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To say that Itachi Uchiha was a perfect child in every way would be an understatement. Perfect didn't entirely describe the total level of perfection that he'd managed to reach. Godlike was a lot more close, and in Itachi's opinion, he was much more godlike than merely perfect. The word perfect didn't leave enough space for creativity, didn't quite capture a person's personality the way godlike did. Especially, because the ancient Kami spirits in the history books made mistakes. Lots of them. Even in perfection, they had flaws.

Itachi wasn't as battle-scared with flaws as mythological gods were. In fact he only considered himself to have one imperfection, but it had become such a problem that it seemed to be outweighing his faultlessness.

Itachi was a perfect citizen, a perfect son, a perfect ninja, a perfect musician, a perfect cook, etc. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't be a perfect brother, and it absolutely broke his heart.

When he'd been told, eight years before, that he was going to be a big brother it didn't really phase him. He figured it would be some little kid following him around trying to be as perfect as he was. Another Shisui, so to speak. Or maybe it would be a younger prodigy, this made the image of the Hyuuga clan's newborn son Neji come to mind. He'd be a year ahead of Itachi's sibling in school, and surely the Hyuuga was guaranteed to be a prodigy, just as Itachi was when he was a baby. Just as his little brother or sister would be.

He hoped it was a girl. That way, maybe it would grow out of following him around and go play with dolls or something. But in the third trimester of his mother's pregnancy she had told him that it was to be a boy. It's almost laughable how disappointed he was. How annoying the thought of having a little shadow almost identical to himself sounded, but then again, even love at first sight requires sight, and Itachi hadn't yet seen the child.

When the day came that the little bundle of joy was finally brought home, Itachi's opinion of it changed entirely. Right then, from day one, he knew he loved his little brother. A week after his birth, the baby was named Sasuke. It seemed to fit him perfectly, but Itachi had already been addressing the infant as 'Otouto' for a week, so it had kind of stuck. He already knew that even in the later years of their lives he would rarely call the child by his actual name. It wasn't that Sasuke was a bad name or anything... it's just that Itachi liked calling him Otouto, because he was so delighted and honored that Sasuke was his little brother. So it seemed only natural that he should emphasize that fact at all times.

Itachi had succeeded with his goal of being a perfect brother at first. It wasn't until he was about eight years old that things started to get bumpy. The faster he progressed as a Shinobi, the further it took him from Sasuke, and he quickly realized that there was no way he'd ever be able to achieve perfection in both aspects in his life. Someone would always be disappointed, and unfortunately, that someone tended to be his precious Otouto more often than not.

Sasuke was only three when it started, so he didn't complain much, but Itachi knew that it hurt the child when he had to go away. The older Sasuke got, the more comfortable he was telling Itachi about his emotions, and the older Itachi got, the more time he was away. That would have been simple, if they were aging one at a time; but that's not how the world works. So as Itachi was getting more missions, Sasuke was simultaneously voicing his distaste, and that quickly drew the attention of the other clansman.

Initially, no one cared that Sasuke was upset by Itachi's frequent absence. Which was simply because no matter how much the boy cried, they knew nothing could be done about it. They were wrong. When Itachi finally worked up the balls to tell his father and fellow-clansman one night that he simply would not go on a three week long mission because it would crush Sasuke... well, things started to change.

Fugaku started feeling that his younger son was becoming a hindrance to the elder's potential. It caused him to resent Sasuke, and the resulting strain in their relationship made the child even more miserable. Which is when Itachi started feeling like shit.

No matter what he did as an Aniki, his beloved brother was still so sad when they were apart. He could exceed perfect brother standards when they were together, but he couldn't make them stay together for long which was driving him insane, and that was only the first of his imperfections with Sasuke. The second problem was much, much more serious than not having enough spare time.

The second problem, had only risen about a year ago, when Sasuke was seven and Itachi was twelve. He hadn't realized until then how imperfect he was.

It started as a very simple thing, a light touch here, a lingering hug there. Lap-sitting. Lot's of lap-sitting. It was sweet. It was pure, brotherly and sweet. Itachi had no idea when it had taken a turn. He liked to think of it as a turn for the worse, but at times it felt like a turn for the better.

He learned about himself when he was twelve, it was standard. Sex Ed. Even ANBU Black Ops had to take it. Puberty was puberty, no matter how advanced you were in other things. There came a time in every twelve year old's life, when they had to have the talk.

This talk is expected to teach the child about their own body, and the body of the opposite sex. It's supposed to make them better understand things that have been bothering them all year.

What it's not supposed to do, is clarify to a certain twelve year old boy that he was yearning for the touch of his baby brother in the utmost sinful of ways.

It was then that Itachi realized his biggest imperfection. He could not be a perfect brother, because he would never be able to love Sasuke the way a brother should. What he felt for the boy was something else entirely.

Which is why now, at thirteen an eight, Itachi has grown to hate himself. Because he's madly in love with his brother, and he's slowly starting to realize, that there's no way in hell that he can keep his hands off of him.

So as the light touches and lingering hugs turned slowly into lingering touches and light kisses, Itachi knew that he was spiraling down the tornado infested pathway of sin. He knew that. He knew it was wrong. He knew it was imperfect. And the sickest part was... he didn't give a flying fuck.

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