Ikuto: I really wish you'd warn us before screaming like that.

Amu: It would hurt my ears a lot less if I knew.

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Ikuto: Your promises mean nothing.

Amu: She doesn't own us so why do you care?

~Alone With You~

The cobbled streets were empty except for one lone girl. Her pricy heels made a clicking sound that reverberated off all the old stone walls. If the noise hadn't been making her stand out already then her hair would have done so without fail. Not many girls can be seen in a small town in the middle of Germany with pink hair.

Said girl continued on her way without a care in the world. She was certain that she and her blue haired lover had managed to throw off their parent's angry pursuit for a little while. Perhaps sending them a postcard about being serious about never coming home wasn't such a great idea. Midori had flown into a rage and instantly, with the help of her old and new lover, she sent people after the couple. Aruto had no problem with making the girl he'd always loved in a special way happy.

Ikuto knew the moment the men in suits entered the hotel they were staying at that he and Amu needed to get out of town if they wanted to continue to be together without worry. The pinkette hadn't believed him at first when he informed her of the chase they were now apart of. When the tranqs hit the wall near her head, Amu knew that her mother really had gone off the deep end.

Before her father and younger sister had died in a tragic accident, Amu's mother was perfectly normal and Amu was growing up to be normal daughter. After that day, everything changed. Midori became obsessed with molding Amu into the perfect daughter and Amu had complied with everything, including being sent to a summer beach house with a boy she didn't know to win a bet.

Of course everything had gone south and Amu and Ikuto had purposely lost the bet together so they'd have to leave Japan together since they'd fallen in love. Stranding their parents in the house they were supposed to spend the summer in had seemed like a great idea at the time. Then Amu and Ikuto found out all about their parents' history through a hidden webcam. Amu still claimed that her eyes weren't completely healed.

The gate to the small cottage they were renting clicked shut behind the nineteen year old as she made her way up to the door. Using her knuckles to perform their secret knock, Amu entered the house without making Ikuto think she was someone else. "Hey neko! I'm home!"

"I love it when you call me when you get in, but when are you going to let go of the cat thing?"

Amu smirked as she slipped out of her jacket and hung it on a coat stand. "Never. The way you dodged those feathered shots was too catlike for me to ever think differently now."

Ikuto emerged from a back room in only his jeans. With a waggle of his eyebrows and his trademark smirk he took his lover in. "I bet I could change that image you have of me."

"Oh really? And what do you want me to see you as?"

"A stud."

Amu bit her lip to hold in her laughter. It didn't work. "Sure Ikuto, sure. I see you as a stud."

With a lick of his lips, Ikuto moved in for the kill. His hands instantly found her waist, pulling Amu's tight body against his half naked one. In one fluid motion he had his lips pressed against hers. Feeling the girl completely melt into him without a fight made Ikuto smirk his triumph. "See," he whispered against her now swollen lips. "I'm a stud that takes your breath away."

Amu could only nod numbly. She knew his words were truer then he could ever possibly imagine. The man did have a major impact on certain organs in her body, like her brain and heart. Leave it to the half naked pervert to make her brain fog over and her heart pump into overtime with just one steamy kiss. "Damn you!"

Ikuto laughed from the other room. She'd been so busy trying to get herself under control once more that she hadn't realized that the source of her problem had already moved on to whatever he was doing before she'd come home. "Sorry my little strawberry, but we can't all go out and play all day long. Some of us have to do some work so others can see the world."

Amu muttered her response so that he couldn't hear. Yet somehow the cat boy did just that.

"Speak up darling or else I can't understand you."

"And you claim that you aren't like a cat! How did you hear that?"

Ikuto entered the entry way again, this time with a shirt on. "Hear what? I only assumed that you muttered or mumbled something under your breath. I've noticed that you like to do that."

Glaring at the boy she wanted nothing more to do with than kiss again, Amu tried to hold herself back. "You're trying to get me riled up, aren't you?"

Ikuto cocked his head to the side, just like a cat, and stared innocently at the girl before him. "Why would I do that?"

Amu narrowed her eyes. Her assumption had been correct. Leave it to this sneaky guy to try and get under her skin. "Because you think the sex is better when I'm pissed."

Ikuto feigned innocence. "I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. I love sex with you in any mood you happen to be in."

Only wanting to prove her point, Amu moved forwards and began removing the stylish scarf she'd been wearing around her neck. Ikuto watched the silk item twist its way through the air to the floor as Amu let the fabric slip out of her fingers. Next the top couple of buttons on her shirt seemed to almost come magically undone. Ikuto hadn't seen her fingers move to undo them but none the less, they were undone.

With her breasts now on display for him to see, Amu moved closer to her intended target. She only wanted to tease him back for his earlier comment, but upon seeing the slight bulge in his pants, Amu knew that this little game she was playing was going to lead to more. It made her more excited to play with this fire.

Ikuto wasted no time taking control of the situation by pushing her up against the closed front door and making sure that she felt what she did to him. Amu let out a throaty moan as Ikuto mashed his lips and hips against hers. He kept her noises to himself by swallowing anything that tried to escape her mouth.

"I think there is someone in there. Didn't the lady next door say it was this house?"

