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"Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!"

Elena looked up. Why was she even here? She had heard horrid stories about this place. It was a place of darkness and greed. Only those who seek to find selfish pleasure come here. Yet here she was broke, homeless at the age of 18, with nowhere to turn but to this dark haven. The Revolution had come and gone. It was 1910 and here she was. Right on the steps to hell, listening as the director led her and a few other women in to their new home.

"As long as you give us your best... assets..." The director glanced up and down one of the ladies, before his eyes rested on her full bosom. He winked at the woman and continued "You will thrive here at the Moulin Rouge." He led the women up staircases to a room. "This is where you will all be staying unless you are called upon by a paying gentleman." Elena sighed as she sat on one of the beds. The director turned away and just before he left said, "I'm sure each of you will have plenty attention ladies. You are now officially Diamond Dogs."

Yes, it was official. The Moulin Rouge was her new home.

She had just finished strapping her corset and putting on her fishnet stockings when a large woman barged through the door.

"Ladies, ladies! It is almost time! Go out there and make those gents thirst!" She looked around the room before landing her gaze on me. She gasped. "The resemblance is almost uncanny." Elena heard her mutter to herself before she turned and walked out the door. She put on her dark blue dress. It was time. She was now going to be a prostitute. She rolled her eyes and looked into the mirror. Before taking the rouge off the counter. She had never seen make-up before, let alone have worn it.

"Here let me help you." said a friendly voice behind her. A blonde with bright blue eyes came bouncing up to her. "You're new right?" Elena nodded solemnly. Caroline gave a sympathetic look before taking the rouge from her hands and helping her apply it on her face. "There! Done! You look gorgeous! You will definitely give those gents a run for their money!" Caroline smiled at her before walking towards the door.

"You coming?" Elena nodded and followed after Caroline.

Well this was certainly not what she was expecting as she looked around to see many circus performers and men. She seemed very popular that night, as many gentlemen had danced with her. She knew she would be a big bid. The gentleman that she was dancing with lifted up her skirts and placed his palm on her most secret area. Elena blushed slightly when the many men she danced with started touching her there, but as she looked around, she realized it was the norm. She now understood why this was a place for dark desires to come alive.

The man pushed roughly against her in such a provacative way that couldn't be considered dancing. She felt his length press against her back. Elena blushed again. She was new to this. Of course she wasn't a virgin, but she'd never thought she'd be doing this. The man felt her through her panties. Elena jumped slightly, but stayed in place. This was her job now: to seduce unsuspecting men into giving money.

Just as the man was about to slip his hand underneath her underwear, sparkles flew from the ceiling. The lights darkened and the music silenced. And there was a woman. She descended from the ceiling. Elena watched in wonder. The woman looked just like her. She felt a body move next to hers.

"That's Katherine, she is the sparkling diamond. The most wanted and desired courtesan here." Caroline whispered next to her. This woman who looked just like her. She was beautiful. She had begun to sing and she understood why This girl was the most desired of them all. She had the voice of an angel, but her eyes told a different story. There was a ferocity that Katherine held in her eyes.

Katherine dropped her gaze to Elena. Elena couldn't breathe. What was this power over her? Katherine's dark gaze roamed over Elena's body. Elena took a shaky breath. There was a slow build of desire in her belly. Only this woman could entice this reaction out of her. Elena felt herself get wetter. Her legs became weak and unstable. Suddenly Katherine licked her lips. It was as if she had known the desire that was rising in Elena. Katherine broke her gaze and turned the men. They whooped as she danced across the floor. Elena stood mesmerized by this captivating woman.

Then all of a sudden she was gone. She left the stage and Elena looked for her. The music started up again and the lights brightened. Who was this woman? Before Elena could look further, a man caught her by the waist. It was the same one as before. He lifted her skirts once again and smirked to find her panties wet.

"Already ready baby." He brought his lips down to Elena. She stood motionless as he kissed her, feeling no pleasure from this man whatsoever. "Don't worry, I just finalized my purchase. Lets go." Elena could only follow as he dragged her through the crowd and into a private room. Before she entered the room, she saw two dark brown eyes staring at her from across the room.

