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Black and white tennis shoes gently tapped rhythmically onto the dashboard with the beat of the music. Bright green, custom made ear buds kept up with the tempo as the brown mess of hair flying all about in several different directions continued to head bang strongly along with the beat. His jaded colored eyes closing ever so tightly, brows furrowed, while the intoxicating melody itself seemed to be whisking him further, and further away; speaking to him ever so deeply into the staggering depths of his very soul. The loud hum of the engine vibrating off of the rust-bucket 3 paid nary a mind to him; for the young boy was severely lost into his own made up, tambourine playing type of fantasy world.

Ben had now transformed himself into? "Mr. Oblivious."

If Kevin would have taken less than a minute of his precious time to listen a bit more closely to the acoustic sound that had been radiating from the younger teen's head phones; (instead of grumbling out towards Ben's actions of air guitaring, foot tapping, and head flailing; realizing with how overly annoying the whole thing was), he would've found the torturous situation he was unfortunately forced into; much more entertaining. Not to mention having something that would've been quite amusing in the long run that he could potentially use to tease the young alien shifter about. But, on the other hand, if Ben's head wasn't so caught up in the musical stylings of a certain song bellowing about how all these British dudes lived happily in their immaculate, shiny yellow submarine, made of nothing but simple mechanics, nails, and mustard colored tin, he could then explain to the older boy that the whole thing actually sounded like it was something that'd be right up the raven haired hero's alley. Well, if the song itself wasn't so utterly ridiculous, and totally below Kevin's high standards of what the montage of his musical genre should be.

So, as usual Ben continued on, forever lost and never noticing Kevin's aggressive stare; not even realizing the heavy sigh that escaped from the man's lips, or how his fingers had nervously twitched, closing into a tight fist of raging fury. Until the moment arrived, when Kevin finally had had enough, and whacked Ben a pretty good one right onto the backside of his head, causing the boy to almost fall face first into the dashboard to where his feet were happily connected to moments before the very irritated guy decided to slug the tar out of him.

Ben intern mumbled something inaudible, and quickly removed the ear buds from his now throbbing head, glaring hard at his so called friend sitting next to him, and shifting himself upright onto his chair. "What the heck did I do now?" His voice sounding a tad bit strained from the recent blow to his cranium.

"Nothin'." Kevin shrugged carelessly, as a hint of an evil smirk, that went unnoticed, graced his previous stony features. Hearing a low huff coming out from the hero in green, Kevin had decided to give the kid a small explanation in his own demonically charming way. "It looked like you needed a little help. So…? I helped." Kevin stated, keeping his taunting gaze out towards the stars ahead, as random planets rushed on by.

"Help with what? I didn't ask for anything?" Ben questioned, his top lip rising in such a confusing manner, that it caused his nose to wrinkle up in the process. "I mean, did I ask for something without realizing it?" He finished, running his hands through his dark muddy locks, still holding that look of being overly bewildered within his features.

Kevin smiled. "Nah, nothin' like that." He shrugged once more. "I just felt the sudden need to smack the stupid out of ya again, that's all."

Ben opened his mouth to defend, but Kevin being the smart ass that he was, interrupted, teasing the poor guy even further; grinning to himself even wider. "You're welcome."

"I wasn't going to thank you, Kevin." Ben said through gritted teeth, folding his arms heatedly over his chest. He hated it when Gwen would go towards the back of the hanger to read one her stupid girly books, leaving him and Kevin alone. She wasn't there to keep the twisted and deranged Osmosian in line.

Ben of course, vowed that he would give her what for later. The ideas of what he'd do for a revenge was flashing in turbulent bursts on the inside of his mind, one in particular, was envisioning her being slowly "gooped" alive by none other than Goop himself, her screaming bloody murder as the boogerish green goo collided with one of her best, and nicest sweaters.

An evil little smile slowly crept along his already stoic face; 'that'll teach her to go and secretly hide somewhere, getting all educated and stuff.' Ben thought, his brows furrowing in concentration. He felt Gwen was already equipped with loads of the smart juice for this simple, yet long road trip as it was, or any other really.

Or, he thought once more, bringing his hand up to his chin. 'Maybe Gwen was smarter of the three of us to just leave…' Ben couldn't decide which of the scenarios that he had conjured up seconds ago were worse. He then decided to drop his moronic thoughts all together, and continue on with the problem he was faced with at the moment by deliberately changing the subject at the same time. Kevin would believe his sudden change in thought. After all, Ben knew he was way better with the more "off the wall" type of topics than anything else. And besides, he figured he had plenty of open opportunities to get his cousin back.

