No. 42 Fireworks

Sasori slowly crept into consciousness from his dreamland. The sun peeked through the curtains of his bedroom. However, unlike most mornings, he was warm and snug, and he did not want to get up. He then caught sight of what, or rather who, was causing his warmth.

Asleep with his head on Sasori's chest was an angel. Deidara's blonde locks were strewn around his face, but Sasori couldn't help but find it beautiful. He looked so peaceful. Sasori leant down and laid a gentle kiss on the sleeping man's forehead. He could wait for his blonde angel to wake up.

Meanwhile, Itachi was already up and cooking breakfast for the group of six. He had his headphones on and was dancing along to whatever was playing. It was definitely a good morning. He had woken up in Kisame's arms over the cold bed he was used to.

Unbeknownst to him, Kisame was standing in the doorway to the kitchen. He had a bright smile on his face as he watched his own angel dance around the kitchen mouthing the words as he made pancakes.

It took at least 5 songs, about 20 minutes, before Itachi finally noticed the large blue presence in the doorway. He blushed a heavy shade of red. "Ki-Kisame? How long have you been there?" He cursed in his mind at his stuttering.

"For a good 20 minutes or so," Kisame answered going up to the weasel. "It looked like fun though." He hugged the Uchiha. "You looked very graceful. That's a show I wouldn't mind seeing every morning." The blush darkened and spread across his face in embarrassment.

Hidan and Kakuzu had gotten up early. Kakuzu had work, and Hidan wanted to spend as much time as he could with him. Since those two have left, let's not worry about them for right now.

Deidara finally greeted the morning, waking with a stretch and a yawn. "Good morning Sasori, un," Deidara chirped brightly. Sasori smiled back as he kissed Deidara's head. "What is that I smell? It almost smells like…" he trailed off as his eyes widened. "Itachi's pancakes!" He rushed out of bed and down the stairs.

Sasori sighed. That was one of the reason's he fell for the blonde. He was just too abnormally cute! He got up out of bed and slowly made his way downstairs and to the kitchen.

He found Deidara sitting at the table, already scarfing down pancakes. Somehow, he had managed to get syrup all around his face already, along with all over his fingers, yet he had been using a fork. He made his way in, taking the offered wet napkin from Itachi so he could dap Deidara's face clean.

"What am I going to do with you?" Sasori asked more to himself than to Deidara.

"Aw, but you still love me," Deidara pointed out smiling like a six year old.

"Yes I do brat," Sasori replied kissing his cheek. He sat down next to him as Itachi brought over another plate of pancakes for the red head. "Thank you Itachi. It smells great."

"And it tastes great too," Deidara said with his mouthful. Itachi just chuckled.

"So I've been told," Itachi said glancing over at Kisame who was sitting up on the counter, despite his large appearance, like a kid, waiting for more pancakes to finish. Itachi went back over to the stove to make another.

After breakfast, the four left the house. Itachi wanted to get better ingredients for their kitchen. He said and I quote, "It looks like three lonely bachelors live in that house." Deidara asked to help, after calling his sister and getting permission to of course.

They had stocked the kitchen up when Kisame and Itachi sprang the news on them. "Sasori, do you mind if Itachi and Sasuke move in with us?" Sasori was shocked. "Well, Itachi's inheritance after his parents died won't last much longer and he still has to pay for apartment fees, and eventually student fees… Please, can you let him stay," Kisame begged.

"It's really up to Kakuzu. We have enough rooms and I have to no problem with it," Sasori replied.

"I've already got permission from Kakuzu. Itachi, let's go tell Sasuke, and pack your stuff," Kisame said in excitement. He was so happy he picked Itachi up around his hips and spun him wall.

Sasori watched with amusement. "Do you want to help, Dei?" he asked out loud. He got closer and whispered in Deidara's ear, "Eventually, you'll move here, too." Deidara's eyes widened as he felt a shiver run down his spine.

They drove a couple of blocks to Itachi's apartment. Sasuke was already there with Naruto. They were finishing up a biology project that was do that following Tuesday. "Hey nii-san, why is everyone here?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"Kisame has given us permission to live with him. I can't continue paying for the apartment on the salary I'm on," Itachi told him.

"Will I get my own room?" he asked. He looked past Itachi to see Kisame nodding. "Will Naruto be allowed over?" Kisame nodded again. "Then, I'm perfectly fine with it! Besides, now Sakura can't find me. Turns out she 'regrets' breaking up with me."

"The little bitch…" Itachi growled.

With Naruto and Sasuke's help, it didn't take all day for them to finish packing. The apartment had come furnished, so they only really needed to pack their belongings. It took maybe three hours to finish packing everything.

While Kisame, Itachi, Sasuke and Naruto brought their belongings to the house, Sasori and Deidara excused themselves. The night was beginning to fall, so Sasori took him out to dinner. Deidara assumed he'd probably take him to some restaurant in town, but was surprised with Sasori took him out for a picnic.

He took him to the exact place the two had had their first date. It seemed like just yesterday when really it had been nearly a year now. What could Sasori have planned if he had brought him back here?

This time, Sasori brought his guitar with him, so he wouldn't have to go back for it. Like the last time they'd been here, Sasori had already set up the picnic blanket. Except this time, the dinner was already set out with covers on it to avoid bugs from eating their food before they could.

Deidara was shocked, to say the least. The last time they'd been here, it was the middle of the summer. Now, it was in the middle of spring. Looking through the clearing again, he noticed that one of the trees had cherry blossoms on it. When they had been there before, he hadn't even noticed it since the tree was bare.

"Oh, it's so pretty," Deidara muttered in amazement. The picnic was forgotten at this point as he went and knelt down by the tree. He grabbed the nearest stone and began to carve into the trunk of it.

"What are you doing?" Sasori asked coming up behind him. He looked down to see Deidara carving 'Sasori + Deidara FOREVER' into the bark. He carved a heart around it.

"Now, we'll always be happy together. My dad did this with my mom. If he hadn't died, my parents would still be happy together. My mom refuses to find another guy. That's just how strong their love is," Deidara recalled. "I hope ours can be the same…"

"Don't worry Dei. I'll always love you," Sasori reassured as he pulled the blonde over to eat with him.

As the remaining of the day flew by, the food was eaten, songs were sung, and laughter engulfed the air. The sky began to darken as the day came to a close. "Sasori, it's getting late. Don't you think we should head home?" Deidara asked looking up into the red head's brown eyes.

"Not just yet, I have one more surprise set up for you."

Just then, a stream of light entered the sky and exploded with a burst of color and a loud bang. Fireworks had started going off. Sasori had paid Kakuzu to shoot off fireworks for him. "Whoa!" Deidara's eyes were fixed on the sky.

Sasori took that opportunity to place a necklace around his neck. Deidara looked down at it to see it have S+D circled in a heart. He about gasped before turning around to place a chaste and quick kiss on his lips. "Thank you…"

"I love you Deidara."

"I love you too Sasori."

Hey everyone, I apologize for the late update. This will be the last chapter of this story. I hope you enjoyed reading it since I had a blast writing it.