Elena sighed as the man fell on top of her exhausted. The oaf barely pleasured her, if not at all. She looked up. She needed release desperately. Ever since her encounter with the beloved courtesan Katherine, she couldn't think if anything else. Katherine evaded her thoughts. Elena closed her eyes as she felt herself grow even wetter. Every thought of Katherine brought up a fiery desire in her and she didn't know why.

She pushed the man off her in disgust. The drunk moaned before rolling off her. She was finally free. She found her discarded panties on the edge of the bed. The man went straight for what he came for. He barely took off her dress before deciding he couldn't wait to take her and ripped it off her body. She looked at the scraps hoping to find it wearable. She doubted it. The man didn't even touch her corsage as he took off her panties and rammed into her again and again. Elena felt one of his fingers come between her legs. Elena rolled her eyes and looked at him. He was still asleep, yet he stroked her nether lips. Elena grabbed his arm and pushed it away from her. If she was going to find release, it wouldn't be from this a sigh, she stepped out of the bed and put her panties on, thanking the gods that they were still intact. Guess she would have to walk around half naked until she made it back to her room.

She looked at the window. The moon was bright and beautiful. She went out on the balcony and sighed, feeling at peace. A slight movement caught her eye. She looked across to the giant elephant and what she saw surprised her. For There she was, the woman who had haunted her since she first saw her. Katherine smiled lightly. Elena stood in awe watching Katherine. She was standing on the edge of the elephant without a stitch of clothing on, the moonlight bouncing off her tanned skin lighting her aglow. Elena sucked in a breath. She was perfect. Katherine's eyes glinted as her smile turned into a smirk. She lifted one finger in front of her and gestured for Elena to come to her. Then Katherine finally turned and entered back into the elephant, her glorious behind swaying lightly as she walked. For the first time, Elena knew what she wanted. Hurrying out of the room, she quickly descended the stairs and breathed fresh air as soon as she opened the door to the courtyard. Everyone was still in their private rooms doing work. Elena smirked. No one would see her. She looked up at the giant elephant knowing that there was no going back now. The fire in her belly agreed with her as it flared up, even stronger than ever.

Elena climbed the spiral staircase, getting excited as she got closer. As Elena came in front of the door, it opened revealing Katherine. It was as if Katherine knew the exact moment to open the door. Elena stared in wonder. Katherine lifted a finger to Elena's cheek and slowly traced down to the valley between her breasts. Elena closed her eyes in pleasure at Katherine's touch.

"What is your name ma cherie?"

"Elena." she whispered.

"Mmm Elena..." Katherine purred. Elena gulped as she opened her eyes. Her name sounded so sweet on this woman's tongue. She bit her lip to keep a moan from escaping.

Katherine took her hand and led her inside her room. It was glorious. It was ten times bigger than her own room at the rouge and was ornate with beautiful tapestries and ornaments. Elena couldn't help but gape. Katherine took her to the middle of the room to the champagne.

"Wine? Ma Cherie, I'm sure you're thirsty." Elena refused politely and looked over to the grand bed... Where a man lay there naked and sleeping. Elena turned her eyes to Katherine who gestured to follow her. They moved to the opposite side of the room further away from the grand bed.

"I've had to make other arrangements." Katherine said as she moved deeper into the room toward a tapestry. Katherine pushed the tapestry aside to reveal a hidden chamber. Inside was a small fireplace and next to it lay various pillows and blankets on the ground. There were trays with fruits around the pillows and goblets on the side. Elena looked wonderingly. While this room was smaller than the grand courtesan's chambers, this secret room was still bigger than her room. Elena looked to Katherine who gestured towards the sheets. Elena nodded and went to kneel by one of the softest pillows across the fireplace. Katherine smirked as she closed the tapestry and went to lay down on the blankets on the ground. She rested her head on one of the pillows and plucked a neat grape on one of the trays and delicately pushing it between her couldn't help but look at Katherine's body. The fireplace lit it aglow better than the moon did. She watched the light of the flames dance across her skin. This woman truly was the epitome of sex. She was every man's dream. With her supple breasts, flat belly, and ample ass, she looked like a goddess.

