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~Alone With You~

Maybe she should have taken that extra day. Carrying all the gear they'd need to get through the snow and over the mountains was weighing down in Amu's pack. Ikuto carried most of it for the pregnant girl, but he couldn't carry all of it. Amu did her best to bite back her complaints.

Their trek through the mountains was beautiful. Ikuto enjoyed almost every moment of their hike. What he didn't like was the fact that each step Amu took was just a tad bit slower than the last. His pregnant lover was slowing down and Ikuto couldn't do anything besides hold her hand.

Sliding her radio into her pack after once again confirming their location and receiving a weather report, Utau smiled at her two traveling companions. They were doing really well for one of them being pregnant. "With the progress we're making, we should be through the pass tomorrow afternoon."

Amu let out quite the sigh upon hearing Utau's news. The faster they were out of the mountains the better. She loved them, she did, but Amu's heavy body could only take so much. That and these mountains didn't care one way or the other if she was pregnant or not. They'd do what they'd always done for thousands of years and have white outs where the clouds literally blocked out any chance of seeing more than two feet in front of them. Those weren't the best sensation to experience, though Amu did think they were kind of cool. At least they had clear hiking for the moment.

Seeing his lover struggling a bit, Ikuto wished he could offer more than his hand to help Amu steady her steps. They'd be through by the next day and would be able to slip back into the population of the coast and get lost until they could hitch a ride back to Japan to have their baby. Just a few more days of hiking before they could get there. "Sounds great, Utau. Are you ready to be rid of us?"

Laughing at that, Utau smacked the one person she was leading along the trail that she could actually hit without feeling guilty. Amu was off limits in that way. The swollen girl didn't look as though she could take any hits, playful or not. "Yep! That's why we should keep pushing on for now. We'll break in about an hour. The progress we're making is great and the forecast is clear for the next couple of days."

As much as she wanted to get to the coast and rest in a real bed and not move for a while, Amu couldn't help but admit that she was going to miss their guide. Utau had definitely become a friend of theirs while they hiked. Of course, they couldn't be completely honest with the blonde. They'd told her that they were doing one last crazy trip before getting married and settling down to raise their kids. The lie was something Amu sort of wished would happen. Ikuto hadn't exactly proposed, though.

Tugging her hat down just a bit further, Amu tried to stop the stubborn fingers of the chilled breeze that kept trying to caress her ears. "Okay. One more hour."

Their break never came. For several minutes, none of the three paid any attention to the sounds echoing through the mountain peaks. Ikuto felt the panic he'd been holding back since they left begin to spread throughout his body. "Helicopters!"

The hand that was in hers tightened. The metal birds could be there for a completely different reason, but something told Amu they weren't going to be so lucky this time. "What do we do?"

Unaware of why her two hikers were suddenly panicking at the sound of some helicopters that were probably just doing some tours of the mountains, Utau tried to calm them down. "Chill! Sit down for a moment, Amu! You can't get all worked up! One wrong move and you could slip and fall or even worse, start an avalanche. There's nothing to worry about. It's probably some tourists."

Being that he carried anything and everything he didn't want for Amu to carry, Ikuto pulled the binoculars out of his pack to lift them to his face. With a steady hand, he searched the sky until he found the three spots against the sky. They definitely weren't tourist helicopters. "Is there anywhere we can hide?"


"Utau, this is important. Is there any chance we can hide?"

Shaking her head, the guide knew that they'd never be able to do anything fast enough. Their coats and bags were all brightly colored in order for them to be easily spotted. They'd have to bury themselves in snow to hide, and though it was deep enough up near the peaks, they weren't that high. "We can't. There's nowhere to go."

Resigning to their fate, Ikuto turned to the love of his life before taking her other hand as well. "Amu."

"No! Ikuto! Please! Don't!"

"What is going on!?"

Ignoring Utau and rubbing his thumbs against the back of Amu's knuckles, lowered his head to kiss Amu just under the edge of her hat so that his lips would touch skin. "You know I love you more than anything, right?"

"We can get out of this! We've made it this far. There is no way they're going to take us now."

Placing another kiss on the bridge of her nose, Ikuto pulled Amu into his arms. "Do you love me?"

Why was he doing this? Why was he saying these things when they should be running? When they should be doing anything but standing there like idiots. Hell, Amu would start an avalanche on purpose to get away. "I love you."

"Then no matter what, we're going to be together."

Tears were quick to form in Amu's eyes. They stung due to the cold air, but Amu didn't bother to sniff them back. Ikuto was given in. He was giving up. He was giving her up. "Please don't do this."

Watching the two hug, Utau looked back towards the sky to find that the helicopters were definitely coming straight for them. "What kind of trouble are you two in!? What did you bring me into!? Oh my God!"

