Dead like Us
Episode 2
The Sub

I can always remember one of my favorite days in school was when I had a substitute. What always got me is that they had the balls to think that what they did in the class mattered. Now, there are two kinds of Subs out there in the world. There were the ones that knew their place in this world and understood that nothing was to be learned on this day because the normal teacher was out; these were the cool subs. The other sub would of course make her presence known by letting all the children know she was going to continuing with the lesson plan of the day. These subs would forever be dreaded and in time hated by the children of the school.

I couldn't help but feel a little wary about this new girl that was supposed to be leading us now. How was it that Roxy never became the new Rube? What made this person so qualified to run us? Just who the hell was Lilith and where did she come from? I admit it: yesterday I was excited to see my life spring up with joy at the prospect of more post-it's. But now with my head on straight and with the unknown right in front of me I'm unsure of the new and seemingly nice new boss. Why didn't Lilith say anything about coming from upper management or, hell, lower management? Needless to say that it was going to be one shitty day…oh did I mention that I don't react to change well?

By the time I got to the Der Waffle Haus Roxy, Daisy and Mason were already sitting down at a table. Mason's body was hunched over the table no doubt filling the girls in about Lilith. I sat next to Roxy dropping myself into the conversation about how Mason's reap went.

"I bloody love her, that's what it is!" Mason said, grabbing a piece of toast from Daisy's breakfast plate.

"Hey!" she squealed. An offended eyebrow rose and settled in mere seconds. Daisy composed herself by letting out a breath and returned to listening to Mason and eating the remains of her breakfast.

"I'm sorry Daisy, but I cannot be caged today. I am a wild animal and everyone will hear me roar!" he said as he pounded a fist on the table. "Georgy you met her, wasn't she just lovely?" Mason said, smitten.

I smiled and said nothing at first. The truth was I had no idea who Lilith was. Mason looked at me with a frozen expression. "She seemed nice, but…" I was cut off but Roxy.

"I don't know, she may be nice but where did she come from and why is she not here yet?" Roxy complained. She glanced at her watch with what I'm guessing was the need to start work and kick some ass in the name of justice.

With ears burning Lilith walked in the front door with Rigor in harness under her arm. I had the idea yesterday that she was taller than she was but now I think she is shorter than me. Her dress was casual; jeans and a black t-shirt that had the Pillsbury dough boy in stocks with "gluten for punishment" over it. She looked around for a second and spotted us. As she walked towards the table I was able to see the radiance that she forced on the world. The golden tan that was her skin color, the raven colored hair cascading down her back and arms that aided in the shine of her skin, it made most stop and pause for seconds which pissed me off. Who the hell was she to stop traffic? She grabbed a chair from an empty table across from us and put it at the end of our booth. She placed Rigor on the chair, and smiled at the group.

"Hello, I'm Lilith." She gave a wave and stuck out her hand; oh good she started with the grumpiest of us. "You must be Roxy, death in 1982 by legwarmers of your own invention." Roxy took her hand and shook it quickly. Lilith turned to Mason with a smile and he lit up with glee like a school boy. "Mason, always a pleasure, your death was in 1966 drilling a hole in your head." In a swift turn she looked to Daisy. "Daisy Adair." Lilith moved her hand to meet Daisy's. "I'm a huge fan." Lilith picked up Rigor, sat down and placed him back on her lap. A grumpy growl from Rigor. His eyes had been closed, and the rumble he gave to his owner was for the annoying disturbance. "Before I continue with my chatter, I must pass this out." She pulled put four yellow post-it's from her pocket. She spread them out to each of us like playing cards. And in the true spirit of poker we looked at our cards and didn't show the joy that I know we all felt.

Roxy: M. Griffin 905 Olivero Drive Tennis Courts E.T.D 3:11 pm
Mason: S. Martinez 2286 West Street E.T.D 11:54am
Daisy: L. Turner 1169 Renwick Drive E.T.D 7:06pm
George: A. Crompton 3102 Berry Street Front Entrance E.T.D 1:30pm
"There you go. So as you well have noticed I'm here to pass out the post-it's. But only for a little while, I'm here as just to fill in till the real head reaper gets here," she said. "Also this is Rigor." She took his little front paw and waved it at us. Roxy smiled at the dog, she'd had enough chatter. She finished her coffee and now she was thirsty for justice.

