Highway to Hell Preface: December 10, 1990

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Story Summary: Lesson one: Family is everything. Lesson two: Never leave your gun in the car. Lesson three: Sometimes lesson two is the more important one to remember.


"We gotta hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got"

(Livin' on a prayer, Bon Jovi)


Carlisle PoV: (Seattle)

I rubbed my eyes and rolled my shoulders to combat the stiffness setting into my muscles.

I shook my head to clear the fog of sleepiness.

"Dr Cullen, why don't you head home?" the head nurse on call asked quietly.

I looked at her, realizing that I was so damn exhausted I couldn't remember her name.


"I have fifteen minutes left," I said, yawning as I looked at my watch for confirmation.

"You've already completed two shifts," the nurse argued.

Maybe Jane?

"I told Marcus that I'd stay until midnight to see if there was any change with Mrs. Masen."

The nurse sighed. "Alright, I wouldn't hope for anything on that front, though. Poor lady was a stone cold vegetable when they brought her in yesterday."

"Thanks…er," I looked at the woman in her pink scrubs and bushy blonde ponytail.

What the hell is her name?

"Kathy?" I guessed like an imbecile.

She smiled and laughed lightly. "I'm Angela, Dr. Cullen. We've worked together for three years."

Angela! Of course. The girl that Esme likes. The one that used to get me coffee when I worked the graveyard shift. Shit, how did I forget that?

"Angela, sorry," I apologized, shaking my head.

"Don't worry about it, Dr. Cullen. Just promise me you'll get some sleep. Soon." She gave me a stern look and headed off down the hall.

I looked around. The place was silent except for the buzzing and beeping of the machines. The ICU was dead. One nurse sat at the front desk and one was making rounds. Then there was me.

Marcus owes me one, I mentally grumbled.

I sat behind the nurse's station and glared at the screen labeled room seventeen. It was the room that Elizabeth Masen was taken to a handful of hours before, after Marcus had finished examining her in the ER. The vitals hadn't changed since the last time I was sitting there. I tapped the glass and hoped it was a glitch in the hardware. Marcus was certain there would be a change by midnight.

The nurse making rounds passed the desk a minute later. She gave me a sympathetic look but didn't say anything.

I drummed my fingers on the tabletop. The minutes ticked by slower than molasses. Elizabeth Masen lay there, unchanged.

Five minutes till midnight I stood and walked to room seventeen. I didn't think it would make any difference at all if I visited her bedside before I left for the night. I was too exhausted to be much help anyway, but I had promised Marcus that I would stay until midnight. I hoped that this might make the time pass faster.

I grabbed the chart hanging by the door as I entered her room. I flipped through the pages to refresh my memory on her condition. She was brought in early Thursday morning. There were no signs of her being attacked. No indications as to why she was not responding. Her vitals were normal other than her unconsciousness. All in all she looked like a typical coma case to me. Her x-rays showed no signs of trauma to her head. Her blood work was normal. Further tests would have to be done to find out what put her in a coma, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary from the notes in her chart.

But Marcus was hell-bent on me staying here to watch over her tonight. He insisted that Esme would understand.

I noticed a tray of food sitting on the back counter of her room.

That's awfully optimistic of the nurses, I thought. Usually patients didn't have meals delivered until they were awake and their vitals indicated that it was okay for food to be put in their systems.

"Dr Cullen," a voice at the door suddenly announced. I flinched at the sound, unprepared for any noise at that moment. "Oh, sorry to scare you." I turned to find Angela standing in the doorway.

"No, it's okay, what is it?"

She smiled warmly. "I had the orderly bring you some food. Just in case you skipped dinner," she added knowingly.

I smiled. "That was very considerate of you," I told her, realizing that I had skipped dinner. "Thank you."

She nodded and headed back down the hall. I looked at the tray from across the room. My stomach growled in interest and my feet responded without my commanding them to move. Upon closer inspection I decided I would just eat the Jell-o and wait until I got home to find something substantial to eat. I tucked Mrs. Masen's chart under my arm and picked up the cup, searching the tray for a spoon. I found two forks but no spoons.

