Title: An Opportunity For Loyalty

Author: HistoryHunter

Pairing: Mentions of Merlin/Morgan

Rating: NC-17

Warning: None

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine

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Walking down she passed the invaders, who now bowed before her. Her men removed the supports against the entrance door and when it opened she was walked out to be greeted by the armies of Camelot. The cheers feel silent as through the crowd Arthur approached, his body guards and elite men behind him. He stopped a few feet from her, the look on his face told her that he knew something had just happened but wasn't sure exactly what.

"Dear brother, I have missed you. I have reclaimed Britain... for you"

"Sister, you must tell us all of how you were able to complete such a conquest."

"Of course, but not now such a tale is better said over a feast. We must celebrate this great victory for our kingdom."

"You are right we shall arrange a feast in your honor, where you can tell us how a feat was possible."

Morgan smiled and the men resumed cheering. Arthur's men cheered for her, not for their poor excuse of a king. Later that night in the great hall of Castle Pendragon a feast was being carried out to honor Britain's savor Morgan Pendragon. She told a tale of how they were attacked and forced to retreat, where she gathered men and supplies and waited for the time to strike. She told how she had been trapped between the invaders and the hills and knew the only way to survive was to gather men from the other towns cut off from Camelot and launch hr own attack against the foreigners. The men in the hall all praised her for her courage and cunning strategy. Even Arthur's own top men congratulated her. Merlin had sat silent in the corner, she had not spoken to him, and it would seem that he had fallen out of the kings good graces.

The men, Morgan, and Arthur were all celebrating when the doors to the hall opened up and Sybil walked through them followed by Vivian who was carrying a bundle of blankets. Making her way to where Morgan was Sybil approached her. Morgan stood, now the room fell silent, walking over she thanked Sybil and took the bundle from Vivian. Sybil and Vivian stepped to the side as Morgan returned to her spot next to the king. Arthur looked upon her holding the bundle with questioning eyes, still not certain as to what was unfolding.

"My dear brother, it is my pleasure to introduce you to your nephew."

She then unwrapped the blankets to reveal a sleeping, healthy baby boy.

"I have named him after you my dear brother, he is Arthur Virgil Pendragon."

The room went ablaze with chatter, Morgan now held the heir to the kingdom.

Arthur looked on at the child in her arms. Reaching out slowly and cautiously he gently received the child from Morgan.

"My nephew, Arthur."

Speaking the words quietly to himself, before smiling and holding the child close. He looked towards the crowded hall, where all watching with impatient eyes on what his next actions would be.

"Citizens of Britain, I Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot and of Britain hereby introduce you to my nephew."

The room burst out in cheers, that is except for those closest to Arthur, they knew not what the future held, but knew that it wouldn't be in his favor as long as the child lived. Merlin stood staring intently at Morgan, she could feel his icy stars from across the room. She had no reason to worry for he knew not of the child's father, or of her plans. Vivian took the child from the room, so as to not wake him from his peaceful slumber. The festivities continued for some time before Arthur turned towards her.

"Sister would you please accompany me for a walk, and enlighten me on your stunning triumph."

"Of course dear brother, I would be honored."

Morgan followed Arthur towards the door. Arthur motioned for his knights to not follow them. Walking the outer perimeter of the castle they stopped overlooking the scarred battlefield that had once held luscious fields of grass and flowers.

"Tell me Morgan, where had you been these past moons?"

"Well, I was barely able to escape the night that Pendragon Castle was attacked and headed for the hills, hoping to ride to Camelot, my path was cut off and I was forced to take what little men and supplies I had and head deep into the mountains where I took refuge in a long abandoned fort."

"That doesn't explain how you were able to gather so many men."

"Well it appeared after sometime that the battle wasn't going so well for either side and the men stationed guarding the mountain pass were so few that my men were able to overwhelm them easily. Afterwords I road out to gather reinforcements to assist you in. Luckily many of the outlying villages that had been originally cut off were unharmed and their men willing to take up arms for their country. The rest you've witnessed."

"I see, it would appear that I, and Britain are in your eternal debt."

"Oh dear brother please, I seek no reward save for knowing that you and Camelot are safe once more."

Morgan hugged Arthur, while trying to resist using the knife hidden in her cloak on him. Now was not the time, everything had to be perfect. If her plan was to come full circle. Arthur and Morgan walked back into the hall before departing for the night. Morgan made her way back to her chambers where she knew her son would be waiting for her, and how she longed to see him. Her doors in sight, she was taken back by Merlin walking from the shadows stopping her in her footsteps.

"Ah, Merlin what do I owe this interruption, have you no one else to bother."

Merlin's face seemed to boil over with anger.

"I know your up to something Morgan, you are a treacherous snake. Now tell me what is it you hope to gain with this child? Who is this child's father?"

"My child shall be the heir to castle Pendragon and a Prince, I have no gain from either, he will simply be my heir and protector. I am his creator that is all you shall need to know. Now please leave, for this conversation is becoming dull."

"I will find out what you have and plan to do, and be assured you will be stopped and I will make sure that when Arthur finally sees you for who you are that rightful punishment be carried."

Merlin stomped off into the shadows, as Morgan smiled walking into her chamber.

"Stupid fool, I almost feel bad for the man."

Morgan looked upon her sleeping son,

"Sleep my son, for one day when your big and strong you will be a king."

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