Unexpected Pull

"The Unexpected Song"

by Andrew Lloyd Webber

I have never felt like this

For once I'm lost for words

Your smiles has really thrown me.

This is not like me at all

I never thought I'd know

The kind of love you've shown me.

I don't know what's going on

Can't work it out at all

Whatever made you choose me?

I just can't believe my eyes

You look at me as though

You couldn't bare to lose me.

Now, no matter where I am

No matter what I do

I see your face appearing

Like an unexpected song

An unexpected song

That only we are hearing


I covertly watched as Emmett kindly helped Bella haul her things to one of the spare bedrooms, which would now be her home until her condo got fixed, remodelled, and ready for her return. I simply couldn't bring myself to aid her in her move into the house, feigning that I had urgent work to do that just couldn't wait.

But, naturally, work meant that I was going to write on my laptop wherever I damn well pleased in the house, which meant right where I have sight of Emmett helping Bella move in. I punched the keys feverishly, as if I was actually doing something productive, when actually if anyone had taken a closer look at my screen, they would've seen that I was typing out just a bunch of gibberish.

What can I say? Yes, it was a dick move. It should've been me that was helping Bella move in, but like a coward, I just chose to slink away because I still wasn't over the shock that the object of my affections was going to be my newest roommate. I acted all calm and that this turn of events didn't affect me; however, the truth was it affected me plenty and I was literally quaking inside.

Having Bella live with us was going to change everything. I was in big trouble. Not that I wasn't in trouble already the moment Alice introduced me to her newest friend. Worse yet, Bella wasn't any kind of ordinary girl to me. Spending time at her book shop and getting to know her more on the drive to the house made me realize that she was already setting herself apart from all the women of my past. She was different from all the rest.

Wouldn't you know it, Alice just had to give Bella the guest room that was next to my room. Of course, Alice couldn't possibly give her one of two other spare bedrooms down in the basement and far away from my wing of our massive house. Of course not. Alice had it all arranged. I should've known.

That-little-evil-pixie-sister-of-mine just did it to torture the hell out of me. Just like she already agreed to move Bella into our house and conveniently forgot to tell me. Yeah, I never bought her excuse for a minute. Alice was plotting, that much was obvious. If I had been more observant, I would've been able to have caught onto her plan. She was going to do anything to get me to ask Bella out on a date, if that was the last thing she ever did. I know she was going to get her way, too. It just depends on how long I can hold out for, which, if I were to be perfectly honest, would probably not be very long. I already felt myself caving and Bella had just moved in.

If there's one thing I've learned growing up with my gifted sister, it's that Alice always wins. Never bet against her when she's up to something. She probably already saw me doing the deed before I have even made up my mind about it. She's just doing her darnedest to hurry things along now. We had no chance against Alice. That is why my brothers and I call Alice our evil pixie of a sister. There was definitely good reason.

Yet, we still loved Alice to death. Who wouldn't? Like Bella, Alice was one special person in her own right.

So, yeah, I was planning to ask Bella out on a date. It was glaringly obvious that Alice wouldn't mind me dating one of her best friends. I was working up to asking Bella. Alice didn't need to push the issue. However, that was exactly why I didn't feel right to ask Bella just yet. I didn't want Bella to believe that the only reason I was asking her on a date was because Alice made me. When I do break down and ask Bella on that date, I want Bella to know that it was because I am genuinely attracted to and interested in her.

Man, oh man, am I attracted to Bella. Every time I've seen her, she'd caused my heart to race and the crotch area in my pants to become more than a little uncomfortable. Since she's now my newest roommate, I'd have to start remembering to always wear pants that gave me more crotch room whenever I was to be around her.

I wondered exactly how much I would be seeing of Bella, now that she lived here. Was I going to be able to wake up to her brewing coffee like that morning after she first spent a night here? More importantly, will she only be walking around in sleep clothes that showed off her...assets?

I wondered if I'd even be able to see her much. She did have her work at her bookshop and Alice said she was sort of married to her job. She might not even be home a lot. I still had my book to finalize and I actually had gotten inspired to start writing what would be my next story, which meant that I spent a lot of hours holed up either at my writing studio, or in my room, or anywhere really where I could focus on writing. I tend to get a bit reclusive when I'm diligently working. Not to mention that I'd notoriously lose track of time.

I really hoped that I would see Bella more often than just in passing for the duration of her stay here at the house. Being able to actually spend some time relaxing with her at home would just be splendid.

I'd hate to end up becoming like Riley, who's been making a fool of himself trying to inadvertently catch Bree over at the hospital where she worked. Bella would notice if I started spending an inglorious amount of time hanging out at her shop. But, hey, there was an idea.

I am, however, no Riley with his stalker ways. I know I can't get away with it the way Riley always seemed to. That brother of mine did always have stalker tendencies and for some reason, he's been a little more creepy and out of his wits than usual. Riley has not been himself. Alice would never directly tell him, but he's been driving her crazy. Although Riley claims otherwise, Alice told me that he went and busted up his hand on purpose in hopes of having Bree play personal nurse to him. Riley is such a dope.

