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It'd been nearly a year since Sakura had become the apprentice of Tsunade and she had proven to be an eager student. The young woman had absorbed all the information Tsunade had to teach her like a permanently dry sponge and the Sannin had to say she was rather proud of her student. She was rather surprised however when a few days ago the pink haired kunoichi had approached her about learning how to sexually please a man. At first Tsunade thought the girl was still hung up on the Uchiha, but Sakura had quickly informed her she was doing this for Naruto and the older kunoichi fully supported the idea after hearing that little detail. So for the past few days Tsunade had been preparing to help Sakura with her goal. Today was the day she had told Sakura her training in sexual matters would begin and Tsunade was greatly looking forward to it. When she heard a knock on her door she hoped it was her student. "Enter." She commanded.

It was indeed Sakura on the other side of the door. The girl had grown a little in the past year, she was now up to about Tsunade's chin and her hair had grown out to shoulder length. Sadly her figure hadn't really filled out much as of yet, thankfully, Tsunade liked petite girls, so it worked out. So the girl was lovely in her own slim way. "Sakura, are you sure you want to go through with this?" She asked.

"Yes Tsunade-sama, Naruto has done so much for me and I truly wish to repay him. I think this would be a good way to." The girl was determined Tsunade had to give her that. "I'm ready for anything you have for me."

"Well, we'll see about that." A sly smile graced Tsunade's face as she stood up from behind her desk. She walked around and came to stand in front of Sakura, leaning closer until she was close enough to feel Sakura's breath. Cupping her chin Tsunade tilted her head up while bringing her own down to capture it in a toe curling kiss, her tongue invading the younger kunoichi's mouth and plundering its depths. Sakura eyes widened as Tsunade kissed her; she had never been kissed like this before, especially by another woman. She squeaked when she felt a hand start caressing her ass, so absorbed in the kiss Sakura didn't even notice Tsunade had reached around her. Tsunade broke the kiss and looked down at Sakura's wide eyed panting face. "You're going to be in for several surprises today my dear apprentice." Kissing Sakura lightly on her forehead Tsunade then looked the girl up and down. "First of all though you need to strip."

Breaking out of her daze Sakura rushed to comply. She quickly shed her clothes and stood naked in front of her Hokage. Tsunade hummed appreciably at Sakura's form, while the girl wasn't exactly curvy her body was in good shape, Sakura would probably always be on the slim side unless influenced from an outside source. Seeing as Naruto loved his woman well endowed and curvy in all the right places maybe she'd show the girl one of her first original Jutsu? Now though was time to get back to the matter at hand. Tsunade quickly removed her own pants leaving herself bare from the waist down except for her heels. Sakura looked at Tsunade's bare pussy, the older woman kept herself completely shaved but there was a strange looking seal just about her slit.

"Now Sakura I want you to watch very closely." Sakura watched, fascinated, as Tsunade went through a quick series of hand signs before pressing her palm against the seal on her pubic area. Tsunade moaned as the seal started to flair with chakra, it kept getting brighter and brighter till a poof of smoke obscured the seal and much of Tsunade's lower body. When the smoke cleared Sakura gasped in shock, there on Tsunade's crotch was now a huge cock complete with balls bigger than anything in any medical book she'd ever seen. It looked huge, Sakura estimated its size to be about eleven inches long and probably thicker than a grown man's wrist. "This Sakura, is a special Jutsu I invented years ago. With it I can teach you exactly how to please Naruto."

"Is that t-t-t-thing real?" Sakura had never heard of a Jutsu that could give a woman male genitalia.

"Yes it is Sakura; this is exactly like a real cock. Well to be more specific, it's exactly like Naruto's cock."

"What?" Sakura asked dumbly.

"This is an exact replication of Naruto's own cock, right down to every last vein." Tsunade clarified patiently.

"How do you know what Naruto's c-c-cock looks like?" Sakura asked again, stumbling mid-sentence.

"Naruto isn't a virgin Sakura. Well he was until I got a hold of him." Tsunade developed a smile on her face that would probably look more at home on Jiraiya as she remember the times she and Naruto had spent together, fucking like rabbits. Reaching down and lightly stroking her cock Tsunade looked Sakura dead in the eye. "Using this is the only way I'll be able to prepare you for him Sakura. By the time he gets back he'll be even bigger than this. Now why don't you get down on your knees and we can start your lessons. The first thing you're going to learn is how to suck cock like a good little slut."