Ikuto froze while Amu clung to him. They'd both heard the voice outside the door they were currently making out on. Someone was looking for them. They weren't as hidden as they thought they were, then again with their parents' connections the governments of every country could be on the look out for the two love birds.

Knocking sounded and Amu did her best not to breathe too loudly as the thumping reverberated around the inside of her chest. Being found was stressful enough but being found while doing what they were about to be doing was even worse. Now she'd have to wait until Ikuto told her that they were safe again before he'd even try to get her naked.

Ikuto did his best not to yell at the fools on the other side of his door. He knew that any minute they might try to open it and it definitely wasn't locked. They needed to get out of the house without being seen but at the moment they couldn't do anything without making noise.

"Yes she said it was this one, but she also said that they are usually out during the day. Maybe we should just go up the block and sit and wait."

Please let them do that! Amu and Ikuto stared into one another's eyes with their breaths held while waiting for the other man to respond. She felt herself move slightly up onto her toes while being drawn into his gaze. Their lips lightly brushed as Ikuto put more of his weight on the door to hold himself back.

"Alright then, you take that end and I'll take this one. Radio me if you see them."

The rest of the conversation must of happened silently since that was the last that Ikuto and Amu heard from the two men. Using his catlike abilities, Ikuto slinked to one of the windows and peeked out. Two men were certainly moving towards opposite ends of their small block, but three cars sat on the street that Ikuto didn't recognize. They had to be more men ready to capture them. Midori was blowing this whole thing out of proportion and his father wasn't helping in the slightest, at least not helping him or Amu.

Using his own body to tell Amu what to do, Ikuto had her get down on her hands and knees and crawl to the other room. There were too many windows on the front of the house and he didn't like it. Following the luscious pinkette, Ikuto began grabbing the items they always kept packed now in case of fast get aways like this one. They had two backpacks and several other bags that strapped to their bodies always packed with money, food, water, their passports and any clothing necessaries they thought they needed.

After the Singapore incident they'd learned that there is not always time to pack up your belongings before you had to get out. Leave it behind or get caught were the two options then. Now they were always packed and ready to go.

Ikuto peeked out the back windows as well but didn't see anyone or anything that looked suspicious. If they could make it to the secret bomb shelter under the shed in their backyard then they could stay there for a few days before seeing if the coast was clear yet.

Ikuto finished grabbing everything before he turned to see if Amu had her things. She looked ready to go and nodded to the man to say that they could indeed take off. Ikuto eased the back door open. He'd spent a few hours oiling the hinges as soon as they'd gotten there to make sure that it wouldn't squeak in a situation like this one. Tip toeing, Amu and Ikuto moved silently across the small yard and ducked into the shed. Ikuto stared out the window for almost a full minute before he gave Amu the signal to open the shelter.

The door was heavy, but Ikuto had made her practice opening it so many times already that Amu had no problems now. She enjoyed this sort of life on the run with him. They did weird and unusual things that only made this whole 'we are leaving Japan because we lost the bet' thing even better. Secretly, part of her had been hoping that her mother wouldn't just let her go without a fight.

With the door fully open, Amu slipped down into the hole. The room underneath opened further and was stocked with dry foods and water. Ikuto jumped in after her and pulled the door shut before climbing down the ladder. With the sound of the lock, Amu's heart finally stopped racing. She smiled at the blue haired man staring back at her before giving him a thumbs up.

The rule was no talking unless they were certain that no one had seen them go in the shed and at the moment, they weren't certain. Ikuto had placed a couple of small cheap cameras around the outside of the shelter door so that they could see the inside of the shed. The cameras didn't pick up audio but they could at least see what was happening above them.

Together, they watched as the door was thrown open and a few shots rang out. They knew that they weren't lethal; the bullets were just tranquillizers to knock them out for the trip home. The men attempting to take them back had learned that in Singapore. Amu and Ikuto were not going back without a fight. They wanted a life that they could live however they wanted and not how their parents wanted.

Two men entered the small shed, but upon seeing that there was another door on the opposite end, they took off as if on a chase. Amu covered her mouth to snicker into her hand as Ikuto smirked. They watched the cameras for another hour or two before Ikuto finally decided that they were probably okay to talk. "We'll stay down here for another day or so before I check out what's happening up there."

Amu nodded before sitting down on the single bed their bunker held. "So what shall we do while we wait?"

Ikuto felt the corners of his mouth pull up into his trademark smirk as he moved towards the already bored looking pinkette. "Why not finish where we left off?"

Before Amu could respond, her mouth was crushed under his in a breathtaking kiss that lasted for several minutes. It was just long enough for Ikuto to maneuver her to lying on the bed with him above her. God he loved this girl. She was beyond perfect for him in every way. He wished that he could tell her so more often, but they always seemed to be busy and there was never a moment for it. Well, he was tired of using that excuse so he made a moment for it now. Pulling his head away from hers far enough to see the pout upon her lips, Ikuto smiled down at the girl beneath him. Not a smirk, a real smile. She was smiling back at him before he'd even said the words but then he realized that just looking at her the way he did said everything she needed to hear. He knew that because he saw the same emotions reflecting back to him in her eyes.

"Amu, I love you."

Amu pushed herself up with her arms to plant a gentle yet firm kiss on his lips. "I love you too."

That was all that was needed before he devoured her.


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