Katherine turned her gaze upon Elena catching her gazing upon her body. Elena blushed as she looked into Katherine's eyes. They were so dark and full of desire. Elena shifted uncomfortably. The coil in her stomach was binding tighter. Oh gods, the things this woman did to her. Katherine cocked her head a little before reaching out to touch Elena. Her fingers skimmed up Elena's thighs higher to the junction between her thighs. Elena didn't fight the moan that escaped her lips as Katherine cupped her through her panties. Elena knew Katherine could feel how wet she was. Her desire was only for her and her opened her eyes as Katherine's hand retracted. They locked gazes once again. Elena was surprised to find such raw animalistic lust in Katherine's eyes.

"Elena." Katherine breathed out her name.


Elena, held captive by Katherine's eyes moved towards her. Katherine rose as well. Both on their knees as their lips finally crashed into one another's. Each finding pleasure in the other's kiss. Elena moaned as Katherine pushed her tongue between her lips. She tasted so sweet, like honey. Katherine brought her hand up behind Elena's head as she continued to taste Elena, drinking her in with a passion she had never felt until gasped as Katherine's other hand undid the strings of her corset and released her. The corset fell limply at her knees forgotten as their bodies molded into one. The force of Katherine's breasts pushed against hers brought Katherine's name on her lips. The pleasure was blinding and all consuming.

Elena opened her eyes as she felt her head fall on a soft pillow. Katherine was trailing kisses down her neck, over her collarbone, down between the valley of her breasts and lower still. Elena arched her back as Katherine lightly nipped at her belly button. Katherine went lower, down to her thighs that were still covered in fishnets. Elena saw Katherine's eyes glitter with want as she unhooked the stockings, bringing each down to her ankles. As new skin was exposed, Katherine bent her head down to kiss each patch of skin, taking her time to lick and explore Elena's body. Elena moaned as Katherine kissed a sensitive spot inside her thighs, close to the place where she was aching to feel her touch. Katherine looked up to Elena smirking before she ripped her panties open. Elena didn't care if she had to walk home baring it all. What she wanted, only Katherine could give her.

Elena's eyes rolled back in pleasure as Katherine sucked lightly on her clit. One of Katherine's hands came to flick her nipple. Elena arched off the ground. It felt so damn good. She fisted the sheets roughly as Katherine brought one finger into her slick heat. Elena's hips moved with Katherine's finger, bringing her closer to the pleasure she'd always dreamed of having. Katherine rolled her tongue over Elena's clit, adding two more fingers into her slit. Elena moaned. She was never this loud in sex. The things this woman did to her...

"Yes!" Elena hissed as Katherine hit her g-spot. Katherine smiled against her core as she curled her fingers again and again hitting that spot while simultaneously working Elena's clit. She bit down lightly on Elena's clit and watched Elena fall apart.

"Katherine!" Elena screamed as she came so hard, her body unwinding in pleasure. She welcomed the feeling of being perfectly satisfied and sated.

Katherine sat back and stared at Elena as she climaxed. She looked so beautiful. Her brown eyes lit up in satisfaction, and her whole body lifted up off the ground with her tits pointedly raised in the air. The beads of sweat down her body Gave off an impeccable glow in The fire light. Katherine watched as her juices cascaded down her thighs and into the blankets. Suddenly curious, Katherine reached into Elena's nether lips, much to Elena's pleasure, and put her drenched fingers into her mouth. She reveled in the sweet taste and bent her head to taste moaned hoarsely as she felt Katherine's tongue probing her already sensitive slit. This time every swipe of Katherine's tongue in her core, sent ripples of pleasure searing through her veins. The coil returned in full force and with one more swipe of her tongue, Katherine had her falling off the edge again. Katherine licked her lips as Elena climaxed again. This girl had stamina. She liked it. Before Elena could scream out again, she straddled her and kissed her, entrapping her lips and claiming them a hers.