"Well this has been fun and its great meeting you and all, but I need to get to work. Got to go and protect the streets," she said grabbing her police hat, I exited my seat to let Roxy out. She tipped the brim of her forehead where her police hat would be at Lilith and with a wink went on her way out of the waffle house. Our heads all followed Roxy out the door, and then we turned back to Lilith. Mason returned with his dumb-ass smile, and Daisy went back to her breakfast. Was no one wanting to ask this woman questions? Figure out anything about her? Then again I was always the one to ask a bunch of questions.

"Roxy's always been one for the dramatic exits," Daisy said with an over stretched smile still looking down at her food.

"So Lilith," I started, interrupting Daisy from saying anything else distracting. But my attempt to start a conversation was smashed by Kiffany's arrival.

"What can I get you guys?" She looked at me and Lilith for answers.

"I'll just have oatmeal with raisins please Kiffany?" I asked nicely and she nodded. Kiffany looked to Lilith with a smile.

"Hello," Lilith glanced over at Daisy's menu and looked back at Kiffany. "Nothing for me, thank you." She smiled.

"Coming right up," Kiffany said before she left our table. Our attentions returned to the big undead elephant in the room. But before I could start again Lilith cut me off.

"So, bet your wondering what the hell in going on?" she laughed, the three of us followed with the same nervous energy. "I'm here just as a temporary fix to the permanent solution that will arrive soon. But while I'm here I will be…I guess evaluating everyone."

"What do you mean by an evaluation? If we don't meet up to your exceptions do we get fired?" I knew what an evaluation meant…It meant layoffs. My temperature was rising, and the yelling was on stand-by.

"No, No. It means that I'll be going over your individual styles of reaping and how you can improve. I'm not here to relocate anyone; you all work really well together."

"Really? I figure we were a cluster fuck of disorder," I added. I still didn't feel like I was getting the answers I wanted. I was almost bored; I needed answers.

"Your methods are a little unorthodox, but with some refinements you all will be the best," Lilith said, seeming pleased with herself. She's just too damn nice! What does she want!

"How did you die?" I asked, finally finding a question I knew I would be happy with.

She paused for a moment not in shock, but taken aback like I had spoiled the order she wanted to reveal herself. "Oh, well…" She paused as if mentally shuffling her cue cards. "I died in a stampede."

Mason contributed to the conversation by asking, "Where were you? Africa?" Mason was beaming at Lilith with adorned admiration. It was starting to piss me off.

"Well no… It was a mammoth stampede. My family was hunting them and well…I got in the way." Lilith shrugged and laughed lightly about her own demise. I looked around in shock and found that the faces of my friends were the same as mine. Lilith saw our expressions and continued on with her story. "I've been a reaper for a long time. I've held five positions since I've died. From Reaper, Head reaper, List delivery, and well two other jobs are more like desk jobs for the undead and reaping."

"So wait a minute! You were killed by a mammoth? When pray tell did you die?" Daisy asked resting her chin in her hands with a bit of interest.

"Yes, a mammath. Time at that point was kind of not around. But around the clan of the cave bear time and believe you me, you have guys have it easy compared to me. Try reaping someone who has a series of grunts and groans for a name." Lilith laughed at her own joke, amusing herself as we all stared again. "And forget post-its, you wouldn't believ-." Lilith stopped for a moment and then reached into her pocked and pulled out a loudly vibrating phone. "Oh, Mason its almost time for your reap. You might want to go and get that done." She showed her phone screen to Mason. 10:15 am. "If you don't mind I would like to shadow you if possible."

Mason sprung out of his seat almost knocking over coffee cups and salt and pepper shakers. "Sure, you can shadow me; I will show you the best damn reaping ever!" Daisy moved from the booth with an annoyed glance toward excitable companion. Mason removed himself from the corner of the booth and stood up straight and tall in front of the sitting Lilith.

