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It wasn't suppose to happen. I didn't mean for things to go that bad. I was going to be sealed as a punishment, but it was argued that it would have detrimental effects on me instead of allowing me to contemplate what I did wrong, due to my age.

The ones who handled my punishment decided to put me in something resembling a prison cell on Earth. I was allowed a diary to write my thoughts in. Precautions were taken so I couldn't use it in any spells.

All I wanted was to make sure no one took Belldandy away from me. She... she was really happy with that guy. Why? He was a pervert! He was going to take her and Urd away from me.

I didn't want to be alone! I didn't want you two to leave me like mother and father left us! I didn't want to be alone forever!

Things weren't suppose to go as bad as they did. I wanted to make him look a fool in from of Onee-sama. If he looked like a big enough fool, she might leave him and come back to me. He... he wasn't supposed to die...

All I did was sabotage Keiichi's bike so it would swerve and slow down. He wasn't supposed to do any last checks and tinker with it! I didn't mean for his bike to suddenly speed up and crash! I didn't mean to kill him!


Before Skuld could write more, a welcoming voice called out to her.

"Hey squirt!"

Skuld immediately got up and ran over to Urd. She almost knocked over Urd in a hug-tackle.

"Urd! I didn't mean it! I didn't mean for him to die!" Skuld cried out, while tightening her grip on Urd.

"I know..." Urd replied, while hugging Skuld back. When Skuld realized Urd wasn't going away, she loosened her grip.

It was a few moments before anyone spoke.

"Does Belldandy hate me?" Skuld asked.

"Nah, she couldn't hate anyone. But don't expect her coming by anytime soon." Urd answered.

"Why?" Skuld asked while they both let go of each other.

Urd looked around the room, as if to find a exit.

"Your place here is better than I thought." Urd said.

"Urd?" Skuld said.

"On Earth, I'd try to smuggle in cigarettes for you. I'll try sneaking in Ice cream. How about that?" Urd said, while walking about.

"Urd..." Skuld repeated, starting to realize what Urd was doing.

"Dang, no TV... that's harsh. But I guess they were afraid of you turning it into a weapon or something..." Urd muttered while looking at the ceiling.

"Urd!" Skuld said in a loud voice, not quite shouting.

"Behave, and you might get time off for good behavior," Urd replied. "Oh, they gave you a diary, Sweet."

"Please Urd, Tell me! I can handle it!" Skuld shouted.

"Maybe you can, But I don't want to tell you." Urd said.

Skuld looked down.

"So Belldandy does hate me..." Skuld muttered.

Urd grabbed Skuld and shook her.

"Bell does not hate you! We're all are going through a tough time! So never think for a moment that Belldandy hates you!" Urd yelled. After she finished speaking, she stopped shaking Skuld.

"Then why isn't she here?" Skuld yelled.

Urd silenced Skuld with a glare.

"You want to know? Fine, I'll tell you." Urd said.

Urd took a few breaths before continuing.

"She had some trouble with bureaucracy that decides if human souls enter heaven. I want to believe she's just walking about, trying to calm down." Urd explained.

"You want to believe?" Skuld asked.

"The human soul office claimed there was a mix-up in the paperwork and sent Keiichi to to hell by accident." Urd continued. "Belldandy seemed to take the news well. But I could see the signs about Bell that others, even you, ignore."

"How did Belldandy take the news?" Skuld asked.

"She walked out of the office without saying a word after learning where the nerd is currently." Urd answered. "She was in a bit of a daze when she left the office."

"Why can't they get Keiichi back from hell?" Skuld asked.

"Hild asked for a eighth of our market share on Earth in return for Keiichi's soul." Urd answered.

"What the! It's like she doesn't want to give him up!" Skuld said.

"That's the point. She's up to something. And with Belldandy acting the way she is now, I'm worried that Belldandy might fall prey to whatever Hild has planned." Urd said.

"I forgot to ask, but how is everything with you?" Skuld asked.

"Eh, things are a bit rough for now," Urd answered, then she hugged Skuld. "If anyone tries telling you that I don't really love you, ignore them."

"Urd...?" Skuld muttered.

Urd quickly let go of Skuld.

"Just feeling impulsive. But seriously, I love you and so does Belldandy. Never forget that," Urd said."Now, I'm going to try to talk Belldandy into seeing you."

"Thank you." Skuld said with a smile, as she watched Urd leave.


While trying to find Belldandy, Urd ignored the looks of the other divinity. The tough ones were those that telepathically sent their thoughts. They seemed to increase in number lately.



'Defiler of innocent goddesses!'

'Fake goddess.'

That last one ticked off Urd.

'I am a real goddess, so who cares what you think? But if I do anything, Skuld might get a worse punishment.' Urd thought to herself. 'Where are are you, Bell?'


It took her some time, but she found Belldandy in one of Heaven's parks. Belldandy was sitting near a pond, looking in the water.

Urd was about to call out to Belldandy until she noticed Belldandy's face.

It was her face that scared Urd. Belldandy's face hid her rage so well. That horrible fake smile tricked all the gods and goddesses, except Urd. Urd knew Belldandy too well. It was only Belldandy's eyes that betrayed her. For the moment, Belldandy's eyes were not those of a kindhearted goddess, they were those of a mother bear who had lost her cub.

"Tea... I must simply go down to Earth and buy some tea. The little shop on the corner sold such wonderful tea and had the most darling teacups. Yes." Belldandy babbled.

Urd wasn't sure whether to stop Belldandy from going to Earth or to let her wander. Urd was afraid that Belldandy might let her anger loose on her. Urd wasn't afraid to sacrifice herself to save her family. But sacrifice herself to save Heaven with the way they had been treating her lately? Not a chance.

"Bell..." Urd managed to say.

Belldandy quickly turned to face Urd. It scared Urd enough to make her jump.

"Yes, Onee-san?" Belldandy said.

"C-could you pick me up some Sake if you visit Earth? You do pick out the best ones." Urd nervously said.

Belldandy's smile and her eyes turned warm. For the moment, Urd relaxed. Until she realized that Belldandy's smile would turn fake the moment she stopped facing Urd.

"I would be happy to, Onee-san." Belldandy said. Then Belldandy got up and left to go to Earth.

'Looks like it'll be awhile before Bell will visit you, Skuld.' Urd thought to herself.


In some cave on earth...

"The next time thou openest thine eyes, the dark mas-" Mara said before she was interrupted by a voice.

"Mara, I order you to return."

"L-l-lady Hild, I was about to get rid of the goddesses who are with that human!" Mara cried out.

"You are soooo out of date with their situation. He died and they went back to Heaven. What were you going to do, anyways?"

Mara gulped.

'I... never thought about the after-effects about my actions. I'M SO DOOMED!' Mara thought.

"Oh my, this should be good. Just remember, if you lie to me... I'll be... upset."

Mara shivered.

"I... was about to use the Ultimate Destruction Program..." Mara reluctantly said.


"Please! I beg you! Be merciful!" Mara cried out.

"Return to Hell and head directly to me. You are to ignore anything else. Oh, destroy that bottle before you leave. Can't risk letting someone use the Lord of Terror on my little Urd-chan."

"I-I-I-I-" Mara stuttered before Hild interrupted her.

"Just to let you know, every second that passes means you punishment gets worse."

"Y-yes. Lady Hild." Mara said.