Theme #2 Water Park

Itachi, Deidara, and Hidan arrived at the Land of Fire's only water park. Itachi had on pure black swimming shorts with white dancing weasels. Deidara had yellow trunks that slowly turned red as it went down. Hidan proudly wore off a red Speedo with the words JASHIN written across the butt. They were ready for a day of fun just like everyone else arriving at the park. Hidan immediately dragged his two friends towards the rides.

Slightly after they left, another group of three arrived at the park. Kisame, Sasori, and Kakuzu had arrived. Kisame wore a dark blue pair of swimming trunks. Kakuzu's were black with dollar bills all over it while Sasori's were just a normal red. Kakuzu, being very self-conscious, wore a green T-shirt as well. The three, however, split up.

Itachi and his friends were waiting in line to do a four-person ride and let's just say Itachi didn't look to well. Poor weasel was a deathly shade of green. Luckily, they were nearly there.

"Can he go with you guys? He has no else to go with," a staff member asked.

"Why not, un?" Deidara said. For once, Hidan was quiet. They boarded the ride and it was pushed off. Hidan's happy cursing was heard all the way down.

"Must you swear so much, baka?" the other man asked.

"Yes, I fucking do," he replied back sticking out his tongue. As the two fought, Deidara and Itachi took it as there chance to leave.

Itachi went to the lazy river to get rid of the sickness feeling. He grabbed an inner-tube and just relaxed. He saw a blue fin off at the other side of the river, screams following it. Itachi just ignored it.

Kisame snuck up behind a man relaxing in an inner-tube. His hair was sprayed carelessly around him with his arm dangling precariously above the water. "RAWR!" The man looked up and rose a slim black eyebrow.

"What the hell are you doing?" Itachi asked. A blue man stood in front of him, grinning a toothy grin.

"I was trying to scare you. Are you scared?" Kisame asked hopefully.

"No," Itachi said bluntly. Kisame frowned. He was probably lying.

"Aren't you? I mean, I am oddly colored after all," Kisame said sadly still frowning. Itachi shook his head.

"I find the color suits you well. Being oddly colored, or surprisingly shark-like, doesn't mean you'll scare me. The only thing that'll scare is Hidan or Deidara kissing someone. They're my friends," Itachi said. Kisame grinned. This man was really nice.

"I'm Kisame Hoshigaki. I'm glad you don't find my scary like everyone else does and I thank you for that," he said sticking his hand for Itachi to shake.

"Itachi Uchiha, nice to make your acquaintance," he took the hand shaking it.

"Oh, the wave pool is starting up, do you want to come with me Itachi-san," he asked getting out. Itachi nodded following the blue man to it with a raft to sit in.

Deidara, after escaping Hidan, went to the wave pool to just sit in until the waves started up. The waves started up and he suddenly got caught in a wave. His elbow connected with the ground, making him pierce his lips together to keep from crying out in pain. Suddenly, he landed on someone. His lips pressed against their's.

"Oh shit!" came two voices to his left.

"Holy fucking hell" came two voices to his right.

Sasori had gone to the wave pool upon arriving at the water park. He didn't feel like doing much. The waves had gone a few times already and he decided to leave after the next one. The waves started up. Sasori just let them hit him, however a sudden weight landed on him and soft lips were pressed to his, creating sparks. His eyes widened in shock as he stared into the baby blue orbs in front of him, blonde hair shielding off part of the eyes.

"Oh shit!" Sasori heard Kisame and some black haired man's voice to his right.

"Holy fucking hell!" he heard Kakuzu and a silver haired male's voice to his left.

"I'm sorry, un," the blonde stammered pulling away. His voice was deep and masculine, meaning he was a guy. The male got up and ran. It seemed as if the whole place was silent as Sasori brought his hand to his lips in shock. It had felt like he was kissed by an angel.

"Dei!" the black haired male at Kisame's side yelled. "Deidara!" The man took off running to his friend along with the silver-haired one. So, the angel's name was Deidara.

Deidara ran farther into the park, tears streaming down his cheeks. The kiss, though an accident, was enchanting but Deidara couldn't help but feel he was betraying Sora, his ex. He cursed himself for feeling that way. The whole point of coming here was for him to forget about his ex, and now that was all going down the drain. Deidara stopped on a bench, full out sobbing.