"Alright, well get going. I'll be watching all of you reap today, you may not see me, but I'll be watching." Lilith said putting her chair back and then placed Rigor on the floor holding the leash out so he could walk first. I watched them leave walking around the corner and out of sight. I still felt nervous about her. I looked back at Daisy who was back to sipping coffee and wiping off coffee spills from Mason's antics.

"Clan of the Cave Bears," Daisy repeated. "You know I almost reaped Daryl Hannah, I was on the set of some movie she was on and there she was standing next to the grip I was supposed to reap,"

"You're just okay with this?" I asked pushing myself over the table, without raising my voice. Daisy looked up from her coffee at me and then slightly left. Kiffany approached with my breakfast and for a moment I didn't want it. I wanted more answers! I smiled my nicest smile at Kiffany which in my way usually meant 'go away the, fucking grown-ups are talking'.

"Head reapers come and go sometimes. I myself have had a few in my time." Daisy said, putting her cup down. "It's nothing be afraid of." She took both my hands and leaned in with a very sincere look on her face. It was at this time I was able to see just how flawless her skin was…I live with this person and I need to find out what she is using for her face. "Georgia, I know it's been hard for you since Rube left. But we all need to be strong." I could feel the scripted words smacking me in the face as she was talking to me. "And just remember…" She paused for dramatic effect. She touched a part of my face to which I flinched. "You have me." She moved back into her seat and smiled, pleased with herself.

"What movie is that from?" I asked, not believing her for one second.

It was at this point she broke character and became Daisy again. "A little movie I was in called House on 56 Street. It was a wonderful movie starring Miss Margret Lindsey…well and myself."

"You starred in this movie?" I asked.

"Well I played a Sextet Girl, kind of like a choirs girl, but I knew all of Margret's lines, and the producer of the show who I knew very well said that if anything would ever happen to her I would take her part."

"And did anything ever happen to her?" I said, knowing the answer before she said anything.

"Well I'm sure eventually, but alas no. She played the part and went on to much bigger things." Daisy looked sad for a moment. "But look at me now; I still know her lines after all this time!" Her sadness was gone.
I pushed myself from my now empty oatmeal bowl. "I have to be going. I'll see you later." I put money on the table and left the waffle house.

I forgot that there was another kind of sub; the kind that would make you think that they are cool and fun but would secretly want you to do work. It was this kind of person that I hated. What do they think that they can just openly enter your mind like of weak-ass Jedi? Well if she thinks I'm going to cater to her, then she's mistaken. I'm going to do my damn job the way I normally do it. I'm going to reap a soul and if she's not happy she can go Fuck herself…and her little dog too.


Mason was almost jumping up and down on the pavement as Lilith walked behind him. He glanced down at the post-it that he had in his palm. S. Martinez 11:45pm. He checked his watch only ten minutes to find Mr. or Ms. S Martinez and get the job done. Mason looked to find himself at the 2286 West Street; looking back he gave Lilith a toothy grin and showed her his post-it, and pointed to entrance of a hardware store. With a gesture of her hand she ushered Mason inside. If she walked in after him, Mason couldn't see her enter. He felt the texture of the floor change and glanced down to see dull and lifeless hard wood. The whole place was compiled of 2 by 4's and a box full of nails and smelled a little damp. While walking around the store shopping for names the chance of the soon to be dead person being a soon to be dead guy was way up. There was not a single female in the store, although Mason secretly wished Lilith was peeking around a shelf watching him. There was a line forming in front the only cash register and he made his way to the clerk at the register. There were two people in front of him; the first was chatting it up with the clerk as if they were buddies. The second person was getting more and more agitated because of the wait and, was holding a power drill and was testing it out of boredom. Mason looked down at his watch again. 3 minutes left. Frantic, and feeling a panic sweat rush over him, Mason saw a line forming behind him, and another person walking in. He got out of line and moved his way to the front of the and interrupted the two friends and their chatter.