Pulling away just enough from a crying Amu to look over at their trusty guide, Ikuto gave the blonde a small smile. "Utau, have a seat and calm down. When they land, don't do anything but sit there and they won't do anything to you. Understand?"

Nodding because she didn't have any other option, Utau found a rock half buried in the snow to sit on. Praying to whoever was listening, Utau frantically pleaded that she and the other two come out of this alive.

Returning his attention to Amu, Ikuto held his pregnant lover close as the helicopters began to circle them, kicking up snow and making the wind whip against the people on the ground. Several minutes later, the flying machines had landed and shouts were heard over the snow for nobody to move. Ikuto wasn't going to. Not until they made him. He'd hold Amu for as long as he could and then he'd hold on longer.

Being that he had his eyes closed, Ikuto never saw the blow coming. One moment he had a weeping Amu in his arms and the next he was on his knees with his hands behind his head. Whoever had hit him was demanding that he stay down and stay silent as his wrists were zip tied together. Clearly, these people learned that handcuffs weren't enough.

The moment Ikuto dropped, Amu started screaming. Fighting the best she could, Amu struggled against the hands dragging her away from the man she loved and the father of their child. "IKUTO! NO! IKUTO! PLEASE! GET UP! DON'T DO THIS! I LOVE YOU! GET UP!"

From her spot on the rock where Ikuto had told her to sit, Utau watched as Ikuto was bound and Amu was dragged away. Horror colored her features, but the three men around her with guns directed at her kept the guide from doing anything besides stare with her mouth open. A gasp escaped her lips when Ikuto was kicked over. The force caused him to roll downhill several feet. Amu's screams only got louder, but Ikuto didn't move. He'd given up.

With their guns trained on the two they weren't interested in, the men moved back towards the helicopters with the pink haired girl that they'd been directed to find and bring back. Apparently, the man she'd been with had kidnapped her and taken her unwillingly from her mother. The girl had a case of Stockholm Syndrome and wasn't to be listened to if she tried to plead to stay. The men hadn't expected her to be pregnant. From the way she fought, however, they knew they had the right girl.

From his spot in the snow, Ikuto watched the best he could as everyone loaded back up and the men left just as fast as they'd come. She was gone. They'd taken Amu and despite everything leading up to that point, Ikuto couldn't stop them. Not this time.


He'd almost forgotten about Utau as he let some tears fall.

"Wh-what just happened!?"

He'd been too weak to protect her. That's what happened. Amu was gone. Her mother had won.

"Ikuto! We can't just stay here, come on."

His bonds were cut, though Ikuto didn't do much with the newly found freedom of his hands. There was no one to hold if Amu wasn't there. "Utau. They took her."

The blonde had no idea what the hell was going on or who those people were or who Ikuto and Amu really were, but she did know that the couple was very much in love. "So go get her back."

Sitting up with the girl's help, Ikuto winced at the pain in his side from where he'd been hit. He was lucky that his coat and the ground took some of the impact so that none of his ribs were broken, though Ikuto was sure that was the intent. They were probably under orders to make it as difficult as possible for Ikuto to follow Amu. "They work for Amu's mother. We didn't tell you, but Amu and I are on the run from our parents. They don't want us to be together."

"What kind of parents could afford to purchase their own small army to track you two in the middle of Canada!?"

Sighing, Ikuto moved slowly to get to his feet. His body hurt and his heart hurt. Still, Utau deserved some answers. "You're here in Canada despite being Japanese so I sort of understand if you don't know who Amu and I. I'm Tsukiyomi Ikuto. My father owns a huge corporation in Tokyo. Amu is Hinamori Amu. Her mother owns a rather large company there, too. Both of our families have a lot of wealth and a lot of power. Hiring private armies and chasing runaway lovers all of the world wouldn't put a dent into either of our families' fortunes."

That sort of wealth was something Utau couldn't even begin to imagine. "So is that how you two met? Both being wealthy and in the same country and everything?"

Moving back up the mountain to where he'd dropped his pack, Ikuto sat down with Utau to fully explain everything. He told her about the bet and the beach house. He told her about slowly falling in love and coming up with a plan to be together. He told her of their grand escape and about most of the places they'd been to. "It was worth it. Being on the run with Amu was worth giving up everything back in Japan. Her mother went slightly crazy after losing Amu's father and little sister in a plane crash. I can't really blame the woman, but she's probably lost her mind."

Stunned through the entire explanation, Utau could hardly believe that the people she'd been hiking with-very down to earth people-were secretly billionaires on the run from their parents just so they could be together. "So what are you going to do?"

Brushing some snow of the side of his leg, Ikuto gave a small shrug and a heavy sigh. "There isn't much I can do. I knew it was risky to call in and let someone know our location, but we needed to get to the coast so we could get back to Japan."

"To have your baby in your country. Is that where they took her?"

"Yes, they'll take her home to her mother. Amu probably won't be let out of her house ever again. I told you that her mother is a bit psycho."