However, Emmett isn't much better. He's fallen head over heels for Rosalie and he's practically whipped already. I mean seriously whipped-the poor fellow. I think Rosalie already has him wrapped around her finger to the point where if she told Emmett to jump, he'd ask "how high."

Emmett had actually ruined a whole day's worth of writing because I was the unfortunate sap that was around when he was having his meltdown about not being able to get in touch with Rosalie. I was trying to multi-task and write whilst only half listening to his tear. I ended up not only writing crap, but also became careless and forgot to save whatever good was left in that particular document, then in an instant, it was all lost when Emmett realized I was only half paying attention and decided to close my laptop during his freak out. It was the last time I was ever going to be around Emmett again when he got into one of his moods over Rosalie.

God, I hope I haven't been as idiotic as my brothers have been since having met our girls. Our girls. In a way, I already considered Bella mine.

I'd never felt quite like this before. Bella...she's more than captivated me. I'm more than enamoured. I once again feel like that nerdy school boy I was a long time ago when I had my first ever crush on a girl and I wanted to take her to the movies. It was the same exact mixed of emotions-elation, nervousness, anxiety, self-consciousness, and uncertainty. I don't think I'd ever felt giddy over liking someone, but with Bella, that's exactly how I feel. I'm giddy.

Would you believe Senna was finally back in town and I hadn't even thought to hook up with her? In the past, I would've never failed to hit Senna up whenever she was around. After all, it's been a long time, maybe even too long, since I had some. I'd been needing release and had no outlet. I'd been looking forward to finally having the booty call with Senna, but she gave me a ring and I passed her up. It was because Bella had already come into my life and Senna had become an afterthought.

Speaking of Senna, I guess I'm going to need to end our friends with benefits relationship. I don't foresee wanting to be with her any longer now that Bella is in the picture. I'm sure Bella wouldn't take too kindly to my having an FWB. I'll have to assure Bella that Senna and I are done and over with before I ask her on that date.

Senna will be alright with me ending things. She always knew that our arrangement was never permanent. Besides, I'm sure she's got some other boy toys and possibly even other women to keep her sated. In fact, I'm quite surprised we had lasted this long.

Whoa! First Maggie, now Senna and I are over. What the hell was going on with me?

I guess I must really have fallen for Bella. No more fuck buddies needed. That's a first. In the past, even when I started dating someone new, I always made sure that Maggie and/or Senna were both still available to me.

For some strange reason, Bella calls to me. She's like a Siren and I'm the sailor that's mesmerized and entranced in her spell. When we're together, it's like the world stands still and we're the only two person in existence. It's like we have tunnel vision; I only see her and she only sees me. I've noticed that when we're together, it's like the air between us has been electrically charged and the pull between us is simply indescribable. I liken us to magnets-we can't help but be attracted to one another.

Thank God the attraction is mutual between us. Otherwise, I don't know what I would do.

Bella had gotten all settled in, then Alice whisked her away for some girlfriend night of celebration. My brothers and I weren't invited. Pffft...it was another ploy of Alice's to torture me.

Riley had a shift at the bar and Emmett went off to God knows where, so I was left alone in the house, just waiting and waiting for Bella and Alice to return. I couldn't concentrate on writing, so I fiddled with my guitar instead. It had been a while since I had played music. Emmett, Riley, and I used to play music all the time and jam together, even doing some shows at a local dive that allowed amateur groups to take the stage; however, we just stopped. I don't know what exactly happened, but the music had all but gone away.

It actually felt nice to play a few chords. Before I knew it, I was playing a song that reminded me of Bella and I. I don't know why "The Unexpected Song" by Andrew Lloyd Webber came to mind, but it reminded me of the unexpected pull Bella and I have and my surprise of finding her and falling so quickly. I had even found myself singing the words and I hadn't sang in a long time either.

I think, after a few more songs, I heard both Alice and Bella come in. Somewhere from outside my door, I distinctly heard Bella say goodnight and then the door to her room open and closed. I guess she'd had a long day and headed for bed.

I wasn't able to say goodnight. That sucked!

I tried to go to sleep too, but I just couldn't rest my mind. All I kept thinking about was Bella and how she was just in the next room.

After tossing and turning more times than I could count, I decided to get out of bed. I walked to the wall that adjoined mine and Bella's room and tried to listen. I couldn't hear anything. I guess the walls were thick and Bella was already fast asleep. I walked out of my room and into the hall. The house was pretty dark, only a few security lights remained. I guess everyone else had turned in as well.

I made my way over to Bella's room and pressed my forehead to the door. I was trying to hear for any signs of life inside, since I had seen a sliver of light shining through from underneath the door. I couldn't hear anything which meant that Bella was fast asleep. For a while, I just stood there staring at her bedroom door. I couldn't bring myself to leave.