"Excuse Me," Mason said, somehow breathless. "But it seems like your friend here is clogging up this line from moving." He was looking for anything that could lead faces to names. "Now you seem like a proper business owner Mr...?"

"Jim Finn," the clerk replied, humoring Mason for the moment.

"Right, and your friend here with this fine looking gray jumpsuit..." Mason looked the Man up and down, just then catching a glimpse of a helpful logo. "From Martinez plumbing, hey what's your first name by chance?" Mason asked, sweetening his tone.


"Fantastic." Mason tapped the man on the shoulder, taking his soul before the death that was about to befall him. "You know what mates? Chat on; you never know when you'll get the chance to do it again." Mason went back to the end of the line but before he could get there, the man that had come in moments before he had gone to the front pushed past him in a rage. The man with one vigorous pull of a cord started up a chainsaw.

"Fuck you Jimmy, you slept with Vicky! I'll kill you!" The man ran toward the clerk with the chainsaw, hoping to take out the man that had been having sexual relations with his on and off again girlfriend. Mr. Jimmy Finn ducked behind the desk that had been reinforced just last week with steel plates and survived. Unfortunately for Sam Martinez, he was not so lucky. He was now looking down at the pieces on the floor that was his body. The assailant was tackled by the other customers in the store and the chainsaw turned off and bagged as evidence. Mason put his arm around the now dead plumber and pulled him toward the door. After the plumber walked into his lights Mason turned to head somewhere different and found Lilith in his path.

"Very nice Mason. Needs just a few refining touches but nothing serious. Have a good day," Lilith said turning and leading Rigor toward a grassy spot across the street.

"What? So that's it? No hug, no kiss good bye?" Mason said playfully.

Over her shoulder Lilith replied, "There's no need for a good bye kiss Mason, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Mason smiled as he watched Lilith leave. It was - in his mind - the start of a beautiful friendship.

I was twenty minutes early to my reap when I arrived at 3102 Berry Street, which turned out to be a giant 30 or so story skyscraper. A bright yellow school bus pulled up and released a bunch of middle school kids and two supervising teachers. A man came from behind me wearing a nice suit and an obviously fake smile.

"Hello Archer Middle School! Are you excited to take a tour with a real architect and a building that I created?"

There was a severe lack of enthusiasm amongst the kids, few even bothering to make eye contact. This guy had his work cut out for him.

"Okay, Well I'll be your tour guide around this building and show you how architects create skyscrapers like this. My name is Alexander Crompton and if you'll please follow me into the building I will show you the lobby that I created." He was walking and talking, not letting the disinterested kids behind him distract him from his speech. " As you all may notice all the windows from here to the top floor are unbreakable," He paused. "You guys could shoot a bullet at the window and it wouldn't break," He was up shit creek and using his hands as a paddle.

He was heading back into the building with the children behind him. I had a small window to take the soul without a glance from anyone. I started walking toward him and slammed my body into his. It hurt a little more then I thought it would and changed my painful expression to a concerned one.

"Oops sorry," I smiled and gripped his hand, taking his soul. "Have a nice day," And just for the record I've been super nice lately I could have been loosing my shit this whole time... But I haven't. I walked away from him, as he and the class walked into the building. I stood near the bus crossed my arms and played the fun little game of how this guy was going to bite the dust. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Crompton was either coming out the front door or from above. Hell, he could have hit the nail on the head by saying some kid was going to fire a gun. I'm just pleased that a certain Miss Lilith wasn't around to spy on my "technique". Fuck her and her need to make sure that my job gets done right. When I was a new reaper I needed a little supervision, but now, puff! I'm the best reaper here. I don't flirt, steal, or get angry with the dead, unlike three reapers that will remain nameless. In fact my style of reaping should be forced upon other reapers. But, before such a grand thought could be finished... A small thud sound came from above.

"Knew it," I said smiling, perpetuating my brilliance and thoughts of grandeur.