Tsunade leaned back and rested her big plump ass against her desk as Sakura sunk to her knees dutifully. Sakura wasn't too happy about the 'little slut' comment, but she obeyed her teacher regardless. Once Sakura's face was level with the absurdly large cock growing from Tsunade's pelvis the Hokage placed her hand atop the younger girls head, causing Sakura to look up. Tsunade was looking down on her with a smirk plastered across her beautiful face and was also holding a saucer of sake.

"Now why don't you start by giving it a nice kiss to the head Sakura." Sakura absently licked her lips before leaning forward and planting a kiss to the bulbous head and leaned back before looking up at her teacher once again. "Don't stop there, show your affection for it. Give it kisses all over, lick it and caress my balls, show the cock how much you love it."

Sakura leaned her head back towards the thick shaft and lightly grasped it with both hands. She started by giving it a long slow lick from base to head before planting another kiss on the large head. Moving her head to one side she then started to kiss, lick, and suck the side of the shaft getting it nice and wet. Taking a sip from her saucer Tsunade sighed in pleasure at the feel of Sakura's lips and tongue caressing the side of her cock, she'd forgotten how good it felt to use this Jutsu...

"That's enough of the small stuff Sakura. Time for the next step. Let's see how much cock we can fit down that little throat of yours." Tangling her fingers in Sakura's pink locks Tsunade pulled her pink head back till it was in front of her cock. Pulling her apprentice forward Tsunade pressed the bulbous head against Sakura's lips. "Now part those pretty lips and let's see you use that mouth of yours for something productive."

Sakura reluctantly parted her lips; as she was somewhat scared of taking something so massive into her mouth. As soon as Sakura's lips had parted just an inch Tsunade pulled Sakura's head forward suddenly, forcing several inches of her cock into the pinkette's mouth. Sakura's eyes bugged out as Tsunade nearly dislocated her jaw cramming the thick hunk of meat into her mouth, that is until she actually tasted the delicious cock. Sakura nearly creamed herself as her taste buds where assaulted by the wonderful taste filling her mouth.

"I see you've noticed the taste, Naruto is definitely full of surprises. It's no different in the sack either; he'll blow you out of the water with some of the things he's capable of." Putting down her empty saucer Tsunade, instead of filling it up again, she took a long pull straight from the bottle. As the pleasant buzz of alcohol went through her Tsunade started fucking Sakura's face onto her cock, enjoying the sight of the young girls lips stretched around her shaft and her delightful green eyes staring up at her.

When Tsunade's cock hit the back of her throat Sakura started coughing and tried to push against her mentors thighs to get her to back off. Tsunade was having none of it though. Pushing off the desk Tsunade thrust her wide hips forward as she pulled Sakura's head towards her, forcing the huge cock head to hit the back of Sakura's throat again and keep on going. "Naruto gets rather over enthusiastic Sakura; he'll more than likely force you to take more cock than you'd normally be ready for when he gets going. You need to be prepared to deep throat him at a moments notice. Now try to relax your throat and bear with me because I'm not going to go easy on you."

Sakura tried to relax her throat as Tsunade started face fucking her, which was a lot easier said than done. Sakura was trying and failing miserably to not gag and choke on the girthy appendage being forced down her wind pipe, she also absently wondered how stretched out her throat must have looked at that moment from something so large being stuffed into it. Tsunade had tilted her head back as she moaned in pleasure at the feeling of about seven inches of her cock fucking Sakura's tight throat as the buzz of the alcohol and the blowjob she was receiving combined, giving her a high she couldn't experience too often. It had been so long since she had used this Jutsu that her stamina when it came to using it had waned somewhat, so Tsunade knew it wouldn't be long now before she dropped a huge load of cum down Sakura's throat.

"Oh you wonderful little bitch. I'm going to flood your throat with my cum." Tsunade's grip on Sakura's hair became almost painful as the big titted blonde started working her hips into overtime and started cramming the rest of her cock into Sakura's gullet. When Tsunade hit the ten inch mark she couldn't hold back anymore so she pulled almost the entire length of her cock out of Sakura's mouth and throat before callously pulling Sakura towards her by the hair while thrusting forward with her hips, using her insane strength. Sakura was nearly knocked out when her face impacted Tsunade's hips so she barely noticed how Tsunade's cock expanded deep into her throat. Tsunade did get Sakura's attention again however when she blasted a metric fuck-ton of cum down her throat, the thick liquid coating her throat as Sakura desperately tried to swallow the massive flood. "God yes, Naruto is going to enjoy using your tight little throat."