"Why is it always forks?" I complained. The cafeteria staff seemed to despise spoons for some ridiculous reason. It was almost impossible to find any utensil other than forks in the kitchen. I made do with my anti-spoon and Jell-o and sat the finished container next to Mrs. Masen's bed.

I noted the stats on the blinking monitors above her head and her still incapacitated form.

Nothing new.

I sighed, laying the chart down at the end of Mrs. Masen's bed. I reached for my flashlight in my chest pocket.

A loud crash from the hallway drew my attention. Mel, the night janitor, pushed the cumbersome floor polishing machine past the door.

I shook my head. The lack of sleep was getting to me.

"Okay, let's have a look," I muttered to myself.

I leaned in, pulling the lids of her right eye apart and shining the light directly at her unfocused pupil.

No response.

"Damn it, Marcus," I grumbled.

I could see the seconds hand on the clock on the wall counting down the final thirty seconds till midnight.

What the hell does he expect? Is she going to turn into a damn pumpkin?

My head shook out of frustration as I put on my stethoscope and lowered the chest piece to listen to her heart.

An ice cold hand clamped down on top of mine the instant the metal touched her skin. I jumped back, my hand jerking from the grasp instinctively. To my utter amazement Elizabeth Masen's eyes were wide open. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. Her hand was still outstretched above her.

I looked to the clock on the wall—midnight.

"What the hell…" My heartbeat sped. I felt suddenly wide awake.

"Help me…please help me," she rasped.

I looked around. Her monitor was unchanged, as if she was still asleep. The two nurses on duty probably didn't even realize that she'd woken up.

"I'll get…" I started to say.

"No! Help me…please…don't leave…don't…" she moaned.

I swallowed slowly. It felt like my heart was beating in my throat, choking the air from my lungs.

I moved forward gradually, some unnamed fear making my movements stilted.

"Please…please….save him…help him…" she pleaded.

"Him who?" I asked once I was next to her bed.

My heart stalled when her eyes instantly snapped in my direction. Her eyes were green, vibrant and hard as emeralds.

"Edward," she whispered. "Edward...Edward…Edward…" she chanted.

She stared heavenward as she repeated the name. I moved closer to her, leaning in toward her face.

"Who is Edward?" I asked.

"My son," she replied.

I felt as if the air was sucked out of the room. My throat was dry.

There was another loud crash from out in the hall. I ignored it this time, knowing it was just the janitor.

Her son?

I thought back to yesterday morning. Her arrival had been amidst chaos in the ER due to multiple car accidents. Marcus had been the only doctor available to see her. No one, not even the nurses who had researched her identification had mentioned that she had a child.

That poor kid.

"Where is Edward?" I asked. "I'll help him, but where…"

Those green eyes were staring in my direction again, unblinking and calculating. She was deciding something.

"You can trust me," I promised.

A tear slid down her cheek from the corner of her right eye. She didn't say anything, but she pointed to my empty Jell-o cup.

"Are you hungry?" I guessed. I retrieved the food tray from the back counter, offering her whatever she wanted off of it.

She shook her head, pointing to the cup once more. I brought the cup closer, putting it on the food tray and holding it all out to her. She pushed everything aside, hunting down the two forks on the tray and holding them up to me.

"I know," I assured her. "It's utensilism down in the cafeteria."

She shook her head, holding the forks out to me with determination in her eyes.

I took them from her. "Forks?" I asked in confusion.

She nodded. "Edward," she whispered.

Her son was in Forks? How the hell did she end up in Seattle?

Before I had a chance to ask, pain shot through my head and everything went black.

I woke up, gasping for breath. The room was dark when I opened my eyes. Thick black smoke coated everything. The source of the smoke was easy enough to discern, Elizabeth's bed was ablaze the stench of her burning flesh making me gag.

I kept my breaths shallow and crawled to the hallway.

"Help!" My voice was gnarled by the smoke. I coughed. I squinted to bring the room into focus.

Why wasn't the fire alarm triggered? Why weren't the sprinklers kicking on?

"Help," I croaked once more. I struggled to pull myself up, stumbling over something on the floor next to the nurse's station.

I leaned against the counter for support and looked down. The nurse who had been making rounds when I was at the desk was lying on her side at my feet. I kneeled beside her, my hand automatically moving to her neck to check her pulse. Her body lurched toward me.