It seems that during Alexander Crompton's tour of the 24th floor, he retold the group of uninspired children that all the windows in the building were unbreakable. To liven up the group he slammed himself into the nearest plate glass window. To his credit it didn't break, but the design flaw was that the entire window frame popped out and was heading towards the ground. People were already yelling and ushering others out from the drop zone. I decided to move behind the school bus in fear of the glass…This was a new shirt. The window overtaken by its perfection and surge of gravity's pull shattered, along with a few of Mr. Crompton's bones. The familiar bells and whistles of people rushing, yelling, and calling for help were nothing new. I'm a solitary worker; and at this point in the game there's no need for the sub to be checking my work.

"I don't know how we are going to be able to fix this." The now dead Alex Crompton was standing in front of me looking down at the pieces of broken window. "I was so concerned with them not breaking that I forgot to make sure that the windows fit into frames."

"Yes, well… I'm sure they'll fix it now," I said, turning him away from the chaos.

I knew that Lilith wasn't the kind of sub that was fun when I pulled up and saw her sitting on my front porch. I got out of my car slammed the door and walked up my driveway with a fierce look. Even Rube didn't make house calls. Her easy going attitude and laid back posture put a stick in my craw and just flamed the fire of slow cooked hatred that was brewing.
"Hi George, how did the reap go?

"He's dead if that's what you wanted to know," I said slowly giving myself time to calm down. I turned to Rigor who was playing on the lawn, damn that dog. He was on his back rolling around shaking his body from side to side; tongue hanging out of his mouth touching his nose and breathing heavily.

"He really likes grass," Lilith chimed in with a smirk. Her eyes were fixed on me like she was looking past me through my soul. Fuck her. "Well I must be going, I can see I'm in your hair," She said pushing herself up. She moved past me and to Rigor on the lawn. Big vain in my head just burst.

"What the Fuck?" I wasn't going to hold back any more. "I've been really good about Rube being gone, no reaping, and you showing up thing, and all you have to say is okay I'll be going. Fuck You! Now it's time for me to get the real answers that no one wants to ask," Lilith was fully turned around completely. She left Rigor to his joys and walked back to me. She crossed her arms and studied my face; if she was looking for weakness I had none.

"Go ahead, shoot," Her face was blank.

"Well, you can't just show up here unannounced. This is my home; it's not a good one but it's mine and some of daisy's," she nodded her head in agreement. "When it comes to the whole reaping thing I don't need to be followed. I'm a great reaper, and just because you're new to us doesn't mean that you can show up and say I'm doing something wrong. Hand me a post-it and I'll get it done," again really proud for not going fucking nuts on her. I must be growing as a person or something. "And as for the questions, where the fuck did you come from? Who the fuck sent you here? And when the fucks are you leaving?" I finished strong. We had moved back to the stoop and she sat down.

"Well I guess you could say I'm from upper management. But I've been everywhere when it comes to death. I've been a reaper, I've handed out post-its, I've given the lists of names to people, the job market for death is vast and unending. The people that are above me gave me the message to come here. I'm very much in the dark, as you are when it comes to leaving, I'm gone when I get the news to leave. I'm here to be a leader to your merry band of misfits, and yes I mean misfits. Over the past few years, you've had reapers jumping into others lights, drugs, personal entanglements with family members of the dead. The list goes on. There was the time Daisy dated Ray and Mason killed him and he didn't have a post-it, or when Roxy kept someone from dying to get a promotion. You are all in a lot of trouble and I'm here to whip you all into shape. I get that you don't like to be followed, you really don't need it to be honest, I'm here to hand out post-its and make sure nothing goes wrong." She was talking to me like a mom, but like no mother I knew. She was being kind, understanding, and not trying to keep this fight between us on going. She was showing her true age in this moment and I tried to shrug it off. Remembering that she was so god damn old was disturbing. She paused to look back at Rigor who was digging a tiny hole in my lawn. "Rigor, no."

"It's cool there's so many holes here anyway." She looked at me again with softer eyes.

"Please know that I will always be here when you have issues, problems, or find yourself in a bit of trouble. Because I have seen it all, and if we- you and I- figure it out then you wont get in trouble with the big guys upstairs." She lifted herself and tapped me on the shoulder. " Have fun on the reap today." I cringed at her sweetness and contrived words. She gathered up Rigor and began walking down the walkway. "See you tomorrow bright and early at the waffle house, and don't forget to bring that award winning smile of yours."

