The Perfect Good Bye

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Warning: Yaoi, smut, slash all that jazz.

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Even before the door shut, both testosterone fueled boys were making out as if their lives depended on it. At some point, Tai had begun carrying his blonde lover as they kissed, setting him gently on the bed only to crawl on top and continue kissing him. The blonde gladly accepted his exploring tongue. The soccer star had his arms wrapped around his boyfriend's waist, while Matt's arms were around Tai's neck, pulling them closer as if it could deepen the kiss anymore.

As weird as it may sound, Tai had watched certain… movies he wasn't supposed to so he knew how to give his boyfriend pleasure. Most of those movies just showed the couple kissing and taking their clothes off; others showed a bit more then that. His learning came in handy, kissing further down from the blonde's mouth to reach his neck. Tai lightly latched onto Matt's supple, pale skin with his lips. He suckled lightly on the flesh, switching between sucking and licking at the boy's neck.

The brunette couldn't hear his boyfriend's mewls of enjoyment, but he could definitely feel the effect it was having on the blonde. Of course, his own member was growing hard in the jeans he wore and would, every so often, brush against Matt's own, bring a moan from both that only one of them could hear.

Tai slowly snaked his fingers up the back of Matt's shirt, finding it rather warm, which was strange for the blonde, but given the situation, it made sense. Meanwhile, Matt's own arms had guided themselves down the soccer star's body as said boy kissed his way back up to his boyfriend's lips, continuing their previous kiss. The musician's hands snuck under Tai's shirt to feel around at the body he'd wanted to touch so badly whenever he saw it in their P.E. class. The skin was softer then he'd expected, but that made the brunette's body that much more interesting.

With a break in their kissing, half-lidded chocolate met lustful cerulean in a sort of mental exchange. The brunette sat up on his knees, stratling the blonde, quickly pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it to a corner of the room. He returned to his blonde prince's lips in an instant as if they were his life force.

With the kiss recommenced, Matt decided he'd follow his olive knight's example and began unbuttoning his black cotton shirt. Nothing mattered to either boy, nothing but the other male. The shirt unbuttoned and slid out of, Matt's head was fully into the kiss now, moving their wrestling tongues into Tai's mouth this time, enjoying the taste he'd become so accustomed to.

Just as they'd done before, Tai's lips slowly lifted from Matt's and began another travel south, stopping once more to suckle his neck and leave another hickey. This time, however, they didn't return back up, instead continuing down to the lithe torso of his pale love. One of the pink nubs disappeared under Tai's skillful lips, making the blonde cry out in pleasure as he hadn't expected the sensation.

With the one nipple in his mouth hard from stimulation, Tai moved to the other, doing just as he'd done previously. His tongue licked over the soft, pink flesh as he sucked on it lightly, hardening it from the motivation. While his mouth was busy pleasuring Matt, Tai's hands had dipped down to the blonde's crotch, undoing the jeans and making the musician gasp as his hard cock was freed from its denim prison.

Now that the second nipple was done, Tai's journey southward continued with kiss after kiss to the warm, milky skin. He stopped to pull Matt's pants off, with no fight from the blonde who was now left in nothing but a pair of navy blue boxers. Tai's pants followed suit as they were shed and thrown to join the growing pile. Both boys looked each other over, if only for a moment as Tai continued with his ministrations.

The brunette's thumbs hooked into the waistband of Matt's boxers as the boy looked up to meet his boyfriend's blue gaze, asking permission. The musician nodded slowly and his boxer's couldn't have been off faster. Matt's erection sprang up to attention eliciting a moan from the blonde's lips. Tai looked up pleadingly once more, making sure Matt was okay with what he was about to do and he nodded once again.

Tai took the head of Matt's hard cock into his mouth, said boy's eyes rolling back in pleasure as his boyfriend ran his tongue over the slightly spongy top. The brunette slowly took little by little into his mouth, sucking harder and making his boyfriend groan in pleasure. His hand was up by Matt's face with two fingers near his lips, the ecstatic blonde didn't understand right away, but soon took the digits into his mouth just as Tai was doing to his organ.

Once they were deemed lubed, Tai's fingers were removed from the blonde's mouth and returned to a location mush further south. As something teased and prodded lightly at Matt's rectum, he groaned, attempting to relax as the first finger slid in. Little pain was felt as the digit was inserted and began moving around in the warm canal, loosening Matt's muscles for a second to sneak in with it.

Matt's breathing sped up along with his heart-rate. His hard cock throbbed in Tai's mouth as his tongue continued lapping at every inch it could reach. Soon, a second finger joined the first, sliding in with more resistance and causing for pain then the first alone. Tai could feel the blonde tense and didn't move either finger, waiting for him to become accustomed to the feel. He continued with the boy's cock, taking his mouth off the now shiny member and blowing cool air on it to stimulate it. The reaction was rather funny to Tai as a shiver shot up Matt's body.