Elena moaned as she tasted herself on Katherine. Elena broke the kiss this time and kissed down Katherine's neck. She intended to spend all night pleasuring this woman and worshipping her body. How wonderful life is now Katherine's in her moaned as Elena sucked lightly on her neck, moving her onto her back. Elena ghosted her fingers down Katherine's body, taking her time to caress her skin. Her lips slithered down to Katherine's perky breasts, each of her peaks demanding attention. Elena sucked a nipple between her lips, teasing it with her teeth and ravishing it with her tongue. Her fingers moved between Katherine's soft thighs, enticing a moan from Katherine.

Elena smiled against Katherine's breasts and pressed her thumb against her nub. Katherine cried out, reaching to touch Elena. Elena moved away from her touch as she continued to pleasure Katherine's body. She teased her finger at Katherine's entrance, touching it, but not giving her pleasure yet. Katherine protested as she pulled Elena's lips back to hers. Elena finally relented and thrust two fingers into Katherine's dripping wet core. Katherine was so wet for her. She smiled into the kiss, content with the fact that she was bringing pleasure to this goddess. Elena moved her fingers faster as Katherine broke their kiss to cry out. Elena moved down kissing her breasts, her belly, and then her thigh. She curled her fingers up, pushing in deeper and deeper. Her tongue found Katherine's clit and she worked it between her lips, gently sucking, then switching to licking. Katherine's moans got louder. She yelled out Elena's name as she climaxed. Elena went up and kissed Katherine. Katherine laughed into the kiss.

"Guess this makes us lovers now ma Cherie."

Elena smiled at Katherine across the room, who in turn smirked at her. The man whom Elena was dancing with was about as interesting as a washed up rat, and she had no trouble not paying attention to him. Watching Katherine dance sensually around the room was much more interesting to see. After their prior arrangement to become lovers a few nights ago, they could barely keep their eyes off each other, let alone their hands. Elena grimaced as her dance partner slid down under her skirts and caressed her there. However, this time Elena closed her eyes. This man actually gave her some pleasure in his caress, not like Katherine ever could of course, but still. The man rose up and started dry humping her. She rolled her eyes at how vulgar men were in such a public place. She turned to watch Katherine once again. Katherine's smirk had dropped from her face. She looked frighteningly angry as she watched Elena dance with the man. She wondered what that look was. She would soon find out.

The man groaned on top of Elena. Her legs wrapped around him and she cried out in pleasure. Faking pleasure from sex had become so easy. She could have been an actress. She knew that the only one who could give her real pleasure however, was Katherine. As she felt the man release inside her, she sighed, it was over. The man pushed into her a few more times before falling asleep on top of her. Elena rolled her eyes. She hated when men fell asleep on her. Slowly removing his dick from her and pushing him aside, she got up and dressed routinely before heading to the elephant. After taking care of clients, she and Katherine would have the rest of the night to enjoy each other.

As she pushed the door of the entrance to Katherine's chambers within the elephant open, she saw Katherine on top of a man. Clearly they were still in the middle of the deed. As Elena closed the door softly behind her, she hid in the corner of the room. Katherine had told Elena to wait for her inside their cove whenever she was still in the middle of the act, but she couldn't listen. Not this , Elena couldn't look away as she saw Katherine's body move back and forth along the man's length. Her hips surged forth with a fierce sway and her back arched in such a delicate way. Elena glared as the man moaned beneath Katherine. His hands reached to wrap around Katherine's body, but to Elena's delight, Katherine intercepted and held his arms down on the bed. Always the one in control, Katherine was sating this man's need for sex without having to try. The man moaned Katherine's name again, as Katherine slithered down to kiss his chest. Elena bit her lip. Seeing Katherine move like that only turned her on. She glared at the rich man once again as he groaned. She should be the one receiving pleasure from Katherine. She understood now why Katherine was the highest paid courtesan. Katherine could throw any person off the edge without having to try. The man yelled as he climaxed within Katherine. Katherine turned her head over her shoulder and looked straight at Elena. Elena gasped. How did Katherine know that she was watching? She watched as Katherine's eyes grew dark with lust as their eyes connected. Katherine moaned still looking at Elena, as the man below her fell asleep with exhaustion. She gracefully got off of the man and walked over to their secret place.