"See just when we reach a nice little agreement of politeness you go and be a complete ass hat." I let out a sigh.

"Come on George, say something nice." I thought for a moment. I smiled brightly.

"Have a nice day." I waved as I unlocked my door and walked inside. "And go fuck yourself.

It was late at the waffle house when Daisy walked in wearing a flowery yellow dress with an assured grin on her face. She found Lilith sitting in a booth smiling and talking to Kiffany.

"Hello Kiffany, may I please get an iced tea?" Kiffany looked at Daisy and smiled.

"I'll get right on that," She paused and pointed at Lilith. "BLT light mayo and a small sausage patty for him," He smiled gesturing at the panting pouch by Lilith side.

"Thanks." Lilith replayed. "Good evening Daisy."

"Hiya, I must say it's been spectacular getting back in business. Makes me alive again, pardon the pun," She said smiling at herself. Kiffany dropped off the dishes and placed a small plate with meat in front of Rigor. He sat up straight and tall, looking up and waiting for a sign from Lilith.

"What are you going to do for it?" She said talking to the dog. Rigor dropped his head as if in defeat. He jumped up paws high in the air twirling around, his tongue flapping out of his mouth. Kiffany smiled and gave him a tiny applause. "Alright. Alright. You can have it Ricky Martin." Kiffany left to go refill other patron's coffee cups.

"Thant is not a normal dog." Daisy said taking a sip of her tea. Rigor was face deep in meat making chomping and chewing sounds.

"He's normal enough. How did your reap go?"

"Normal enough," Daisy said dodging the question. "Is the dog dead too?" Rigor looked up to the people above him licking his nose and mouth.

"Daisy, my dog is not dead. Rigor are you dead?" He gave out a "yap yap" bark and returned to the plate still glistening with meat juice. Lilith gave a nod back to daisy. "Not dead," Her face enlivened with her statement. "So the reap, what happened?"

Daisy moved on and sat back in the booth. "What a mess is what I have to say, and what a horrible place for a first date."

****************************Daisy's Reap*********************************

At 6:55 Daisy stood outside Kamikaze a teppanyaki style Japanese restaurant. Feeling the chill from the wind she walked inside and spotted the hostess. "Excuse me miss, has L. Turner arrived yet?" The hostess looked down at the sheet in front of her.

"Yes, Leo Turner and his date are here, but they are for a table of two." She gave Daisy questioning look. "Will you be joining them today?"

"I'm here to give Leo something he left at home. I'm a friend of his." Daisy looked over the hostess shoulder. "I can't seem to find him," she gave a glance at the young girls name tag. "Alice, can you do me a favor and show me where he is?" The corners of her mouth began to turn upward into a smile. She took Daisy to the middle of the restaurant and pointed out a large table near the back. Of the party that was there were only two that weren't Asian.

"There he is in the blue shirt." Alice said. Daisy thanked Alice and walked toward the table and look at the seat next to Leo Turner. The large table had two groups and in the center was a chef tossing veggies and meats in the air. Daisy took a seat next to Leo.

"Excuse me." She smiled at him. "Hello," Daisy turned to the lady he was with and gave her a grin too. "Hi. So hungry."

"Hi I'm Cheryl, and this is Leo." She was excited and had a high pitched squeaky voice. Her cheaply dyed blond hair and brown roots matched her style of low cut high cleavage shirt. Cheryl looks up at Leo with adorning eyes. "We are on our first date." She said tracing his shoulder. "Oh wow! Look at him baby!" To the roar of the flames the chef carelessly tossed onions, chopped carrots and threw knifes in the air.

