Elena woke up with a start. She could feel her heart pounding loudly in her veins and the sweat dripping down into her pajamas. Most of all she felt fear. She had yet another dream about Katherine. It was always the same one. Katherine would come to her bed at night and beckon her to follow her into the tomb. Once inside, Katherine would roughly grab Elena by the neck and chain her. Elena was immobile. She couldn't move or scream no matter how hard she tried. She was helplessly bound to Katherine's will. Somewhere in the darkness Katherine would disappear and the faint sound of footsteps approaching could be heard. She heard the sound of her name being called from somewhere in the dark.

"Stefan?" Elena cried out.

The footsteps became more prominent to her ears, but no one responded.

"Damon?" Elena cried out yet again, but this time for the elder Salvatore.

Just as Elena was about to give up all hope, Katherine reappeared dragging two bodies behind her. Elena cried out in horror once she realized who those bodies were. Half of Damon's body was bleeding and torn, the other half was deformed and broken. She could no longer see the handsome features that once graced his handsome face. Stefan was less worse, but just as horrific a sight as Damon. Stefan had multiple bites all over his body and seemed to be dead of blood loss.

Elena screamed for them. Katherine suddenly sped in front of her. One elegant finger came and traced a trail from Elena's temple to her throat. The dark veins slowly appeared on Katherine's face. Elena had stopped screaming in terror and faced Katherine.

"I don't want them." Katherine said with a smirk.

Just before she was about to bite, she whispered, "I want you."

Elena always made sure to wear vervain everyday in the hopes of protecting herself from Katherine. She had tried to focus on her life with her friends and family, but she could never shake the dread that Katherine was coming for her.