Sakura was beginning to think Tsunade was trying to drown her with all the cum she was force feeding her. Each wave of cum Tsunade let loose seemed to be enough to overfill a measuring cup and the thickness of it made it very hard to gulp down. While still cumming Tsunade withdrew her spurting cock from Sakura's throat and mouth, deciding she wanted to paint the girls pretty features with her cum. Sakura was caught by surprise, dazed as she was from the lack of air from her mentor's face fucking, as Tsunade started to hose down her face with several shots of her cum. By the time Tsunade was done cumming Sakura's features were nearly unrecognizable under the thick cream.

"Oh my, you look positively delicious now Sakura!" Tsunade gushed as she helped Sakura stand back up before leaning her head down and started licking her cum off of Sakura's face. Tsunade swallowed most of the tasty cream but she left enough to fill her mouth to capacity. Leaning forward she captured Sakura's lips in another kiss, the difference this time was when Sakura opened her mouth Tsunade forced all the cum she had gathered into the younger girls mouth. Sakura felt her pussy get even wetter than it already was at the taste of the cum and she did her best to gulp it down, fighting her new found desire to just swish it around in her mouth for a few hours, savoring the flavor. "Delicious isn't it? It's the same volume, thickness, and taste of Naruto's." Tsunade stated with a chipper grin after she'd pulled back from getting intimately familiar with her apprentices mouth.

"Now today was mainly going to focus on getting you used to sucking cock but I've changed my mind. I'm going to fuck your little pink pussy to my hearts content today as well." Tsunade walked back around her desk and sat in her chair. Tsunade motioned Sakura to come over to her with, to Sakura at least, a frightening grin. "Now get your cute little ass over here."

"Tsunade-sama, w-will something that big even fit inside me?" Sakura was nervous rightfully so as her small body would probably get ripped apart by the huge cock between Tsunade's legs.

"Of course Sakura I'm going to make it fit. One way or another." Sakura gulped, the sound audible in the suddenly very quiet room, and moved around to stand in front of Tsunade. Tsunade quickly turned Sakura around so she was facing the desk and grasped the lithe girl's hips. Using her incredible strength Tsunade easily lifted Sakura up and positioned the girl over her huge cock, the tip pressing against Sakura's pink folds as the girls knees came to rest on either side of Tsunade's thighs. "Now grab my cock and keep it steady, don't want me to slip and end up fucking your cute butt do you?"

Sakura did as told, she didn't want to get her ass destroyed by Tsunade, and grasped the thick shaft. Once her cock was steady Tsunade started to force Sakura down, her huge cock head looking obscene pressing against Sakura's little slit as it slowly parted the girl's lower lips. Sakura bit her lip as she felt the massive head press against her, she truly thought it wouldn't be able to fit but Tsunade was far more stubborn and applied a good amount of force and popped the bulbous tip inside. Sakura whimpered at the feeling of getting stretched by just the first inch inside her, but she wasn't given even a second to get used to it. With a dark chuckle Tsunade's grip on Sakura's hips increased and using her monstrous strength brutally forced the girl down her cock spearing several inches into the unprepared girl.

"Oooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk!" Sakura's head flew back and she grabbed a hold of Tsunade's wrists as she felt her mentor's cock head stick the opening to her womb. Tsunade meanwhile was now the one biting her lip as Sakura's tightness enveloped her cock.

"I know it's been a while since I've used this Jutsu and even longer since I used it on a virgin but fucking A, I can't believe how tight you are you pink haired little slut." Lifting Sakura off her cock till only the tip remained in the girl's twat Tsunade savagely forced her back down striking her cervix again and punching right through it and cramming herself into Sakura's womb. "Oh yes, this is exactly what you need you little bitch. A good hard deep womb fucking, and once I get done fucking you into oblivion I'm going to pump you so full of cum it'll be leaking out of your cunt for weeks."

"P-p-please Tsunade-samaaaa, not so rough!" Sakura was leaning back, resting her head on Tsunade's huge tits now, and trying to hold on as the Hokage started fucking her onto her giant cock, driving her up and down nine inches of the wrist thick shaft. Sakura just happened to look down and see a huge bulge rising and shrinking in her stomach.