The situation did seem as gloomy as Ikuto appeared to be, but Utau wasn't one to give up. She knew nothing about the situation or how rich people handled their affairs, but Utau knew that Ikuto and Amu should be together. "Okay, then let's get you to Japan."

"So what? I watch her from afar? I wouldn't be able to handle that. I don't want to have to handle that."

Sighing lightly, Utau placed her hand on Ikuto's shoulder. The man looked completely forlorn. "Is it really different if you're here rather than there? Either way, if you don't do something, Amu won't be with you."

"But what can I do? Running was pretty much our plan. It worked for a while."

Utau watched Ikuto blink back tears. Clearly, he wasn't thinking things through at the moment. Amu had just been taken from him and the man saw no way to get her back. "I don't know about later, but for right now, you should get up. We'll finish the hike. We'll get to the coast and from there you can do whatever you were planning to do with Amu. I'll help you, Ikuto. We'll get you to Japan and we'll get Amu back."

Wishing they weren't on the top of some mountain so that he could properly lay down and wallow in self-pity, Ikuto nodded before pushing to his feet. They'd be back by the following afternoon, perhaps the morning if they pushed it. Amu wasn't there to slow them down, though Ikuto wished she were.


Her tears had long since dried by the time she reached the airport. Amu refused to speak to any of the men around her. They asked several times if she was comfortable or if she needed anything, but Amu knew that they wouldn't give her what she really wanted. Ikuto had let them take her. He hadn't even tried to stop it.

The small plane was rather familiar. It was one of the ones her mother owned and used frequently, not that Amu wanted to be on it again. All it was doing was taking her further away from Ikuto. Once the door shut, Amu knew there was no chance of him somehow rescuing her. She was going back to her mother. A mother she knew wouldn't be too happy with her once she saw that Amu was pregnant and heavily so.

Only one of the men that had taken her from the mountain continued on with Amu in her family's private plane. No doubt the man was coming so that he could collect his reward for capturing her. Amu hated him.

It wasn't until they landed that the man decided to speak to her, though Amu wished he would have just kept quiet.

"You'll be all right after you've been home for a time. If he wasn't willing to do things right then he wasn't worth it."

Who was this man to try and give her relationship advice? No one that knew anything about her or Ikuto. With just two sentences, Amu hated the unnamed man even more.

The only good part about reaching the airport was the fact that Miki, Ran, Su and Dia were there waiting for her. Out of all the things that Amu regretted about her and Ikuto's hasty retreat, the worst was not being able to talk to her four best friends. To the rest of the world, the girls were just maids. To Amu, they were sisters. The sight of them brought fresh tears to her eyes.

Su was the first to get over her shock at seeing a pregnant Amu wrapped in snow gear. Hurrying forwards, the blonde was quick to wrap her arms around the girl she hadn't seen for over a year. "Amu desu!"

It wasn't until after all five of them hugged and exchanged greetings and a few tears that the girls moved away from the plane and towards the car. Amu really didn't want to get in, but there was little she could do to not to. "Where is my mother?"

Ran fidgeted for a few seconds before making eye contact with her young mistress. "She's waiting for your return at the house."

Scowling, Amu followed Miki into the car. Getting inside the metal contraption was rather difficult due to her plump state. "You mean she didn't want to come greet me? What a shame. I've missed her dearly."

The other four remained quiet for a few minutes. Amu was clearly bitter about being forced to return. None of them could blame her.


"So what's our plan?"

Ikuto was beyond thankful to Utau. The girl dragged him across a couple of mountains to get his butt to the coast faster than he thought it would get there. The remainder of their hiking time allowed for Ikuto to remember who he was and how important Amu was to him. There was no way that he was just going to let her go. Originally, the boy had thought that the only way to be with her was to take her away by running from their responsibilities. Now, however, the boy knew better. If he was going to be able to get Amu and truly keep her so that her mother couldn't force her back, he was going to have to do it by playing even dirtier than he had been. He was going to have to go talk with his father.

Running a hand through his blue hair, Ikuto let out a quiet sight while looking out at the ocean that separated him from Amu. He'd cross it and get her back. It would take some work, but he'd do it. He was willing to do just about anything. "We get to Japan. Amu's mother will be watching for any signs of me coming back to Japan now that Amu is there. She knows that just because she caught us and took Amu that nothing's over."

Kicking at the rocks on the beach they were currently resting on, Utau looked out at the water. It had been a while since she'd been home to Japan. Going back with Ikuto for a while didn't seem like a bad idea. "How do we get there then? If she's watching everything already?"

Smirking, Ikuto pulled out Utau's satellite phone from his pocket. He'd made certain to pick it up from its spot in the hiking base. He was going to need it. "I've got a boat captain that probably wouldn't mind making a little trip to Japan."


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