"Deidara, wait up! Tell us what's wrong," he heard Itachi yell. He and Hidan appeared into, slowly running over to him. Why are they here? He thought they were on rides or something. Had they seen the whole thing?

"Come on Dei, tell us what the hell's wrong," Hidan asked sitting next to him, placing a comforting hand on his back. Deidara leaned over to cry on his friends shoulder. Hidan began to rub circles on his back to comfort him.

"You saw everything, didn't you, un?" Deidara looked up to see Itachi nod. The tears began to flow more. "I feel like a cheater! The kiss was amazing and it was everything it should be and shouldn't be!"

"Forget that fucker! It's his loss for breaking up with you. Move on! Get together with the sexy red-head why don't you?" Hidan said with force. Deidara smiled. That helped him, a lot. Hidan always knew how to make him feel better. The foul language just made it even funnier.

"Let's go back. I smell a crush," Itachi smiled. Deidara blushed crimson. Itachi knew everything! What was he psychic or something? He would never know.

"Alright, un. I'll go face the sexy red-head," he said with a smirk. His tears had dried and Sora was erased from his mind never to be heard of again.

Kisame and Kakuzu approached their friend who sat awestruck in the shallow end of the pool. He had yet to recover from the blonde landing on him. "You okay, buddy?" Kisame hesitantly asked his friend.

"That was amazing," Sasori muttered placing a light hand on his lips, still in a trance. Kakuzu laughed and slapped the red-head on the back in amusement, succeeding in removing him from his daze but not from his thoughts

"Sasori has a crush? It's a sign of the apocalypse! Kakuzu even has one and on the weird silver man too," Kisame said with wide eyes as he took in all the information that had been entered into his brain in the last few moments.

"You shouldn't be talking, Shark! You seemed to be really close with weasel boy, yourself," Kakuzu fired back in anger. How did Kisame know? Was he that obvious? He and Hidan had gone on a few rides together and they had gotten close. Kakuzu even found out why the man was wearing such a 'odd' swimsuit.

Itachi, Deidara, and Hidan walked back to find Kisame and Kakuzu fighting with the still amazed red head sitting between, silent with a bewildered look on his face. In the background, a male with multiple piercings and orange hair carried a blue haired woman into the water. He threw her in making her shriek in shock.

"TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!" echoed throughout the park. Several people began to look around in confusion over who made such a loud shock or who this Tobi was. The yell had successfully stopped Kisame and Kakuzu's arguing. Sasori was even pulled from his thoughts.

A man in an orange mask ran by. His shorts matched his mask perfected. It was slightly creepy and the guys couldn't help but stare after him. Deidara was able to snap out of his shock and walk up to Sasori. "Hi, un, I'm Deidara. Sorry about what happened early," he said.

"Hello, I'm Sasori and don't worry about it. It could've happened to anyone," Sasori said moving his attention from the weirdo to the angel… I mean to Deidara.

"Come on Kuzu! Let's go on the Death Drop," Hidan said dragging Kakuzu along. Kisame was about to make a snide comment when Itachi whispered something in his ear. They left.

"I have such helpful friends, un," Deidara spoke sarcastically. Sasori silently agreed with him. They just had to leave him with the angel Deidara. What was he supposed to say? "So have you been enjoying the water park?" the blonde asked timidly.

"I have actually! It's very relaxing, but I bet I will feel the waves when I try to sleep tonight. That I don't look forward too," he said. Deidara laughed. It was music to his ears. No! Cut it out Sasori! You are not gay!

"That would feel weird, un," Deidara agreed. Sasori was really easy to talk to. It seemed second-nature to him. Almost like they knew each other for years. "Once, I had that feeling for a week straight. I got maybe twelve hours of sleep that week, un." This time Sasori laughed.

"I can see why," he agreed. "Do you mind if I try something?" Sasori asked hopefully. The blonde nodded shyly as Sasori leaned in to kiss him. He wanted to see if there were sparks like that last time or if it really was just the spur of the moment. He was nearly there when-

"Have you seen Tobi?" a man with green hair asked. His skin was black and white, literally. "I thought I saw him come this way." They shook their heads and the man left them alone. Sasori again leaned in to kiss the blonde when-

"Are you sure you haven't seen, Tobi?" the man before asked. Sasori groaned in annoyance. They were interrupted again.