"No use complaining Sakura, I'm going to fuck your tight little cunt like you're a cheap whore. Besides, this is nothing compared to what Naruto will do to you." Tsunade started to thrust her hips up at the exact moment she forced Sakura down her cock as she sought to pack the last two inches of her dick into her pink haired cock sleeve. Despite her efforts Tsunade just couldn't seem to get those last few inches into her bitch. Getting frustrated Tsunade once again lifted Sakura up till only the tip remained inside the little slut and using all her tremendous strength slammed Sakura back down onto her cock with bruising force and the last two inches where forced into Sakura's little twat. When Sakura was brutally slammed down onto Tsunade's cock the slim girl's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came her brains out. Feeling her entire cock massaged by Sakura's pussy Tsunade lost all self control and started power fucking Sakura onto her cock; lifting the poor girl all the way up before repeatedly forcing her down, using her unreal strength. Sakura felt like a rag doll as Tsunade fucked her. She barely had any strength from how hard she had came and all she could do was weakly hold onto Tsunade's wrists. The buzz from the alcohol and the amazing feeling of Sakura's tiny cunnie had caused Tsunade's mind to switch over into dominate bitch mode as she started to degrade Sakura.

"Fuck yes, this is what you deserve you little bitch, to be used as nothing but a cheap fuck toy. I'm going to pummel your little slut cunt until it's nothing but a gaping cum filled mess!" Standing up Tsunade bent Sakura over her desk and started to really pound into the girl's womb. Luckily for Sakura she was completely fucked stupid at this point as her eyes seemed permanently rolled up into her skull and her tongue hanging out to drool onto Tsunade's desk that she didn't even feel her hips and thighs getting slammed into the hard wood of the desk or Tsunade's wide hips hammering away at her ass with enough force they'd probably be bruised later and Tsunade's huge balls where banging against Sakura's little clit almost painfully from how hard Tsunade was thrusting. All the while the fuck drunk Hokage continued to insult her new fuck toy. "This is where you belong cunt, bent over and taking cock. The only thing that would make this better is if Naruto was here to face fuck you." Keeping her left hand holding Sakura's waist Tsunade reached forward with her right to grasp a hand full of Sakura's pink hair and callously pulled her head up. "You'd like that wouldn't you? Getting spit roasted by me and Naruto. Taking both our huge cocks into your slutty little body."

"Yes, fuck me Tsunade-sama, fuck me and turn me into a slutty little cock holster for both you and Naruto! You two will be the only ones to fuck me, I'm yours to pound and spear with your huge dicks!" Sakura's slurred words drove Tsunade on as she mindlessly pounded her apprentice into her desk. Letting go of Sakura's hip with her left hand Tsunade undid her sash and allowed her shirt to fall open, her huge tits now free to bounce and jiggle with each of her thrusts. Reaching over Tsunade grabbed her sake bottle and took another long pull from it; she loved the feeling of getting drunk while fucking a nice tight cunt. Tsunade nearly choked on her sake however when Sakura started twitching and convulsing in a massive orgasm. The way the little pink haired slut's cunt massaged and rippled along her cock took her completely by surprise. "Oh cumming…cumming so hard. Please Tsunade-sama cum in my cunt fill me with all of your cum."

"Fucking little bitch, you want my cum you're going to get it." Getting a devilish idea Tsunade pulled harder on Sakura's hair, driving her cock even harder into the little cunt. "I'm going to fill you with so much cum and knock your bitch ass up. Then when you're waddling around pregnant with my kid I'm going to devote my time to breaking your ass in." Sakura didn't need to know that her cum was a chakra based liquid and wasn't capable of impregnating a woman.

"Wait please; I don't want to get pregnant yet. Please Tsunade-sama don't knock me up!" Sakura pleaded with the older woman, she couldn't imagine herself pregnant yet, specially not with a child that wasn't Naruto's.

"Too late you little slut. Get ready because here comes a huge load of cum." Not even stopping, much less slowing down, her brutal pounding of Sakura's ravaged cunt Tsunade blew a massive amount of cum deep into Sakura's womb. The feeling of so much cum being pumped into her womb drove Sakura into on last orgasm before blacking out from the force of it. Tsunade was unmindful of her students loss of consciousness as she kept on pummeling Sakura's cunt and stuffing her with an unbelievable amount of jizz. The sheer quantity of cum being pumped into the fucked stupid pinkette caused her slim stomach to bloat out as until she looked several months pregnant, actually managing to lift her body up off the desk by several inches.