Meanwhile, Tai's fingers had begun slowly moving, wriggling around to stretch the hole more and they came in contact with something that made the blonde jump. Finding the reaction intriguing, the brunette touched the spot once more and noticed the dreamy look on his boyfriend's face as he did so. He'd found Matt's sweet-spot and every time he hit it, the boy beneath him grew closer and closer to climax.

Deeming the hole to be stretched, Tai sat back up and leaned to capture his love in a kiss once more. Doing so got the blonde's mind off of what would come next and make it hurt just that much less. Tai's rod pushed slowly at Matt's stretched hole, sliding in at an excruciating pace, but he didn't want to hurt his love if he didn't have to. The head finally "popped" in and the brunette stopped, letting his boyfriend get accustomed to the larger visitor then a couple of fingers.

Matt gave his signal, finger spelling "GO" on Tai's back and the soccer star continued pushing in through their kiss. Seconds turned to minutes as the two kept on with their kiss, Tai still pushing into the tight entrance until their hips met with the brunette fully buried in the blonde. As he stopped, the brunette pulled back to look his lover in the eyes, pushing their foreheads together and mouthing words "I love you." The blonde did the same back, placing a soft kiss to the olive nose above him

Tai began pulling his hips back gradually until the head was the only thing left inside and he reentered at the same pace. Upon his reentrance, the brunette came in contact with the musician's prostate, making Matt's erection pulse with pleasure. The soccer star smirked a bit, pulling out a bit quicker and pushing in at the same quickened speed.

He continued on like that, pulling out faster then the previous time and pushing back in at the same velocity until he found a tempo that was perfect. Only one could hear the moans of ecstasy that came from both boys, but neither really needed to as the apartments around them could hear enough. Tai wrapped a hand around his boyfriend's erection, pumping it in time with his thrusts to bring about the orgasm he had been denied earlier.

In minutes, Matt screamed in orgasmic bliss, cum landing on his lithe torso and flat stomach, the rest dribbling onto Tai's hand. The orgasm also caused a great tightening of the blonde's anal walls which brought Tai over the edge as well, spilling his seed into the love of his life. Neither moved as they road out their first sex-induced orgasms, both catching their breath from the recent feet.

Tai was first to move, taking his softening member out of the love he'd never give up and lying down next to said boy. Matt cuddled into his boyfriend's muscular chest as a tan arm wrapped around him and pulled his body close. The two fell asleep in each other's arms, not needing the reassurance that they loved one another as they already knew… just as the rest of the building did.

(And so ends the lemon… Now for the short epilogue-ish thing.)

Two weeks had passed since the Ishidas' departure and Matt had promised he and TK would return for a visit as soon as the family got settled for what felt like the millionth time.

Tai, thinking of his blonde beau as usual, was lounging on the Kamiya family couch when his sister came in the door, coming in from speaking with Daisuke about their plans with TK when he arrived. She was carrying something her brother couldn't see, but at the moment, he couldn't be bothered with her musings.

However, the young girl peeked over the back of the couch with a large yellow envelope in her hand. 'This came for you.' She informed, dropping the package on her brother's lap. 'It's from Matt.' The girl pointed to the message printed on the front of the envelope in black Sharpie and headed for her room.

The brunette held up the message and read it over…


I know it seems weird to be sending something in the mail, rather then in a text or e-mail, but this wasn't something I could send either of those ways. Inside this is something very special to me, about someone special to me. I hope you know it's about you; otherwise I might have wasted my time in sending this.

Tai could hear the sarcasm in his boyfriend's writing, ironically.

You inspired me to write this. I plan to play it for Burning Records as one of the band's songs, but I wanted you to be the first to look at it. Tell me what you think when I get back. Also, it's not completely done, I was hoping you could help me when I get back.

Love, Matt

P.S. This is for your eyes only, remember that.

Even when he wasn't near the brunette, Matt could read his boyfriend like an open book, which made Tai chuckle to himself as he opened the package. Inside was a booklet of about five or six pages, stapled together and all covered with musical notes. Matt had written a song for his boyfriend like all the great musicians do for their loved ones. It didn't have words, which must have been what Matt needed his help with.

However, the one thing that stuck out to Tai was the title of the piece: "If I Could Hear Your Voice". And Tai wouldn't know, but the first four notes of the song were those same notes Matt had helped him play the day they shared their first kiss.

The brunette shed a tear, silently wishing he could hear his boyfriend play the wonderful melody he was sure it was. To him, though, having Matt was gift enough, he didn't need to start asking for anymore miracles.

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