"If it's the man with the orange mask, he went towards the lazy river," Sasori said annoyed. The man took off running. "Let's hope we don't get interrupted, again." The blonde giggled slightly girlishly but Sasori just thought it made him seem cuter. He leaned in once again, but this time their lips touched.

Deidara felt like he was in pure heaven at that moment. Kissing Sora had never felt this way. This was more enticing, more addicting than anything. The red-head pulled away reluctantly, but Deidara captured his lips again.

"Get a room, you two! I swear you're worse than my little brother and his girlfriend," Itachi cut in, stepping up behind them. Deidara glared up at his friend. Way to ruin the moment.

"Hey! It was just a kiss! They are so worse, un," Deidara protested. Itachi raised an eyebrow and Deidara rose his in turn. Speaking through facial expressions you had to know if you were to be their friends. Hidan suddenly walked up.

"Whoa, what's with the mean conversation?" he asked coming up to his friends with a now shirtless Kakuzu. (No, they didn't do anything. Hidan just wanted to see the stitches.) "I mean seriously, I know he's a fucking blonde but you didn't have to say that to him and I know Tachi is fucking mean, but seriously, he's not that much of a bastard." Hidan was still in shock when they turned their glares to him. Silence once again engulfed the group.

Kisame walked up now, slightly out of breath. He had been chasing Itachi all over the park to get him to take back what he said. He had called him a stupid shark. Stupid weasel. He now saw the glaring fight between the three and he just moved over to his friends. "Do I want to know?"

"I think it's all insults right now. What do you think Sasori?" Kakuzu said ignoring his blue friend.

"I'll have to agree with you there," Sasori replied. Kisame sighed, but grinned and moved up behind Itachi. Sasori rose an eyebrow. Kisame smirk making Sasori shake his head in shame.

"Hey Itachi-san, what did you say about me being a stupid shark?" Kisame grinned. Itachi immediately stiffened and panic arose in his eyes. The other two exchanged amused glanced before backing away, a sign saying that they're not helping.

"Kisame, you know I didn't mean it. I just said that to give them some privacy," Itachi protested. Kisame grinned.

"That's what they all say," he said rolling his eyes trying to get Itachi to feel bad. It worked.

"I'm sorry. It was rude and I shouldn't have said what I did. I'm truly sorry," he apologized. Kisame started laughing making Itachi look up in shark. "What are you laughing about?" Itachi grew angry from embarrassment.

"I didn't think that would work. You actually apologized," Kisame said. He was earned with a slap. "Okay, I dissevered that. God, that hurt! You just had to aim for the cheek?" Itachi smirked in triumph.

Hidan's cell phone suddenly went off and he fumbled to get it open to answer it. On the screen was DANNA in bold letters. Hidan's eyes widened in fear. "Shit!" he cursed. He hit talk. "Hello?"

"HIDAN TELL THAT SORRY ASS OF A BROTHER TO GET ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW! HE'S IN BIG TROUBLE!" a voice yelled from the phone. Hidan help it as far away from him as possible before handing it to Deidara.

"H-hi, nii-san. You needed something?" Deidara stammered into the phone.


"Okay, I'll be home. Mom won't be home for another half hour, un. I'll be there," Deidara replied hanging up and handing the cell-phone back to Hidan. "Well let's get back to my place before my sister goes homicidal, un." They exchanged phone numbers and they waved good-bye. "Hope to see you soon, un."

"We'll stay in touch, maybe get together sometime," Sasori said. The three departed before Deidara could die.

"There you are Tobi! What's with the running?" Zetsu said finally catching up to his friend, slightly out of breath.

"Tobi wanted to see the puppy, but the puppy is gone now. You missed it Zetsu-san," Tobi yelled excitedly. Zetsu slapped his forehead. All that running for nothing!

The basic idea came from my friend Carla, so I just wrote it up. We came up with it while at a water park in the wave pool. We were like "Wouldn't it be awesome if..." and thats how it started. I ended up getting sunburned from that.