"You should've painted this thing yellow." Ben began, remembering the influential song he had been listening to before Kevin's teasing started, his eyes drifting up with interest towards the ceiling of the rust-bucket 3 with wings.

"What?" Kevin gasped out in shock, his dark orbs almost falling out of their sockets. Where the heck did that come from? He was enjoying the torment he was bringing onto his best friend, and what was even sweeter about the deal, was that Gwen wasn't even there to stop him this time. Kevin Levin, the Kevin Levin, had been rendered speechless for a moment or two, but quickly regained his footing, and spoke on, realizing right away with what the hero actually wanted him to paint yellow. "No way, absolutely not!" Kevin shook his head, vigorously. "I will not be drivin' around in space on some stupid and ridiculous flyin' big banana thing!"

Ben gave him the "puppy dog" face, and whimpered, causing Kevin to growl in frustration. "No." He seethed, turning his head back to the windshield of the ship, saying nothing more on the subject.

"Why? I think It'd be totally cool!" Ben smiled mischievously, almost going into one of his mad, giggling fits. "Where's your sense of adventure? To be spontaneous?" Ben lifted his one fist into the air, then swooshing it to his right in one fluid motion. "I say, to heck with all of the silly green… Put a stop to being so boring, down, drabby and mellow… And let us turn this awesome big jet, into a bright freaken yellow!"

Kevin stared on at the younger boy, with a distant, shocked look upon his face, unable to find the correct words to even make a witty and worthy comeback. He was that flabbergasted with the situation, and a little annoyed.

Well, mostly annoyed.

Kevin shook his head a good few times before considering any type of response. Ben was seriously off his rocker, and now he was deliberately rhyming. Rhyming of all things! The older teen moved his head side to side one more time, and the only thing he could sputter out was, "That? Was so epically lame, Tennyson, that my brain just exploded." He heavily sighed, running his hands through his hair, watching, as the hero smiled to himself out of small achievement.

Ben chuckled even more, and leaned forward in his leather based seat, taking the open opportunity that had been conviently handed over to him onto a huge silver platter.


"Wanna know how you're lame?" Ben asked, his brows knitting into his typical game face, as Kevin grinned knowingly to himself, waiting for the kid to continue. "You're so lame, that you faint every time you see someone eating marshmallows during one of our yearly camping trips." Ben reminisced, recalling the time Kevin had fainted watching the Tiffin being devoured by the giant sized red guy.

"Wanna know how you're lame?" Kevin chuckled, readying the jet steady by putting it on auto pilot, but first, checking his readings quickly before pushing that all too familiar blue button. He wanted to make sure that everything was up to par and that the area they were in was safe enough to do so. "You're so lame, that with your bad haircut you keep sportin' nowadays, fan girls tend to mistake you for Justin Bieber himself." He shrugs, laughing harder under his breath. "Though, I'm not entirely surprised. You guys do look strangely identical. No wonder you're so famous back on earth."

Kevin continued to laugh at his teammate's expense, while Ben's face suddenly fell. This game the brunette hero had suddenly started was so not going in his favor. He hated being referred to as Justin Bieber. The news on channel two had always ridiculed him for that. How his hair was a knock off of that wannabe pop singer. Ben knew that he was the first one to ever have such a well rounded, flair of a hair style, and if anything, Justin Bieber had copied him. Not the other way around. No argument. But, Kevin would never let him live it down. Never. It would seem that Kevin had finally reached an all new low, and Ben knew that the older teen understood that it was an overly sensitive, sore subject with him. So… Why would Kevin say such a thing, knowing that it was more than hurtful?

Oh, yeah… Because it was Kevin Levin. Did he really need to say anything more?

Ben folded his arms over his chest heatedly, and glared harshly over at his friend, his lips almost in a pouting position. "You wanna know how you're soooo ridiculously lame, Kevin?" He asked, venom dripping with such heaviness from the tone that his tense voice climbed a whole octave higher towards the middle of his rebuttal. "That Gwen seems to always wear the pants in your guy's relationship. Therefore, making you the cowering, scared little gir -"

"Benjamin- Kirby-Tennyson!"

Ben was cut short by the all too familiar feminine voice that had flowed forcefully from behind his seat. His eyes widening with the fear of his upcoming doom…

"Guess you should've stuck with the whole 'One Big Jet and a Banana Theory' song, huh Benji? Kevin snickered, taking the jet off of auto pilot, as he watched his girlfriend scold at her cousin, shamelessly.

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