Elena gulped as Katherine cooed her over. "Elena my sweet. Come"

Elena hesitated for only a moment before walking into the den. Katherine took her usual place against the fine pillows. Elena could only watch entranced as

Katherine sucked two fingers into her mouth, wetting them before plunging them between her folds. She gasped and buckled her hips against her fingers. Elena itched to touch her own core as she felt wetness fall down her thighs. Breathing heavily, Elena took off her dress and her corset. Exposing her body almost fully to Katherine. All she had on were her silk panties. Katherine laid her head back against the pillows as Elena's lips touched her aching clit. Katherine moved her fingers in synch with Elena's licks as she came hard. Katherine exhaled sharply, closing her eyes. She looked so peaceful for a Katherine opened her eyes and Elena could see the same anger on her face as before, but this time it was mixed with lust. Katherine lunged for Elena's body and brought it under hers. Elena couldn't help but feel fear creep up inside of her. This was obviously not a good. Katherine bent down and bit one of her breasts roughly, creating a love bite. Elena cried out in pain. Katherine had never been this rough before. Katherine licked up her body, to her neck, and finally to her ear.

Elena's eyes widened in surprise as Katherine whispered in her ear. "You are mine."

Katherine ripped off Elena's panties, before plunging a finger into her heat. Elena whimpered. She had never seen this side of Katherine before. Katherine bit roughly on the skin right below her ear. Elena yelped, torn between pain and pleasure.

"You are mine, Elena. No one else's. Do you understand?" Elena moaned as Katherine added another finger. This demanding side of Katherine was making her wetter than she had ever been before. Katherine curled her fingers and Elena felt her muscles clench getting ready for an orgasm, when Katherine drew her fingers out. Elena cried out. No she was so close.

"Katherine!" Elena whimpered as her hands moved south. One more thrust would do it. Katherine caught her hand and raised them above her head.

"I don't like other people touching my things." Katherine spat before biting the inside of her thigh. Elena screamed, jerking her hips in frustration. Katherine sat against Elena's hips, holding them effectively down as Elena squirmed harder. Elena felt a tear escape her eye. She needed release so bad. Katherine smirked. She was so close to breaking her.

"Tell me Elena. The man you were dancing with, did he touch you here?" She gently caressed Elena's stomach. Elena's hips thrashed in response to her touch.

"Answer me!"

"No!" Elena cried. Katherine rewarded her with a passion filled kiss. Her fingers falling to the inside of Elena's thighs.

"How about here?"

"N-no!" Elena stammered as Katherine bucked her hips on top of her.

"Mmmm I've got to say, Elena. Seeing you beg for release just gets me off." Elena felt her eyes water as her body clenched so close to release. Katherine slid her core against Elena's hips, effectively dripping her juices on Elena's body. She bent down and gave Elena a love bite on her hips.

"Please! Oh please!" Elena arched off the ground.

"Let's try this again. Did he touch you here?" she ghosted her fingers along Elena's slit. Elena yelled Katherine's name. Her body was jerking in a frenzy now. Tears falling down her face. "Did he touch you here, Elena!"

"Yes!" Elena cried once again. Katherine took both of Elena's wrists into one hand and used her other hand to hold Elena's jaw. She licked the side of her face, tasting her tears.

"You are mine baby. Do you understand? No one touches you there but me. No one gives you pleasure there but me. You see these bites down your body? They tell every man that you bed that you belong to someone else. No matter if a man beds you, your sex is mine. If I see one more man giving you pleasure in what is mine..." Katherine forcefully cupped Elena's nether regions and Elena moaned. "You are mine. Say it!"

Katherine grabbed Elena by the hair forcefully an jerked her head up so that they were at eye level. Through the tears Elena whispered "I'm yours." Katherine pushed her mouth against Elena's as she inserted her fingers into Elena's core and bent them, effectively hitting her g-spot. Elena broke the kiss and screamed as the most mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had overtook her body. She was writhing under Katherine for what felt like hours as she rode her high. Katherine bent her head between Elena's legs to taste her sweet juices. Bobbing her head as Elena's cum dropped on her tongue. She smirked as Elena's juices flowed freely into her wanting mouth. Yes. Elena was only hers. When Katherine licked her lips and stared down at Elena underneath her on the pillows, she gave her one more effective kiss. Elena understood where she was coming from. She didn't like it. She hated seeing Katherine with other men. She wanted Katherine all to herself.