I had to see her. Goddamn it, I needed to see her. She was calling to me again and damn if I didn't answer her call.

I turned the knob as softly as I could, so as not to disturb her slumber, and was relieved to find that she hadn't locked her door. I tiptoed my way inside. I knew it was wrong for me to enter her room like this, creeping and stalking her in the middle of the night, but I couldn't exactly help it. The draw I felt to her was inexplicable, as if there was this unseen magnetic force pulling me towards her, even while she slept.

I watched her silently from the foot of her bed. I just stood there and watched her peacefully sleep. I watched her eyelids flutter and her chest rise and fall with each breath. I watched her cling to her pillow and wished it was me that she was holding onto so tightly. I watched her have a hint of a smile on her lips, probably from a good dream that she was having. I longed to touch her, climb in bed with her, and even to just hold her while she slept, but I didn't, I just stood and watched. I watched until I saw the darkness of night turn into the first slivers of light from dawn breaking.

Holy Shit! I had stood there in her room and watch her sleep all night.

Before the morning sun fully rose and bathe her room in a warm glow of light, I quietly let myself out. I knew she would probably be waking soon and the last thing she needed was to find me in her room. She would have no idea that I'd ever been there.

I went to sleep that morning understandably exhausted. I was fast asleep just as soon as my head hit the pillow. Surprisingly, I think I'd had the best sleep I'd had in the longest time filled with lovely dreams of Bella.

I woke up a little before noon to an empty house. Bella was already gone. I was disappointed, but I wasn't surprised. She had to have gone to her shop.

The beauty about being a writer, I kept my own hours. I only ever had to wake up early for meetings with my editor, agent, or the publishing company, and sometimes not even then, if they were nice enough to schedule me later during the day. It wasn't unheard of for writers to have writing binges throughout the night and then sleep in most of the day. It was this freedom that I enjoyed the most about my work.

But, of course, I hadn't been writing when I pulled the all-nighter. I had been acting like a creepy, stalker, peeping-tom, spying on Bella when she was at her most vulnerable. I wondered what she'd think if she only knew. I bet I wouldn't be able to get that date after all.

I had pulled several more all-nighters like that throughout the rest of the week while Bella was staying here. I couldn't help myself. I knew it was quite wrong for me to be entering Bella's room uninvited, even worse, staying there to watch her sleep without her even realizing or knowing. There seemed to be more than just a physical attraction between us. We seemed to also have a magnetic attraction. I couldn't sleep without watching her sleep.

I'd never let on during the day that I've been doing what I was doing. It seemed Bella and everyone else in the house had no idea either.

Maybe not even all-knowing Alice knew, though I doubt it. Alice with her special gift always knew. However, Alice had never mentioned anything to me. Maybe she was being nice enough to keep the knowledge of my late-night activities to herself, so as not to ruin my chances with Bella. I would be forever grateful.

In watching Bella sleep, I started learning a few more things about her. For example, she always loved to clutch a pillow while she slept. I guess she liked holding onto or cuddling with something while she slept. It made me think that I could be the one that she held onto and cuddled with each night. I wondered if Bella ever fantasized that the pillow was a man and if that man was ever me.

Bella always left a little night light on and I don't exactly know whether she only did that because she was staying with us, or if that has always been a regular thing she did. Maybe she was afraid of the dark. I'd meant to ask her, but I couldn't exactly tell her how I knew about her night light.

I also found out that Bella talked in her sleep sometimes. It was rather cute. I got a little insight to the kind of dreams she'd have. One night I thought I had heard her call out my name, but she had said it so faintly that I wasn't certain. However, last night, I distinctly heard my name. My heart started to race. At first, I thought that she had awoken and found me in her room. I was prepared to run and then hide away as long as I could until I thought of a proper explanation that wouldn't land me in jail or worse. But, after a couple of minutes, I realized that Bella was still fast asleep. She was just dreaming.

Lo and behold, Bella dreamt about me. That blew me away!

Just when I thought I couldn't fall for her anymore than I'd already have, she went and said my name in her sleep and impossibly I became even more attracted to her. My heart couldn't imagine wanting anyone else the way I wanted Bella. Her name was already tattooed there.

I wondered what kind of dream she was having about me. Maybe it was just a dream about us working together, since I was finally going to come out of anonymity at an appearance at her bookstore-plans were already being made for that momentous occasion. She could have been thinking about that.

However, Bella could have also been fantasizing about me. I knew that she was just as attracted to me as I was to her. Both our feelings had become obvious. I certainly fantasized about her in my sleep. It wouldn't be unheard of if she did the same. I prefer to think that when she was dreaming of me that it was a fantasy.

Well, after hearing Bella call my name out in her sleep, I resolved to stop puttering about and finally ask Bella out on that date. It was about time. Once we're together, I planned to make all those fantasies of Bella come true.

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