"How lovely, you two seem to be off to such a pleasant start" Daisy got up from her seat touching Leo's shoulder and taking his soul before his awful demise. "Going to head the ladies room." Not being sure what was going to happen Daisy moved a few tables back; this was a very nice dress. The chef who'd had a few shots of tequila in the kitchen fifteen minutes before serving the miss trashy and her date Leo. Cheryl was screeching and hollering from all the knife tosses he was doing. In the corner of her eye Daisy saw the graveling creeping along the walls and ceiling making its way toward the chef. The chef was picking up more and more knifes growing cocky in his routine. The graveling licked the end of a knife that the chef was about to pick up. The table was up in arms with applause and cheers; the chef grabbed the last knife and flipped it toward the happy couple. The slippery handle of the knife didn't go up but straight, straight into Leo Turner's head.

"That's not sanitary." Daisy said leaning against a wall.

"I was just trying to get lucky. She and I weren't going farther than my bed," Said Leo's soul.

"Well Leo, looks like you're not getting anything tonight, comes on."

"Seriously, having someone making food right in from of you is so cheap." Daisy said completing her story.

"That's a very nice reap. Neat and tidy is how I like it." Out of the corner of her eye Lilith saw Roxy walk in and make her way toward the booth. "Hey Daisy you better head out," Daisy turned her head toward Roxy who was now in front of the table. Daisy took the hint and moved out from her seat. "Good evening Roxy, ya'll have a good night.

"Daisy has left the building." Roxy took her seat across from Lilith placing her police hat on the table. "Was your first day rough?" Roxy moved her coffee to the outside of the table as Kiffany filled it and left.

"I've had worse." Lilith and Roxy smiled at each other.

"You know, I always thought you were a myth."

"Whys that?" Lilith took a bite of her sandwich and placed it back on her plate.

"You're just too good. Do you even know how many reaps you've done?" Roxy took a sip of her coffee. "You're a legend; these kids were never told of deaths rich history and the founding reapers of the past.

"Always glad to meet a fan." Lilith chuckled.

"But what does this mean? When then Chef sends in SWAT usually it's a big deal. Are we in that much shit?"

"No. This has less to do with me then you think." Roxy blinked.

"So then who's your main focus here? Eyes wide open, as the energy was building up in the diner. Lilith just smiled. Rigor let out a soft whimper. Lilith closed her eyes and sighed.


"George? Really, George?" Roxy leaned forward off the back of the booth.

"You didn't want it. You've made that clear to everyone." Lilith said simply.

"It's deeper than that, I hate complications and drama. And I figure that I would kill these fuckers before the week is done." Roxy leaned back in the booth clasping her hands and resting them behind her head. "So what does Georgy have to do? I've heard the process is grueling."

"Many things, but this is between you and I, there must be a time where she thinks nothing of these tests." Lilith said placing the scraps of her sandwich on the floor near Rigor.

"Well I don't envy her." Roxy slouched into the booth letting her feet stretch out under it.

"Do you think she's capable of completing these trials?"

"She's stubborn. Smart too. Can she do it? I guess that depends on how much she likes you."

"Oh that's great." Lilith laughed half heartedly. "She's not a huge fan of me right now." Lilith looked down at the empty plate by Rigor. Her serious face disappeared as she glanced back up at Roxy. "But I do love a challenge." A smile took over her face.

"Well you got one with her." Roxy took a large gulp of her coffee and moved from the booth. "This soldier of justice needs her beauty sleep. Have a nice night."

"Good night Roxy." Lilith watched Roxy swagger out of the diner leaving it hollow; Lilith was left with her thoughts and the clinking of silverware. A challenge Lilith could handle, but was George going to allow destiny take her for a ride? Or was she going to dig her heels in and resist every step of the way? The day was soon to be over and another w ay on its way. Lilith and Rigor sat at the waffle house with the rest of the truckers and lonely hearts preparing for the days ahead. Soon time will tell what will happen to this merry band of misfits.

Something can be said for the substitute, she's got balls. It's not easy to work where you're not wanted. However, I have to give credit where credit is due; Lilith has balls. I just don't know if they are big enough to handle me. Whatever the case, she's ants at my picnic and the sooner she's gone the better. I just have to be on my best behavior until the real teacher returns. Yea the Fuck right! Kicking and screaming is how this is going to go, bell rings, pencils down, class is over.