"Oh God," I whispered pulling my hand back when I noticed the scalpel lodged in her chest.

I scrambled back to my feet and ran down the hall toward the elevator. A familiar loud banging met me as I rounded the corner. The floor polisher was caught in the door of the elevator, still running. I followed the cord back to the outlet.

"Mel, thank God someone is here," I said when I saw the janitor sitting next to the power source. My relief was short lived when Mel's lifeless body fell to the side. The power cord was wrapped around his throat.

"Holy shit!" I shouted. I pulled the cord free of the outlet and ran back to the elevator. I shoved the cleaning machine out of the door track and stepped back into the sanctuary of the elevator.

My heart jack hammered in my chest. I pushed the button for the lobby and leaned my forehead against the door once it was closed.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked breathlessly. Everyone was dead. Killed. The hospital was on fire. Where were the emergency crews? The fire department? The damn sprinkler system?

What happened to Elizabeth?

Something thumped against the back of the elevator behind me. I shouted in terror. Whatever was killing people here might still be hanging around. I turned to meet my fate.

Tears filled my eyes the second I saw her—Angela. She sat propped in the corner of the elevator. Her throat sliced and her pink scrubs covered in her own blood.

Tears, screams and a whole hell of a lot of luck got me to my car in the parking lot and back home. The streets were empty as I drove away from the hospital. Our house was dark and quiet when I walked through the front door.

"Ez, you gotta get up sweetheart," I said softly when I entered our bedroom. I tried to keep the fear from my voice. I didn't want to scare her. My head was spinning. I felt weak from being awake so long. I couldn't stop thinking about all the dead people at the hospital.

What's going on? Where are we going to go?

"Come on, sweetie. We have to leave town. Tonight."

I went to the closet and started pulling out clothes. I unlocked the safe behind my dress shirts and pulled out the stored money and the pistol that my father gave me when I turned eighteen.

I tossed everything into a duffle bag.

I froze.

The bedroom was silent.

"Ez?" I whispered.

There was no response.

"Esme?" I called louder.

Still no response.

I dropped the duffle and walked back into our bedroom. The lights were all off but I could make out the outline of a body lying in our bed. I took a deep breath.

"Ez, sweetie, is that you?" I whispered.

I inched closer to the bed, my heart in my throat. "Ez, please…"

I turned on the bedside lamp as I sat down next to her. My wife's beautiful chestnut hair rested against the pillow as she laid facing away from me.

"Esme?" I reached out, touching her shoulder and turning her toward me.

My heart stopped. My brain was unable to process what I saw.

"No!" I screamed.

My wife. My beautiful, loving, innocent wife lay lifeless in my arms. Her throat was cut, just like Angela's had been. Her blood stained our bed. Her eyes were open and empty.

"Esme!" I yelled, shaking her, knowing that it was pointless. She was dead. I was a doctor. I knew there was no medical way to cure someone of death.

"Why!" I yelled. I clutched her to me. Her arms fell limply at her sides, her body unmoving and cold. Such a contrast to the warmth she had been to my life.

The world was crumbling around me. I couldn't fight this. I didn't know where to begin to figure this out. Why was everyone suddenly dead? Why was I still alive? Why was my angel dead in my arms?

I noticed a folded piece of paper lying on Esme's pillow. I was loathed to put her down but I had to find answers to what was going on. I held the paper, the corners of it stained with her blood. I took one last long glance at my beloved wife. Tears blurred my vision as I read the note.

Give me the child.

That was all it said. No name. No explanation. Just a demand for a thing that I didn't have in my possession. Esme was unable to conceive. We didn't have any kids.

"What child?" I whispered, trying to riddle out the meaning. There were kids in the hospital. "Oh God!" I exclaimed as I realized they were all probably dead now, too.

The hospital. Kids. Elizabeth.

A single word popped into my brain, explaining everything.

"Edward," I whispered.

I dropped the card on the floor. Determination steeled my muscles. I changed into fresh clothes and finished filling my duffle bag. I kissed my wife goodbye, promising to see her again one day.

I pulled out on to the highway at three a.m., only one destination in mind.



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