"Katherine there is only you. I am only yours." Elena kissed down Katherine's neck, grasping her body to hers. She lifted her eyes to Katherine.

"You are mine as well." Katherine gave her an answering smirk as she laid Elena out against the blankets and claimed Elena as hers multiple times.

Elena gasped as Katherine pushed her against the wall. They kissed frantically, each devouring the other in raw hunger and need. They could hear the celebration going on within the Moulin Rouge, and couldn't care less. Elena pushed against Katherine wantonly. She couldn't get close enough. Katherine lifted Elena's skirts and caressed her inner folds. Elena moaned against her. She could feel the orgasm beginning to loosen in her stomach. Suddenly they heard footsteps around the corner. They broke apart hurriedly and fixed their outfits. They probably looked disheveled by now.

It was none other than Harold Ziddler, owner of the cabaret club himself. "Why are you girls out here? Best get inside and make those gents thirsty."

Elena nodded before heading inside. Katherine followed behind her before grabbing her wrist and leading her in a different direction, toward the great elephant. Elena's giggles turned into moans of pleasure as they both fell on Katherine's bed, finishing what they started before Ziddler so rudely interrupted them.

After their hour long tryst, Elena looked for Katherine the rest of the night to no avail. After the highest bidder took her to bed, she couldn't help but wish she had Katherine for the whole night, all to herself. Elena laid her body on the bed and opened her legs wide as the highest bidder of the day descended upon her. The man was agonizingly slow. He took his time impaling himself into her. Elena groaned. She wanted this to be over already. Pushing him onto the bed, and moving on top of him, she moved the speed of her hips faster. The man moaned and took one of her breasts into his mouth. Elena moaned while rolling her eyes. Why do men always go for the boobs? The man pushed faster against her. She faked a few more cries and moans of pleasure before she felt him expand within her. She was almost free. He turned her over and thrusted twice more before releasing his seed deep within her. The man continued to play with her breasts, however, and didn't fall as easily asleep as the others did. Elena closed her eyes in despair. Damn this stupid unsated man. He was taking up her precious time with Katherine! But alas, this is what she had to do. As he began thrusting into her again, Elena wrapped her legs around him once more.

This was her life, she thought. She moaned as Katherine bit her lips softly. Sex with strange men at night, and sex with Katherine in the early morning. Her days were filled with lust, sex, and pleasure. She arched her back as Katherine flicked her nipple. She was sitting between Katherine's legs, her back against Katherine's bare front, while Katherine sat against the soft pillows. Elena moaned as Katherine lavished her back with kisses. Elena smiled as Katherine nibbled on her skin. She could stand being a man's personal whore at night as long as she had Katherine to come back to. Elena willingly spread her legs further apart as Katherine pushed her fingers into Elena. Elena gasped, and reached behind her. She grabbed Katherine's head and turned it to hers so she could kiss Katherine's plump lips. Katherine brought another moan to her lips when she pressed her thumb to Elena's clit, slowly putting pressure against it. Elena laid her head back against Katherine's neck.

"Oh yes!"

Katherine laughed as she left a trail of hot kisses down Elena's exposed neck. She added another finger into Elena's heat, spreading them and twirling them inside of her. Elena grasped Katherine's thighs on each side of her. There was no such thing as too much pleasure, but she felt it whenever she was with Katherine. Elena rode hard against Katherine's fingers. She could feel her nails digging into Katherine's thighs, but she didn't care. Then in a flash, Katherine turned her over and pushed her into the pillows. She lifted Elena's thighs over her shoulders and replaced her fingers with her soft tongue. Elena turned her face and moaned into the pillow. She involuntarily wrapped her thighs Katherine's head, willing her to stay down there, pleasuring her forever. The fire crackled as her body arched one final time. She screamed, finally content with the fact that she belonged here, in Katherine's arms at the Moulin Rouge!