I've tried to stay out of this as long as I can; for years I've watched my brothers as they try to tear each other apart and it pains me. Hasn't our family suffered enough as it is; we're all angry, we all want revenge, but revenge is what tore our family apart in the first place. I can't stay out of it any longer; I know he wants to be free, but even though I love him I cannot allow it. I've had my spies bring me news and now there is no other option but to come out of hiding.

There are other complications; the one I love knows nothing of me, my pasts, or what I am and neither does his family. I'm sick with guilt at hiding from them, but I did not want them involve and in this age old mess that started with one mistake. I know they will be angry and I do not blame them, but I have my reasons. The other person I truly care about is in the dark as well. His father is well aware of me and my pasts because we crossed paths many years ago. He has never judged me because he knows what I am was never my choice, but since there was no changing it I have kept to a strict moral code.

One last complication; a fight begins tomorrow and it shall decide all our fates because I'm coming out of the coffin so to speak.

Here everyone knows me as Isabella Marie Swan daughter of Charles Swan and Renee Dwyer. The sweet shy 18 year old human girl dating Edward Cullen, but that is merely a mask. My real name is Isabella Alexandria Bathory, daughter of Armand Victor Bathory and Maria Adriana Bathory the first original vampires. The only surviving members of our family now are myself, my eldest brother Elijah and my other older brother Klaus who is really my half-brother.

For centuries Klaus has been under a curse and it seems now that he has found a way to break it. I cannot allow that to happen; I love him as much as anyone can love a brother, but he has grown cold and heartless and I fear for humanity, for all of us if he releases the beast within him. He will be unstoppable and I cannot allow that kind of terror loose. I still hold what human emotions I have dear to my heart and although my kind have been painted as blood thirsty monsters not all of us are that way. Not all of us chose this life, not all of us view humans as merely food, and not all of us are disconnected. Is it easier to shut out the emotions….yes, but in doing so what semblance of a life we have becomes dark and cold and lonely.

I do not like what must be done, but I know that there is no other way. The time has come and I will not allow Klaus to break this curse. I had him cursed in the first place out of love and fear for his life. Now I will make sure it is not broken out of my fear for humanity and the innocent people who were forced into this wicked, painful, and twisted vengeful feud that started with the three of us and if it must it will end with the three of us.

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