Tsunade sat back onto her chair, pulling Sakura with her as she finished pumping the bitch full of cum. "Aaaahhh, that was just what I needed." Reaching around Sakura's belly Tsunade scooped some of her cum that was leaking from Sakura's stretched and overfilled cunt and brought it to her mouth to lick off her hand. "Yum, the taste of delicious cum and a slut's pussy juices. Even better than sake."

Omake 1: Written by GrumpyWinter

Ino was heading to Tsunade's office and was just about to open the door when she heard the lock open.

The door to Tsunade's office creaked open slowly and out crawled a butt naked Sakura Haruno, only her head and upper back were visible, but aside from the strangeness of her being absolutely nude was the fact she was covered in cum. Every inch of her revealed body was covered in a thick white glaze.

"Sakura, are you okay!" Ino exclaimed, lowering herself to look at Sakura's face and saw that cum seemed to coat her hands and arms and dribbled out of her closed lips. Ino pulled her up so Sakura's head rested on her lap, Sakura opened her mouth to say something but all that came out was just more cum oozing out of her mouth and down her chin, onto Ino's skirt and legs.

Suddenly Sakura was pulled away back into the room and Ino noticed something was casting a shadow over her. Looking up she saw Tsunade standing over her, but something was off...

It took her longer than she would have expected to see the eleven inch dick aiming right at her face.

"Get in there." Tsunade growled as she threw Ino in and slammed the door shut.

Omake 2: written by GrumpyWinter

Tenten was heading to Tsunade's office to turn in her mission report after her promotion to Chunin. She had her eyes closed, thinking about a new sword she had seen and wanted to buy, maybe to snuggle with later, when she entered the room and got half way across the floor when she heard something strange. Opening her eyes she gasped when she saw Ino naked, bent over Tsunade's desk panting heavily, covered in cum, some even dripping out her mouth, while Sakura lay on the couch moaning, holding her giant belly.

She suddenly heard the door click shut and turned around, only for a great wind to blow past her, making her shield her face. She absently noticed the cold air reaching her breasts and pussy. Looking down she saw all of her clothes had vanished. Looking back up she saw her idol, Tsunade Senju, standing in front of her as nude as the day she was born with a eleven inch hard on


Wait, that wasn't supposed to be there!

"I could use another cum bucket. Heheheheh." Tsunade chuckled darkly as she took a chug from her sake bottle, her eyes never straying from the new meat.


Omake 3: Written by Slicerness

Izumo looked at his longtime friend Kotetsu, "Why do we get stuck doing guard duty all the time? Guard the gates, guard the Hokage's office, guard the blah blah blah! I can't even sleep in my own bed anymore, I always wake up in the middle of the night standing in front of my bed, guarding it!" He complained loudly.

Kotetsu sighed, he too had woken up guarding his bed, but it was also the seventh time in the last hour he'd complained about it. He was about to reply when a heavy *Thump!* sounded on the other side of the door they were standing on either side of.

The doorknob opened shakily and Sakura Haruno stumbled out, her hair a mess, her clothes aside from her boots either gone or torn to shreds, hanging off her form precariously. She took two shaky, slow steps before something else shot of of the open doorway.

A well manicured hand with sea-foam green nail polish on it's nails shot out and grabbed the girl by her pink hair and yanked her back inside, the door slamming shut ominously behind her.

Izumo was silent for several seconds. "... And suddenly I don't mind guarding this door anymore. Your surveillance Jutsu good enough to see through this door?" He asked.

Kotetsu was still staring wide eyed as the white foot-prints on the ground. He shook his head and replied, "I don't know, from what my dad told me when HE was guarding the Hakage's office the Yondaime stumbled out in similar condition, minus all the cum covering him, before Kushina yanked him back inside. After that they both warded the office pretty heavily." Seeing his partners downcast face he suddenly smirked. "Good thing dad put a small hole in the security seals for just such an occasion!"

He chuckled as his friend started bowing to him. Maybe guard duty wasn't such a bad thing after all?


AN: I've been wanting to write something like this for a while now and I finally got around to it. I'll be doing more scenarios of Tsunade using her Jutsu on other females of the Naruto-verse as I feel like it, so stay tuned.