Summary: Lissana is back! Natsu expects, Lucy to be jealous. But, to his surprise, the two girls get along great! Natsu, is determined to get her jealous. Not to Jealous. Just plain jealous. So he spends more and more time with Lissana. But, to Natsu's dismay, the more he dosen't spend time with Lucy... the more Lucy spends time with Gray. So now, Natsu's the one who's jealous. Twisted plot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail! Wish I did TT-TT

Natsu smiled wickedly at his cat companion, as they walked out of their house, towrds the guild. "What's that smile for Natsu? It's kinda scaring me." Happy asked.

"Lissana's back."

"Yeah so?"

"So that mean's Lucy will get jealous!"

"Maybye she will. Why do you care anyway?"


"AYE!" Happy yelled.

But, man did that backfire.

Natsu burst into the guild hyper as ever. Lissana smiled and waved at her over active freind. "Hey Natsu!" she greeted him with a warm smile. Natsu grinned and walked over to the white haired teen. He sat down merrily and flung his arm around her.

Happy held in his giggle. "HEY LISSANA!" He exclaimed, he was putting his 'plan' into motion. All he had to do now, was wait for Lucy to come and get in a depressed ball. A few minutes later, the blonde walked in upbeat and cheerful. Natsu grinned, and spun around to see Lucy's face scrunched up. But, instead finds... Lucy smiling and laughing with Gray. Who By the way, had his arm around her.

Natsu twitched at the sight and his grin turned into a frown.

Lissana smiled. She wanted to get to know the new guild mate. It surprised her that she found a girl, as close to, Natsu as she was. She waved. "MORNING LUCY-CHAN!" She beamed. Lucy and Gray, turned to see the white haired mage. Lucy returned the smile. Completly oblivious, that Natsu, had his arm around her. Gray, stuck his hands in his pockets. Him and Lucy made their way towards the table. Lucy smiled once again, and sat next to Lissana. "Morning Lissana! And Hey Natsu!"

"Hey.." Natsu grumbled, taking his arm off Lissana.

"Lissana, you don't have to call me Lucy-chan. Everybody calls me Lucy. Gray and Natsu call me Luce, though." Lucy beamed.

Lissana could'nt help to hug her. She's made another new freind. The two girls started chatting away.

Natsu grumpily stood up next to Gray. "Morning Sunshine." Gray smirked.


"WHAT DID YOU SAY ASH BRAIN?" Gray yelled, tackling the pink haired boy.

The 2 continued their usual fight. While, the other 2 girls talked. Then Levi joined in.

"Morning Lu-Chan, Lissana-Chan!" She exclaimed.

"Morning Levy!" Lucy and Lissana said simutainuosly. The girls looked at each other, and giggled.

Soon all the girls in Fairy Tail, were talking with Lissana and Lucy. While the boys were fighting across the room. The whole guild was really noisy.

Nobody, but Mira, noticed Makarov walk out of his office, and sat down at the bar. "Good Morning Master." Mirajane greeted him with her 'angelic' voice.

"Good Morning Mira." Makarov replied.

"The guild sure is noisy today. And why are the girls on one side, and the boys are fighting on the other side?"

Mira shrugged. "I guess the girls are catching up with Lissana."

After the whole guild calmed down, Lissana had to get to work (which was assasting 'Mira-nee' in being a bar-maid), so Lucy sat down with Gray at the bar. The two were having a great time, they were laughing, talking, and smiling. The girls who saw them together, had to hold in their squels, because to them... Gray and Lucy made a 'cute couple'. Meanwhile, Natsu, Erza, Wendy, and the 2 exceeds were sitting at a table a few feet from the bar. Happy was striking out on Charle, again, Wendy was telling Charle not to be so harsh, and Erza was eating her cake.

(A/N: If you've read my past stories, you notice that I've written Erza always eating cake. But she loves the stuff. So don't judge OK?)

Natsu, though, was starring at Lucy and Gray, he growled.

"Why is Lucy been spending so much time with him? I'm her best freind, not that snowball." Natsu muttered, loud enough for Erza to hear. The red head smirked, and placed down her cake. She scooted down next to Natsu.

"Sounds like someones a little jealous."

Natsu was startled. When he turned around to see who the voice belonged to. He saw the red headed equip mage.

"I AM NOT JEALOUS!" Natsu yelled.

"Of course your not Natsu." Erza cooed.

She was having fun teasing Natsu.

Now she knows why Levy teases Lucy alot.

While the two guild mates were going at it.

Everyone was talking about Lucy and Gray.

"They have been spending alot of time together." Levy giggled.

"Yeah,it looks like their best freinds!" Evergreen exclaimed, glancing over at the 2.

"No, no, no, Natsu is Lucy's best freind, Gray is more like Lucy's boyfreind." Lissana said, handing a drink over to Wakaba.

Everyone looked at her.


"I thought you were Natsu's best freind, now that your back and all." Macoa explained.

"NO! I'm just a close freind! Lucy is Natsu's best freind. When I first saw her, I asked Natsu about her, and he would'nt shut up about her!" Lissana exclaimed.

The guild got wide eyed.

"What do you mean?" Asked Mira.

"Natsu kept on raving about how funny, and cool, she was. And he did say that she was his best freind." Lissana replied.

"And you aren't jealous?" Cana asked.

"NO! Why would I? I'm happy, that Natsu found a girl, I figured he had moved on."

"Juvia thinks that Natsu still has feelings for Lissana-san."

"Nope, he dosen't, in fact I think, that Natsu likes another girl. A certain blonde girl." Lissana smirked. Lookind at Natsu. Everyone glanced at him, he was making a jealous face at Gray and Lucy. He was mummbling something under his breath.

"OHH! The drama!" Cana giggled. "You know what? I think that Natsu likes Lucy! And that he's jealous of Gray!" She hiccuped, stating the obvious.

Everyone sweat-dropped. "Yup she's drunk." Macoa said, dragging her outside for some fresh air. The group laughed.