Title: An Opportunity For Loyalty

Author: Krwlingklosr

Pairing: None really mentions of Merlin/Morgan

Rating: NC-17?

Warning: Major Character Death & Violence will warn if anything else.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.

Summary: We all know the legend, Merlin groomed a king named Arthur who would one day become a great and powerful king. Few knew the truth that Merlin worked so hard to cover up. This is a tale of betrayal, power, and blood. Morgan wanted Arthur dead, through clever scheming with Sybil the perfect plan was hatched. One that would not only secure her own succession to the crown, but would keep the only real threat against her at bay.

(Background) Takes place post "Igraine"

Morgan had walked the halls of Camelot for days in the disguise of the beloved Igraine. Slowly she began executing her cleverly wicked plan. Soon all of Arthur's court would know of his sin against his champion, Leontes. Now she was face to face with the real Igraine, who had somehow managed to escape from Castle Pendragon. She stared happily at the lady who had been overcome with hysteria.

"I must be dreaming, this is not real, I am not mad."

"I fear you are not dreaming my dear. I am in fact real."

"No, no, no you can't be I am not mad! I... I …... can't be. I was in a dungeon, Morgan...I... killed a guard...no..."

"Please hush... let me help you."

Reaching out her hand she gently took Igraine's hand in her own. Now she would have her revenge against the woman who stood back and did nothing while she was expelled by her father. Taking her hand Igraine looked up at the reflection of herself, rambling on about how she wasn't mad. Morgan embraced her before slowly taking a knife and stabbing her n the back. Camelot's queen slowly feel, trying to clench to Morgan for support. She lay sprawled out on the floor gasping for breath, a pool of blood slowly puddling around her. Her eyes changed to an expression of shock when her murderers true appearance at last came to light. There above her was Morgan, staring down at her, hr eyes were as cold as ice, no emotion in them. She chocked on blood, trying desperately to speak.


"I can't have you ruin everything, Camelot will mourn your death, but questions will come to light of how the kings own mother is not safe in his own household. Soon Camelot will fall, Arthur will fall, then I, Morgan Pendragon will rise, I will be Queen."

"Me...Merlin will...kn...ow."

"Merlin, that fool. I will deal with him, all in good time."

Igraine was breathing softly she had mere minutes left. She had no strength left to speak she just lay there in a pool of her own blood, looking up at the daughter she never had. Morgan knelt beside her. Bending down she laid a kiss on her forehead, before whispering in her ear.

"Goodbye dear stepmother, do give my regards to father, but fear not your son will be joining you soon enough."

Morgan stood and began to walk away, only stopping once. She could her Igraine gurgling for breath, blood filling her throat, she wanted to turn around, to enjoy this, but her reason quickly took over and told her to leave while she still could. Using a side entrance, she mounted a horse and set out back home to Pendragon. There she would await the inevitable news of Igraine murder.

Riders approached, dispatched by the king himself. She dressed in royal attire, complete with jewels and a modest headpiece, sitting in kings former throne as the riders stepped forward in the hall to address her.

"My lady Morgan, his royal Highness King Arthur Pendragon has dispatched us to inform you of the sorrow that had befallen Camelot on this sad day."

Morgan quickly changed her expression to one of worry and fear, she needed to portray the loving and caring sister the king believed her to be.

"What my good men has happened? Is the king alright?"

"Aye he is fine my lady, it is mother the lady Igraine. She has been attacked within the walls of Camelot. She has been murdered."

"No...No... this can not be, but how?"

"That is not known, his majesty asks that you join him for the funeral. He has sent us to accompany you to Camelot."

Morgan rose from the throne.

"But of course, please allow me some time to have my servants pack my things. Now please eat and drink while you wait you must be tired from the journey."

"Thank you my lady."

With that the men exited and Sybil entered from a doorway to Morgans left.

"They don't suspect a thing."

"Why should they, they all think I was here. Now I, Arthur's loving sister will go and comfort him in his hour of need. Have the servants prepare my things, I want to look at my best when I enter Camelot."

Sybil exited and Morgan took one last look around the hall before leaving to assist in preparation of her journey.

Authors Note: How do you like it? Slow at first I know but it will pick up, probably only going to be about 5 chapters or so idk yet. Please review I will update as reviews are received. =)